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White Paper: Social Media Marketing

Friday, August 27th, 2010

We have completed our first White Paper on Social Media Marketing. Please let us know what you think and how we might improve on our writing.

Here’s an excerpt:

With increasing Internet users, social media marketing can be crucial for the survival of your company. The web is a great source of integrated marketing communications, which helps businesses follow and connect with their target market as well as reach out to new markets. Social media marketing programs usually focuses on content that attracts attention, generates conversations, and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. The message produces the word-of-mouth companies are looking for and presumably resonate because it is coming from a trusted source. Social media has become…

Saturday Morning Radio Show

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Hot topic update for FiG! This Saturday (8/14/10) from 8a.m. to 9a.m. FiG Marketing and Advertising will be spotlighted on the radio show: “Cultivating Small Business with Nick May” on 560 AM – KLZ The Source. Not to worry if you are busy Saturday morning because the radio show will replay on Sunday (8/15/10) at 9a.m. So grab your cup of joe, sit back in your recliner and enjoy the show!

As a small business owner, you need all the resources you can find, “Cultivating Small Business with Nick May” provides stories, encouragement, education, and tools to grow your business in today’s economy. After the show with FiG be sure to check out the site at for more small business talk and resources to grow your own business. In addition, by next week our show will be updated on the site for all to hear again :).the source radio show

Find Your Logo Here

Friday, August 6th, 2010

In the last blog update I discussed corporate identity and today I wanted to touch on a subcategory of corporate ID: the logo. Your logo design can be a difficult component of your business’s marketing because it has to fit your company’s image perfectly and the process takes time…Think about Apple Computers, before the company developed the unforgettable logo that illuminates the top of mac books and sticks to car windows of Mac users, their original logo concept was much different. In 1976, the Apple logo was a dark sketch of Issac Newton reflecting under a tree. It wasn’t long before founder Steve Jobs realized the impracticality of such a logo, and hired a designer to make it much simpler and easily recognizable. Thus, the infamous rainbow-colored Apple logo was born. Once the rainbow-colored Apple logo was designed, it then went through two more iterations before developing the chic apple we all are familiar with today.

Why am I telling you this story you may wonder? I am telling you this because I want you to understand the amount of time and patience it takes to create the logo that is a perfect fit for your company. If Apple hadn’t redeveloped their logo multiple times they may not have been as successful as they are today. Their logo is an image that sticks in everybody’s mind and it has helped in the increased popularity of the company (yes, I understand that they also have super sweet products like the iPad but I’m just talking about logos here).

Logo design does not happen over night. Here at FiG, we have the skills to get you that perfect logo whether you’re a start up on a shoestring budget, check out our packages, or a company looking to create something on a grander scale. Take a look for yourself, check out some of out past clients on our portfolio page and you will see our professional designs first hand.We understand that logo design is not a 24 hour process and we are willing and able to take the time to help your company develop its logo! Contact us today with your inquires and let us help you create the unforgettable logo you want and need!