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Real Fruit Packaging – Well Done Camp!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Real fruit-feeling packages have been a really fun area for package experts to work on.  Over the years, we’ve seen some creative packages that look and feel like the fruit inside:

fruit package

spring valley fruit package

Or packages that bring you the fruity experience before opening the bottle…

They are all innovative, interesting, and great, but none of them were real fruits… until Camp started their 2-year experiment to grow a real fruit “box”!

To vouch for their natural juice, Camp made and placed customized juice box molds around budding fruits.  After two years of waiting and improving, they successfully grew lemons, oranges, and guavas shaped as the cutest juicy boxes!



3 Best Pinterest Tips for Businesses – Marketing Interaction

Monday, May 21st, 2012

FiG on Pinterest

Despite the big IPO date for Facebook last week, Pinterest is still the fastest growing social media site at this moment.  Its simple and direct visual influence brings more than 4 millions visitors to the site every day.  Most businesses that have a Pinterest presence are surprised that it draws more engagement than Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn!  But since it is such a young site, many marketers ask about the “Pinterest value” and seek intelligent tips.  Today, FiG is going to touch on the three most important tips to make your Pinterest page one of the most interesting, relevant, and engaging ones!

  • Tip No. 1 – Interests overpass “social” on Pinterest: Both Pinterest and Facebook are powerful tools to interact with people.  Pinterest has an advantage of  branching into un-connected territory and exploit a Facebook weakness by helping people connect beyond their real life relationships with each other. On Facebook, people discover new products and service from the shared recommendations from people that they have friended, no matter if they share the same taste of food, fashion, and interests.  For businesses, it means that it is easier to find people that like your products or services with the right content on Pinterest than other social media platforms.
  • Tip No. 2 – Same or Different search rules: There are 2 easiest & most direct ways to search on Pinterest:

Pinterest Search category

  1. Use Pinterest Search: Like other search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), Pinterest images rely on keywords in the description box to identify what a picture is about.
  2. Search by Category under Everything: You can only categorize your boards, not your pins.  So when creating a board, do make sure everything in the board is within one category.

The biggest difference of Pinterest search to other search engines is that you have full control of where you will lead your visitors from a single picture.  After pinning an image, you can rename it, re describe it, and most importantly “Re Link” it!

The URL that you can edit after an image is pinned does not have to connect to the image.  However, we strongly recommend you not to abuse this privilege and  still provide linkage between the image and where it comes from.  The advantage that marketers can take of is that you can pin from the image URL that gives you the best picture quality, and then link it to the content page, where usually have a smaller picture, but more information.

  •  Tip No. 3 – What to pin? Ever since FiG landed on Pinterest, we have realized that the best picture of your products or service does not necessarily come from you!  For example, if you have a wedding cake business, your clients might have better pictures of your cake.  That means as a business owner, you might not need to spend time or money shooting pictures of your products for Pinterest!  (Yes, you still need pictures for other purposes due to the copyright issue.)  Instead, you should spend time FINDING your products’ pictures, repinning them, liking them, commenting on them, and sending a special thanks to the person that took this wonderful picture.  With a unique board of people that like your products so much that they take pictures of it, it is a great way to advertise a business.  Isn’t it the best way of testimonial? We think so!

Pinterest’s popularity certainly resides in the site’s visual interface.  If you are not a visual person, it can be hard for you to fully take the advantage of it.  Luckily we are here to help!  Contact FiG if you want to know more about Pinterest.  At the same time, we would like to connect with you on Pinterest as well!

Brand Development Strategy – Pepsi

Friday, May 18th, 2012

We can’t imagine how hard it has been for PepsiCo’s marketing executives recently.  The soft-drink category has been in decline in U.S. for seven straight years, Pepsi was losing its consumers to competitors, and brand was drifting away from its loyal consumers.  Since last year’s soft-drink ranking came out, Pepsi has faced great pressure to losing their second spot to Diet Coke.  These results woke up their executives who had been busy with their healthy food categories and turned the company’s attention back on the Pepsico’s soft drink products.

The brand equity of Pepsi is of extreme importance for the company’s success.  Everyone knew that they have to make a move, and they did.  First, they increased the annual marketing budget ($500~600 million more in 2012) on drinks.  Then campaign after campaign–actually, too many– they tried to stay fresh in the minds of consumers.  However, with so many different campaigns, their voice hadn’t been focused (See slogan comparison chart with Coca Cola).  Now, with the first global campaign and the hope of finding back its true identity, Pepsi presented us “Live for Now“–a campaign that uses music to appeal to a younger generation of consumers.

Slogan Comparison-Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola 2011-2012



2011 “Change the game” “Life Begins Here”
“Go Next!”
“Summer Time is Pepsi Time”
“Born in the Carolinas”
2012 “Where there’s Pepsi, there’s music” “Open Happiness”
“Live for Now”

The company has indicated that its new positioning “Live for Now” reflects Pepsi’s marketing research results and better aligns with a younger generation’s “desire to capture the excitement of now”.  Brad Jakeman, the president of global enjoyment and chief creative officer, made it clear that Pepsi’s voice has to be clear and focused: No more swinging between campaigns or slogans, the “Now” is for the future!  According to Jakeman and his team’s research, Pepsi has a unique pop culture with its loyal consumers.  So instead of inventing a new meaning to the brand, the marketing team is going to refresh their brand’s confidence and swagger as a pop leader.

A final note about branding.  A brand fresh does not create a successful brand. It only makes the brand more noticeable, identifiable, and preferable.  When researching issues with Pepsi’s loss in market share, they uncovered outside of branding and in their distribution.  Unlike its wide-spread advertisements, Pepsi is not offered at a regular soda fountain.  How can we “Live for Now” with Pepsi if Pepsi is not with us?

FiG thinks it is a great beginning for Pepsi to re-discover its brand identity and re-assume its pop path.  Should they stick with this messaging, the lost brand concept will be remembered again.  Emotional connections, once lost, require tremendous efforts to win back.  We hope, this time, when the exciting pop culture resumes, Pepsi will not be distracted by other fads.

The Power of “Harvey” – The Power of TV Advertising

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

the power of harvey

If you have a dog, you know the power of puppy eyes.  How can you say no to those watery expectant eyes?  But for Harvey, the UK TV Marketing Organization–Thinkbox’s puppy, who has more than just puppy eyes–he has the power of TV Advertising!  Two years ago, Harvey’s “Dogs Home” TV commercial landed him with a nice couple.  This time, his emotional storytelling TV ad saves his best friend’s life:

Did your heart melt? Ours did…