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Great Plains Moving and Storage – An SEO Year in Review

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Great Plains Moving and Storage is a Denver based moving and storage company with nation-wide capabilities. The company has been around for many years, evolving not only into a moving company for both residential and commercial, but also a logistics and storage service operation as well.

The Project:

Just over a year ago, as you may recall, Great Plains came to FiG to help develop and maintain their website, including a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. The overall goal was to enhance Great Plains search engine rankings, increase visitors to the site, and to improve user experience overall.


Now that it has been a year since the beginning of our SEO efforts, it is a good time to look at where the website stand now versus where it was before the updates and SEO work. For Great Plains, there have been some very satisfying results.

In year over year traffic:

  • Overall web-traffic grew by 27.94%
  • Unique Visitors rose by 23.20%
  • Page Views increased by 10.38%
  • Average time on the site increased by 6.95%
  • Great Plains also holds the first spot in Google search for a number of keywords

We are very proud of the results so far and we look forward to continuing the process. Search Engine Optimization can take time but is an important part of any websites success.

If you have an SEO need or think you might, do not hesitate to contact FiG for a consultation.

New Client Announcement: Barnacle Bookkeeping

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

FiG is pleased to announce our new client Barnacle Bookkeeping!

The Client:

As their name may suggest, Barnacle Bookkeeping offers bookkeeping services. What isn’t always immediately known is that Barnacle Bookkeeping also offers a variety of skills and services including tax, accounting and payroll for both businesses and individuals. They have experience within many industries and have overcome many accounting challenges within those industries. For Barnacle, the relationship and communication with the client is a very important part of the business relationship.

Barnacle came to FiG a while back looking for insights into their market and audience. We found that some changes might benefit the company, and now they are back, ready for an update.

The Project:
FiG will be creating a new brand identity for Barnacle Bookkeeping which will consist of a logo, business card, and a tagline.

Since their name tends to narrow the scope of their work, the goal is to widen that scope to better convey the vast skills and abilities of the company. We will then revise the current logo in order to reflect the changes in name and better communicate the overall message of the company threw a strong mark.  Finally, FiG will roll out the new brand identity with a tagline and business cards, completing a cohesive message that will help Barnacle better represent their core abilities and overall services.

Check back to see how it turns out!

If you are looking for a new brand or a refresh, contact FiG to see how we can help!


Online Resources For Writers

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

OnlineResources for WritersThere are many components to a successful digital marketing strategy but as Google and Google alternatives grow and companies adapt, there is one important strategy that shines above the rest: content! Content marketing is comprised of two components, images and writing and of the two, I vote for the written word.

In many ways the web is a writers world. Blogging, keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, your daily news, scientific research articles, patents, software help articles, advertising and more all depend on words. To the writers of this world, I challenge you, are you up to this diverse need?

Fortunately, writers have a strong presence online and there are many online ways to improve, showcase and even sell your writing. Read on and discover how the web is a writers world.

First, as a writer, you need to market yourself. It’s not surprising that letting your writing speak for you is important. The following are popular blogging platforms:

Let your world know when you have posted new work via these popular social media sites, start your conversations and build a fan base with social media:

Popular and high traffic social media sites:

Specific sites for writers:

This is just a small selection, if you write in a specific genre, be sure and “Google” your genre!

Since the internet is an open book that thrives on original content, take the time to make sure you are not being copied. Duplicate or similar content is not only damaging to your online reputation, you may also receive search ranking penalties from Google.

  • Copyscape – the content checking tool that is a standard in the journalism industry.
  • Dupli Checker – free online plagiarism detector.
  • Grammarly – checks your grammar and checks for duplicates
  • Plagium – Free to use, online plagiarism check

Sell your work online:

Are you considering publishing Ebooks? Be sure and read this:

And when you need inspiration and writing help be sure and try this list:

And finally, no excuses here, go to Meetup and find local blogger and writers groups to join. Take this final step and join others that are on your same quest.

The above resources are just a few of my favorites, there are thousands of resources online for any aspect of writing and any genre or style. Remember, the most important thing you can do is keep writing and then call FiG Advertising for an internet marketing strategy that pays!

Ad of the Month – The Google Zeitgeist 2012

Monday, December 17th, 2012

This ad of the month is a reflection on the year and the things people search for on Google. Each year, Google pulls together data from searches worldwide in what they call the Google Zeitgeist, meaning “the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.”  The list is broken down into various categories including people, images, events and more, allowing for views the lists of top searches and results sorted by country.

For a few years now, they have taken this data and put it into motion making for some pretty amazing ads. The creative agency Whirled was the mastermind behind this years video and it is quite stunning. Starting and finishing with the epic leap to Earth from outer space by Felix Baumgarter, the 2012 ad brings together the most popular pieces of 2012.  See how the world searched…

Contact FiG to discover how we can help your with advertising and search engine optimization needs in 2013.