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Mobile Phone Marketing Tips

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Smart phones are ubiquitous which presents a serious opportunity for Marketers. Intuition might have you using the same methods as with web banner ad placement that are served up to a desktop computer, but before you start spending money aimlessly there are a few things you ought to know.

Mobile Devices

Customize Your Ads For Mobile

  •  Although users carry their phones with them throughout the entire day, they are only on them for minutes at a time. This short attention span makes a huge difference compared with someone who is on a computer for hours on end. This means that you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Using auto-playing video like you would on a desktop (though whether you should even then is a subject for another article) is not going to get it done. A phone’s slower connection will deter any users from content that takes too long to load. Start by creating content that will load very quickly. This will ensure that they are still around to see what you have to say.
  • It is also important to take note of the much smaller screen size you are dealing with. Creating simpler content intended for these smaller screens will ensure that your target audience understands what you are presenting to them. Being clear and concise is advantageous for this medium given the proposed limitations.  Because of the smaller screen size and need for simpler content we recommend trying to keep your conversion goal no more than three clicks away.  Get them where you want them quickly.
  • Another huge aspect of smart phones is the use of applications. We’ve been told over and over that “there is an app for that.” But knowing exactly how to tap into this trending facet is important for any company. Advertising within applications like “Words With Friends” can be very effective, but remember to do it properly given the size and speed limitations mentioned earlier.

Creating applications on the other hand are costly and even more so to maintain with updated content. They pose a clear advantage due to their ease of use since we one is only a touch away from getting your information. A reasonable alternative would be to offer a link to a mobile version of your website that is designed with the interface of an App in mind. This eliminates the need to develop an expensive App and still puts the consumer only one click away from your content.

 Understanding your medium is necessary to hitting your target audience in stride with mobile phone marketing. Taking advantage of the slight differences between a smart phone, tablet, and computer can result in serious effects on your company’s visibility and accessibility. Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to your business, carefully choose your internet marketing company.  On a related note, contact FiG to let us know how we can help.

Fox and Warner Brothers Working To Stream Together

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Industry news: online media isn’t going away, and like most things online it’s just becoming more fragmented.  Netflix continues to lose relationships with studios for streaming content, Hulu only works with certain media groups, and YouTube has been denied shows by most TV production companies.  What this means is that more and more you have to go to an individual show’s website (like or a network’s website to pick and choose individual shows.  In this landscape of increasing fragmentation it’s good to see some cooperation that will improve the user experience.

Fox and Warner Brothers

Fox and Warner Brothers Streaming

Fox is working out a deal with Warner Brothers, who produces popular shows for Fox (like “Fringe”), to stream WB content through Fox outlets, thus sparing the user the need to go to a Warner Brothers website to see shows they associate with Fox.  A similar deal was worked out between ABC and WB.

While this is still not as convenient as going to a single site (like Hulu or Netflix) to get all your shows, it’s still better than having to remember who produced your favorite shows.

Do you think this will decrease ad spending with local affiliates while funneling more money to the networks themselves?  Will the networks get enough advertising dollars for limited content by keeping it to their own branded sites or would they make more by giving Hulu or Netflix a cut?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the online TV streaming landscape.

FiG – Award Winning Denver Marketing Agency

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Today FiG Advertising and Marketing is pleased to announce that we have won a 2011 MarCom Gold Award for the Amazing Moves Moving and Storage website and an honorable mention for the Teleo logo.  We put a huge emphasis on making sure that every piece we create for any client is of the highest quality and is something that stands out in an over saturated market of graphic designers, marketers, and web developers.  We see this award as confirmation that we have been successful in adhering to this philosophy.  If you’d like to see what FiG stands for check out out Core Values and Mission Statement.

2011 MarCom Gold Award

2011 MarCom Gold Award

What is a MarCom Award?

International Competition for Marketing & Communication Professionals.

MarCom Awards is a creative competition for any individual or company involved in the concept, writing and design of print, visual, audio and web materials and programs. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies and freelancers. The MarCom statuette graces the trophy cases of some of the top business and communication firms in the world.


Thank you to our clients who have entrusted us to develop and grow their brand, we at FiG understand how truly important it is to earn that trust everyday.

MarCom Awards Logo

MarCom Awards Logo

FiG Partners With RMMFI To Brand Deserving Companies

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

We are very excited to announce that FiG has awarded 2 new brand identity projects to the winners of Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute’s Fall 2011 Business Launch Boot Camp (RMMFI)!  At FiG Advertising and Marketing we strongly believe that a new businesses needs the proper tools to survive.

Small Business Branding Tools

Small Business Branding Tools

One of the projects is with Marie Hahn, the owner of Open Lotus Acupuncture & Herbs. FiG will help her dive into the identity of her business and work through various marketing and branding components. To accomplish these goals, FiG and Lotus Acupuncture & Herbs will work together to develop a full package of branding materials, including logo design, business card, an E-mail signature, letterhead design, envelope design, invoice template, E-Newsletter, and Power Point template.The other project is a logo design for Learning Bee Child Care Center.Early branding is key to business success, especially to a small and/or start-up company. It is a company’s name and face, and it is the fastest way for a company to communicate with customers about what it is, what it offers, and what it stands for. Inaccurate branding creates confusion about the business, and it creates long-term problems as the company develops and evolves over time. Moreover, an inaccurate brand requires a lot of future investment as the company will eventually need to rebrand itself.

A good brand includes the following key factors:

  • A clear identity
  • Well-defined services
  • An emotional connection with customers
  • Room for business development with new products and services

We are proud to work with Open Lotus Acupuncture & Herbs and Learning Bee Child Care Center, and we look forward to providing assistance in their brand development!

RMMFI is a non-profit organization serving entrepreneurs though learning, lending, and coaching. The Business Launch Boot Camp is an intensive 12 week program that provides the foundation needed to take their business from IDEA to LAUNCH through collaborative class-room education, one-on-one mentoring and coaching from local business members, and start-up capital funding.