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Media Buys & the Wonder Woman Ad Campaign

Monday, June 12th, 2017

Media Buys for Comic Book Films

Many people speculated on the seeming lack of advertising for the Wonder Woman film. There are industry critics who think the film’s opening wasn’t supported with enough media buys, as compared to similar comic hero films. Some opined that this lack of advertising would contribute to the film’s eventual failure.

Wonder Woman Box Office Receipts

In truth, Wonder Woman‘s opening weekend grossed $103 Million which is nothing to complain about. However, last summer’s Captain America blockbuster had a lot more media buys and an opening weekend of $179 Million, making it one of the top-grossing opening weekends ever.

Fewer Media Buys?

Wonder Woman‘s first trailer was released at the San Diego Comic-Con in July of 2016 to a 96.8% “like” vs. dislike rating on Youtube. Despite the appeal of the trailer, concern arose when there was a conspicuous lack of TV spots and media buys supporting the film’s release. Blastr contributor Shana O’Neil blamed this on sexism and discrimination towards a film with a female lead. Her article raised the questions but when Vanity Fair did some data digging they discovered that at five weeks before the opening, Warner Brothers Studios had spent just over $3Million on ads for Wonder Woman. By comparison, at five weeks out, the studio had spent $2.6 Million on ads for Suicide Squad. I think we can rule out sexism.

Smarter Media Buys

There were indeed fewer TV media buys for Wonder Woman but to my thinking, the ad campaign was going for quality over quantity. Wonder Woman‘s ad money went towards targeting smarter ad buys like running the spots during the NCAA Basketball Championship and the Kids Choice Awards. Those are high-eye-ball events and the right place to run comic strip action film Wonder Womanspots, as opposed to spraying the ads across time slots with smaller audiences.

It should be noted that while Wonder Woman topped the box office on its opening weekend, and did much better than the predictions from many sources, it is still the “worst” opening weekend for a DC Extended Universe film. Man of Steel‘s opening weekend grossed $116 Million; Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice grossed $209 Million, and Suicide Squad brought in $133 Million. So, while $103 Million is more than respectable, for the genre it is a smaller share.

In the final ad analysis, Warner Brothers displayed a quality over quantity ethos when choosing ad spots. Wonder Woman is a proof of concept for an advertising ethos, that less is more and precision beats out broad strokes.

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New Branding Client: Variable Steel

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Variable Steel, a steel fabrication company, was founded by Jesse Tillman and his brother, Vernon in Atlanta Georgia. For the past ten years, the company which fabricates, designs, engineers, and erects steel has grown steadily without the help of any formal branding or marketing.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

What’s remarkable about this family-owned and operated business is that it has been garnering projects consistently in the past decade purely by word-of-mouth. With current and former clients like Mercedes-Benz Falcons Stadium, the Birmingham Airport, and NASA, clearly, the word-of-mouth has been working.

Getting To the Next Level

But to get to the next level, Jesse knows he must up their game, so he decided it was time to hire professional marketers. He learned about FiG through the branding and website work we did for Burgess Services. He liked what we did for them, and began talking to us about how to better communicate his company’s value proposition and differentiate his work from his competitors.

Branding: Logo

First, the company wants a new logo that will convey the nature of their company as a critical variable in the overall equation of building construction. FiG’s logo creation process involves translating into a visual image the core values of a company and their unique value proposition. Variable Steel’s new logo will visually convey their commitment to being a partner in problem-solving.

Branding: Website

While the company has grown consistently through word-of-mouth advertising, a website provides further information for prospective customers and opens another avenue by which people can find you. We will create a website for Variable Steel that will spell out what they do, how they do it, and why you should work with them.

Search Engine Optimization

A website is only as good as its search engine optimization (SEO). Without good SEO, your website won’t be found my potential clients searching for your services, no matter how great the site is. FiG will be optimizing the new Variable Steel website so that it gets found in search engines.

We’re psyched to be working with Variable Steel to create a new brand and website for their company. Stay tuned for the fantastic results.

Branding: Mattress Firm Enlists Steve Wozniak to Update the Brand

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

When you’re an established brand that needs a branding update, what do you do? Well, Mattress Firm is calling on Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to help bring mattress sales into the 21st century. Following suit of rivals Casper, Eve, and Lessa, the 31-year-old U.S. chain that boasts over 3,600 stores is attempting to become a technologically-savvy mattress retailer while featuring mattresses from Serta Simmons Bedding (SSB). (In marketing-speak, we call that a branding update.) Earlier this week Steve Wozniak hosted a reveal for two tech-integrated mattresses, paralleling previous reveals done by Steve Jobs and Tim Cook for Apple. The reveal served as an introduction for Mattress Firm’s “Technology to Power Off” campaign, which was created by advertising network Droga5 in order to heighten the retailer’s prominence as a tech brand and to reach out to fatigued millennials as well as older generations.

The reveal included the Simmons Beautyrest Black HybridPlus – a memory foam mattress that features individually wrapped coils for comforting support, as well as the Serta iComfort TempTouch – a foam mattress which uses breakthrough technology to regulate body temperature for a cooler night’s sleep

“Fostering a spirit of collaboration, this partnership brings together the sleep industry’s best in product design and innovation coupled with Mattress Firm’s national footprint to bring better sleep to people across the country,” said Serta Simmons Bedding CEO Michael Traub. “Through our shared commitment to our customers, these products ultimately deliver compelling value based on their individual needs and sleeping preferences.”

New Branding Campaign

Mattress Firm’s exposé will be followed up by a digital, TV, and radio campaign with Wozniak’s pitch being released via a sponsored content post on “The average American isn’t lining up outside a mattress retail store waiting for the latest breakthrough in technology,” said Sicily Dickenson, Mattress Firm’s new CMO as of last year. “It’s about taking that first step toward just stopping the sea of sameness out there around sales and price and that perception that shopping for a mattress is going to end up like a used-car experience.”

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Website Development Update: redcup Beverage Service

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Website Development

At the end of February, we told you about our new client, redcup Beverage Service and their website development project. The site has been completed for several weeks now, so we have an update on the new design as well as some of the initial analytics.

The old redcup site did not have Google Analytics (GA) installed, so we don’t have year-over-year comparison data. However, we do have some promising stats from the first month that the new site has been functional. (Heck, just having GA installed is a huge upgrade. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Hooking up GA to the site means redcup now has the means to measure their site’s performance and overall ROI.)

Website Development Benchmarks

Bounce Rate

First, the bounce rate is 36.45%. “As a rule of thumb, a bounce rate in the range of 26 to 40 percent is excellent. 41 to 55 percent is roughly average.” The site’s low bounce rate means it is pulling a relevant audience to itself.

Average Session Time

Second, the average session time in that period was just over two minutes (2:12). It means that people found enough engaging information to stay on the site an average of over two minutes. Think about how long you stay on any given website. Two minutes is good and a very respectable number for any website, much less a new website development.

Pages Per Session

Website Development

Third, the average pages visited per session is nearly 4 pages (3.50), which is great given that the bounce rate is so low and the average session time is over two minutes. If the bounce rate was high and session time low, we might infer that people were coming to the site, flipping through a bunch of pages, not finding what they are looking for, and bouncing off. Since all these numbers are strong, we can derive that the site is delivering relevant content to the target audience.

And that’s what good website development is supposed to do. Websites are conversation starters. They tell your audience that you are an expert at what you do and they should contact you. (Or that you’re easy and reputable to do business with and they should purchase on site from you.) For redcup Beverage Service, the new website is drawing relevant traffic, and the visitors are finding what they are looking for.

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