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Branding a New Payroll Services Company

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Lodestar Tax and Accounting is a client that FiG branded back in 2013. Lodestar, “provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality.” In the years since we branded them, their business has expanded, and they reached out to us recently to help them brand a new payroll company they are launching. This new service will offer cost-effective and comprehensive reporting and timely payroll administration.


New Client Announcement: Portocol Business Strategies

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Portocol Business Strategies

We are pleased to announce our new client: Portocol Business Strategies

FiG has successfully helped to name the company and develop all of the company’s new branding & marketing collateral, including their logo and all new website.

About Portocol Business Strategies:

Portocol Business Strategies aims to be the number one business coaching, training, and consulting firm in Denver.

Coaching is generally offered to business owners, senior managers, and supervisors to change and improve behaviors and mental processes for overall improvement of the individual within the business.

Training is targeted to CEOs, managers, and department heads as a way to improve capabilities and knowledge and awareness of the business environment.

Consulting is offered to owners and managers as a way to establish processes and design new systems to create a sustainable business model that a small business rarely has the bandwidth and/or the experience to establish on their own. These services also include strategic planning and resource development.

Workshops and Seminars are provided as a marketing avenue but higher-value events are sold as an additional revenue source. These are fixed length classes providing a group learning environment on core business strategies and mental improvement.

A client can take advantage of any combination of these services so long as they are committed to following through and long term engagement.

To learn more about Portocol, visit their new website at

Portocol Website

Brand Development Strategy & Branding Guidelines – Denver Community Credit Union – New Client

Monday, May 14th, 2012

In March we started working with Denver Community Credit Union (DCCU) on a website development project.  That has been going very well, and now the credit union wants to expand the project to an entire brand development strategy!

The Current Brand:

As a local credit union, DCCU has focused its brand to attract people that live in, work in, or have a connection with Denver.   Leveraging a  community-oriented approach as well as lower loan interest rates and higher dividends, the current brand is well recognized by existing members, but isn’t clear to non-members in terms of the “local” / “Denver” boundary and “union” eligibility.

In addition, the messaging and execution of the branding guidelines has not been consistent over the years and doesn’t clearly convey how DCCU should describe the credit union, how different DCCU is from other credit unions, and DCCU’s core values.

Now that DCCU is expanding into other counties and redesigning the website, they realize it is important to have a cohesive brand development strategy to reflect the expansion and new website design.  Furthermore, well-rounded branding guidelines that connect with members and potential members will guide other marketing pieces to concentrate on the ultimate goal–making a difference for members by providing financial opportunities.

What FiG Will Do:

To create a brand that is recognized by existing members, favored by its employees, and speaks to the opportunity of the future, FiG and DCCU have to understand both what is working and what is missing.  The steps of the project that we will perform include but are not limited to:

  • Survey and Study
  • Focus Group Interviews
  • Various Marketing Audits
  • Logo and Collateral Materials Redesign

Check back later to see how the Denver Community Credit Union brand development strategy comes together!

New Client Announcement – Denver Community Credit Union

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Denver Community Credit Union

We at FiG Advertising & Marketing are very glad to sign a website development project contract with the Denver Community Credit Union.  The Denver Community Credit Union is a local not-for-profit financial cooperative, which has lower loans rates, pays high dividend payments, and usually charges less for services because of their not-for-profit business model.  People usually know the Denver Community Credit Union not only for their low cost and high dividends, but also for their high-quality service.  However, the company’s current website cannot reflect the service quality or the financial benefits for their clients.

Our goal of this project is to develop a website to both inform a user on Denver Community Credit Union’s services, encourage contact with a lender/banker for new services, and access their existing account information.  As with the current site, immediate access to the existing back-end banking system will be available through the new user interface.

Based on years of experience, the award-winning team at FiG Advertising and Marketing will complete this project by 3 steps:

  • User Interface Design
  • Site Development
  • SEO Implementation