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Advertising Campaign Creative

Award Winning Denver Advertising Agency

At FiG, a Denver advertising agency, we look at advertising campaigns as the means to achieving your business objectives. Our ad campaigns are measurable and strategically aligned with your goals. When we create an ad campaign for you, we execute all the creative designs, perform all the media buying, and build in the means to measure the campaign’s performance. Our ad campaigns are effective because we have experience in media buying and creating the design and messaging that will resonate with the target audience.

Design Agency Denver

Not only do we excel at media buying, in Denver or across the country, but we are an award-winning advertising agency that has won accolades for our creative advertising design efforts. When you need a print or digital ad, we can create the messaging and visuals that will get the attention of your target audience.

Advertising Taglines

Ad agencies call it, “The Big Idea.” It’s the key insight that fuels your campaign, the hook that draws your audience into your message. FiG, one of Denver’s top advertising agencies, creates ads that bring in more business with smart taglines and relevant ad copy.

Advertising Copywriting

Every ad needs copy. (Well, not always, but usually.) The copy must be crisp and targeted to the audience, and it must communicate your offer and value proposition compellingly.

When it comes to advertising in Denver, FiG has great copywriting that will position your brand and your message in the most effective means possible.

Every audience is different, and your ad copy must reflect these differences. FiG’s advertising and marketing services have created successful ad campaigns for B2B, B2C, and nonprofit organizations.

Radio Ads

Radio advertising requires a little more thought because you’re only working with sound. But that doesn’t mean the radio ads can’t be wildly creative. FiG is also a radio ad agency as we have created radio ad campaigns in English and Spanish that garnered more business by carefully targeting their client demographic and radio listening patterns. Radio advertising is a great way to reach a large number of people to create brand awareness.

Direct Mail and EDDM

Direct mail marketing, whether it’s to a custom list or a targeted neighborhood, can generate highly trackable sales. We create direct mail pieces that speak to the target audience in ways that make them take action.

Indoor Ads

There’s no shortage of places to advertise indoors. From bars to stadiums, we have the beat on where to place ads and what types of campaign creative works for indoor ads. When you are looking to launch an indoor ad campaign, we are a Denver ad agency with a solid track record of creating campaigns that convert.


There’s an art to billboards. If you put too much material on your billboard, drivers won’t be able to assess the message at high speeds. If you put too little info on your outdoor advertising or have poor visuals, it won’t pop with drivers and it will fade into the landscape. FiG understands which visuals will work on large media like billboards and we can create a billboard advertising campaign that will resonate with your target market.

Media Buying

Of course, what accompanies great advertising creative is media buying. When you’re looking for Denver advertising services, you can trust FiG to bring you great campaign creative as well as efficient media buying.