FiG Launches Fall River Benefits New Website and Tagline

December 29th, 2011 by Zachary

Fall River Consulting Group is now Fall River Employee Benefits, and that’s not all that’s new.  FiG was selected as the Denver internet marketing company to redesign their website and create a tagline to reflect their new brand position.

Their new nomenclature more clearly describes their core services to their prospective customers.

The tagline, “Navigating The Current” reflects their proactive, client-centric focus that is about helping their clients through the dynamic world of employee health benefits to keep costs in check while maintaining coverage levels.

The website is designed to allow visitors to tap in to the well of knowledge that the Fall River staff possess while steering prospective clients to make contact with Fall River.

You can see the old website below

Fall River Benefits' Old Site

Though the old site was relatively new it failed to successfully generate prospects’ interest. Click to see the full image.

And the new website here.

Fall River Benefits' New Site

Click to visit the new site which more clearly communicates with visitors

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