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Online Marketing Case Study – 1 Year In

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

In this post we’d like to review a particular client of ours, Ceramatec, Inc. About a year and a half ago they hired FiG to completely reinvent their website.  Since then FiG has been putting significant effort into the Search Engine Optimization of that site.  The results have been quite impressive.


Ceramatec logo

Problem Posed by Ceramatec, Inc.:

  • Website was old and out dated
  • Traffic was high but not growing significantly
  • Site didn’t have enough information

Service Solutions


New website with improved appearance and interface
Increased traffic

  • 81% increase in monthly visitors
  • 142% increase in visits from Google searches
  • 30% increase in visits from Yahoo searches
  • 100% increase in visits from Bing
  • Over 300 keywords now indexed by search engines that were not previously indexed
  • Dozens of first page search result keywords

Better content

  • 17% increase in average time on site per user
  • 46% increase in monthly page views

Ceramatec, needless to say, has been very pleased with the results.  Contact us to improve your own website and search rankings.*

*Results vary by client and industry

FiG Advertising and Marketing Announces New Client: Barnacle Bookkeeping

Monday, March 14th, 2011

We at FiG Advertising and Marketing are pleased to begin work on a new project for Barnacle Bookkeeping of Northglenn, Colorado.  FiG will perform the following services to determine Barnacle’s current brand equity and provide recommendations on the company’s future branding direction.  All with the goal of ultimately ensuring the correct message is reaching the proper prospects through the most effective channels thereby saving time, money, and effort in future branding and marketing efforts.

Barnacle Bookkeeping Logo

Barnacle Bookkeeping

Customer Response Research

Consumer response research is central to the brand exploratory. It is concentrated on understanding the preferences, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers in Barnacle Bookkeeping’s niche, and it aims to understand the effects and comparative success of past and potential marketing campaigns.

Brand Inventory

Brand Inventory assesses various marketing mix inputs (strategies, programs and tactics; including brand elements, product attributes, communication programs, pricing, distribution, etc.), and delineates how individually and collectively they execute the brand strategy.

Brand Exploratory

Brand Exploratory seeks confirmation that the target market actually thinks and feels about the brand as intended; to confirm if indeed that target has absorbed brand knowledge and is responding positively to the brand and its associated marketing.

An All American Ad – Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Ad

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

When times are tough and people are anxious there are several ways that those people can be influenced.  The country has certainly been going through a down turn in terms of economics and prosperity and people are feeling it.  Some want to turn that anxiety into fear and blind rage to take advantage of others for their own ends.  Others however want to channel that energy in a positive direction.  It may still be manipulation, and I’ll be the first to admit that advertising often plays on emotion, but making people feel hope and strength in the face of adversity, that as a nation we can get out of any mess and improve all our lots is a good thing.  If you happen to sell some cars along the way and employ some of the few remaining Americans in the manufacturing sector then all the better.

This brilliant Chrysler ad was released during the Super Bowl and I think it warrants a kudos and some more detailed attention:

I hope you took the two minutes to watch this because from an advertising perspective this is something special.  Even if you don’t live in Detroit you’ve heard the stories and probably know someone in your town, maybe even in your circle of friends or family, who has been hit hard by the recession.

Website comments are notorious for vitriol and juvenile insults.  What does it say that this ad has been viewed on YouTube 9.2 million times, has 30,000 likes, and less than 1,500 dislikes?  It says that this has tapped into the zeitgeist.  There is a mutual and communal experience that society can project onto and draw from this ad.

It states that Americans are all in this together, that with hard work and the sweat of our brow we can climb out of any hole, that we as a country may have slipped but we can become number one again.  Plus the tag-line “Imported from Detroit” plays off of two ideas with a wink and a nod.

It takes relatively head on the concern that those who know Chrysler is now owned by Fiat (an Italian car company) might have about Chrysler being less American and challenges the recent accepted mindset that foreign cars (Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, etc…) are now the dominant player in the automotive game.  As someone posted on YouTube “wow, this makes me consider Chryslers for the first time. real passion”  What more could you possibly want from your ad.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Keep Your Ranking Up After Google’s Changes to Search Formula

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
SEO Formula

How do SEO formulas affect you?

Last Thursday 2/24/11, Google announced changes to its search formula to push low-quality sites lower in search rankings (those that are of low content value, copy content from other websites, and/or don’t provide any new/fresh information to the audience). Word is that the new formula will affect 11.8% of search queries. Unlike numerous former changes, this time Google claims the changes would be hard not to notice.

How will this influence a company’s SEO strategy? How do you keep your rank up there? FiG will discuss this today.

Website owners and marketers are obsessed with Google’s search results because it is one of the most visible factors in measuring the effectiveness of their on-line (SEO) marketing efforts. Most websites keep their sites up in the results by regular blogging, creative social marketing, and in-depth research and reports. Some websites however found a short-cut farming for clicks by generating articles based on popular searches. By default this SEO plan cannot be categorized as “low-value”. But most of the actual content is of low or even no value at all because it is usually duplicate information that people have sees hundreds of times on other websites. You may have tricked the search engines before but this time you are going to sink if no real effort is devoted to internet-marketing.

Google is now trying to promote high-quality websites and “encourage a healthy web ecosystem.” To follow Google’s lead marketers should focus on helping real-life visitors by concentrating more on creating relevant content and improving conversion rates. By creating real, relevant traffic you will also decrease your dependency on Google by encouraging actual users to provide you with natural high-quality incoming links. FiG suggests the following methods to help you build quality-links:

  • Regular High-Quality Blogging: Instead of building articles based on popular search results, create blogs that are relevant to your business.
  • Social Media Marketing: Create a social community of followers for your business. If they think you’re relevant so will other users and the search engine bots to boot.  Today’s social media enables you to keep communications direct, fast, and up-to-date.
  • PR Marketing: Build relationships with media outlets and receive quality links from their websites.
  • Strategic Partners: Share links with your suppliers, manufacturers, and major clients.

All of these methods can help you maximize your search engine results and overall traffic.  If you don’t have time to do this on your own talk to FiG.  We’re always here to help you out.