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Amazing Moves Brand and Website Project Launched

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Is there anything as satisfying as launching a project that looks this amazing?  FiG Advertising and Marketing, your humble Denver Marketing Agency, is proud to announce Amazing Moves Moving and Storage’s new brand identity and website.  Those of you familiar with the company may have seen some of the new branded collateral items trickling into the market place or heard their radio advertising (FiG produced the ad and managed the media buy, listen to it here), but we can officially say that the brand has been launched to a resoundingly positive reception.  So what did FiG do exactly?

Amazing Moves had established a brand identity in the community, over the last 10 years, based purely on their exceptional service and value.  The visual elements were limited to their distinctive red and black trucks and a font.  Given their success up to this point it was important that any new brand identity leveraged the extensive goodwill they had garnered in the Colorado market.

Amazing Moves Before the Rebrand

Amazing Moves Before the Rebrand – Click for a larger image

Amazing Moves old website

Amazing Moves old website prior to the rebrand – Click for a larger image






Project requirements:

  • Produce a new logo that was clearly related to their existing look and feel.  AKA: colors and font were set.
  • Improve not only the look and feel of their printed materials but also improve the conveyance of information.
  • Develop a new website that reflected their new look, accommodated multi-media files, improved user experience and maximized conversion.  AKA: Get users the information they need to trust Amazing Moves with their possessions and encourage them to take action and contact the company.
Amazing Moves Collateral

Amazing Moves Collateral after the rebrand. Click to visit the portfolio page

Amazing Moves' New Website

The new Amazing Moves website, click to launch the site


Take a look at the various branded pieces on their client page in our portfolio and leave us a comment letting us know what you think or if you’ve seen the brand around town on their new trucks.

Let us know if you have any questions about your brand or website

FiG Wins Sales Association Award

Saturday, July 16th, 2011
Sales association award

Top Companies To Sell For 2011 Winners

In May, FiG was awarded “Top Companies to Sell For in Colorado” from the Sales Association.  The competition was open to all companies with a professional sales presence in Colorado.  FiG Advertising and Marketing was selected as the winner in the small business category not only for excellent sales management practices, but also for our particular strengths in our unique production process and sales support activities.


FiG Advertising and Marketing Announces New Client: Premier Data System

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Premier Data Systems

We are really happy to announce FiG’s latest client: Premier Data System, Inc (PDSI), a business software solution expert that helps organizations (particularly alarm system companies) introduce automation and powerful data management into their business processes.  Their current website was left unfinished by another developer and FiG has been brought in to restart and finish the project.  The goal of this project is to develop a website to both inform a user on PDSI’s product line and to encourage entrance into the sales pipeline.  To accomplish the goal, FiG will work with PDSI to design a user friendly interface, develop a website with e-commerce functionality, and to implement an effective SEO strategy.

Website User Interface Design & Development: As a B2B company, PDSI needs an intuitive and professional user interface more than just cool design and technology.  A simple, interactive, professional, and visually appealing interface requires a high level of design strategy to keep the site and content consistent and conversational but more importantly to reduce the prospect’s barriers to entry into the sales channel.  Based on years of experience in user interface development, the team at FiG has created its own unique process to design customized interface that meets every client’s need.  Check out a recent example of FiG’s website design and interface improvement.

Website & E-Commerce Development: After the user interface design, FiG will help PDSI create a user-friendly and service-centered e-commerce website with well-organized product database, which will dynamically feed the product catalog.  The site will be completed in a CMS (Content Management System) to allow for powerful functionality and easy updates as the client expands their product offerings.

SEO Implementation: A well-designed and perfectly functional website is only half the project. The second half of the project requires an effective SEO strategy to enable organic and relevant traffic to PDSI’s website.  The process of SEO Implementation starts with a thorough keyword analysis to identify the core business and target audience.  With this analysis FiG will be able to develop and implement a powerful SEO strategy to maximize results.  For an example of FiG’s SEO experience check out this case study.

Square Needs To Differentiate As They Dive Into Mobile Payment

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Square Payment Processing


In our newsletter last month, we discussed Google’s move into the mobile payment game with its Wallet, which requires no wallet.  Google isn’t the only one playing the “wallet free” payment game.  On the contrary, it now faces competition from start-up company Square, a 6-month old mobile payment firm that just received $100 million investment from a venture-capital giant.

Quick Fact about Square: Founded in 2009 , by Twitter’s Co-Founder, Jack Dorsey, Square enables individuals and small businesses to accept payment without going through a complicated and costly credit card processing system.  It requires only a quick sign up to get a free “Square Reader” that can be plugged into your smartphone, iPad, laptop, etc.  No contract or monthly/annual fee is required either.

So now with a big chunk of money, how is Square going to spend it?  Square’s COO Keith Rabois tells Fast Company that Square will use the investment mostly for 2 purposes: Hiring great talent and Marketing.  Now let’s focus the discussion on the marketing side.

FiG believes that Square’s marketing needs to focus on 2 things: Brand Awareness and Differentiation.

Brand Awareness: Mobile payment is still at the introduction-to-growth period in a product’s life cycle.  As with any company in the introduction phase, Square needs to increase brand awareness.  As Rabois said: “People will use our products hopefully because they love it, but they need to know about it.”  For mobile payment companies like Square, it is not enough just to let people be aware of Square, but to use it, and to TRUST it.  Unlike most other products, mobile payment requires a magical balance of simplicity and complexity.  Consumers will only use it when it is intuitive; and consumers will only use it when they think the system is robust enough to protect their money.  So far Square has done a good job making a single transaction easy and fast.  However there is still a long way for them to market this feature and educate the market about their security.

Differentiations: As we mentioned above, Square is not alone in this mobile payment field.  Many other competitors have similar products. Not only the big players such as Google Wallet, PayPal’s Mobile Pay, and Verifone’s PAYware Mobile, there are also Phone Swipe, Mobile Pay, and Venmo, etc.  How they stand out in this big crowd will determine whether Square is able to stay in the contest, and win the competition.  Although the user interfaces or the systems may seem similar, differentiation can be achieved through services, features, design, emotional connection, marketing, data mining, and price.  The question is which one does Square do better than others, and how does the company leverage this advantage.  One big lesson is not to get distracted while searching for differentiation, focus on a few key pieces so you don’t lose your consumers to confusion or brand dilution.

So far Square is doing well, with $4 million in daily transactions, and expectation of exceeding $1 billion within a year.  But competition will continue to increase as Square further expands–from individual to small business, from personal transaction to “card case” building.  Who is going to dominate the mobile payment world?  FiG can’t wait to find out.