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The Bigger, The Better! – Samsung Galaxy Note Web Video

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

galaxy note


Elephant Plays with a Galaxy Note

“The Bigger, the Better” says Samsung, not to you, but to Peter!

Bearded Dragon Playing Ant Crusher

In this playful Galaxy Note ad, they showed us that their phone is easier than A-B-C, it’s so easy an elephant can use it. Let me tell you, Peter the elephant can use this phone better than most people I know.  Samsung might just have something here…  Pay attention phone developers – you may want to make sure your products are elephant friendly!

Make sure you check this out too!  This Bearded Dragon will challenge your high score

Anti Smoking Gone Creative

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

anti smoking ad

“Dump the Durries” Anti Smoking Ad

Do you smoke and want to quit?  Do you know anyone who smokes and wants to quit?  If you do or know someone that does, instead of another long, drawn-out anti smoking speech about how much you care, the negative side-effects, and how life-threatening smoking can be….check this out!  “Smoke, Smoke, Smoke!”  We aren’t talking the Truth commercials here, that scare you half to death with disturbing graphics and a million facts.  Just some unique and unconventional humor that might just motivate you and/or others to quit, quit, quit!

New Client Announcement – Tom Redditt Sales Agency, Inc.

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Our FiG team is excited to begin working with Tom Redditt Sales Agency, Inc. for a website design project.

The Client 

Tom Reddit Sales Agency is a private company specializing in commercial kitchen equipment.  The company was founded in 1952 but never invested in a website.  Though the sales have always been done face to face, lacking a virtual identity has become a problem for the company in this internet dominated age.  Like most traditional businesses, Tom Redditt Sales Agency realizes that potential clients question the authenticity of a company when they cannot find the company’s website.

The Project

Based on years of experiences, the award winning team at FiG recognizes that a website is more than just a virtual identity for  Tom Redditt Sales Agency, Inc.  The goal of the website creation project is to develop a website that will both inform a user on Tom Redditt Sales Agency’s products through a dynamic product catalog, as well as encourage entry into the sales pipeline.

Check back soon to see the Tom Redditt Sales Agency website!

Do you need a marketing company to build a website?  FiG can help.