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Think Twice – Creative Ad

Monday, June 25th, 2012

think twice ad

The video takes place in a terrible nursing home, where a son is checking his father in.  He fills out the paperwork, leaving his sister’s phone number instead of his own, and then accompanies his dad and a staff member on a tour to see the dreary and depressive new home for his dad.  His dad looks sad when he realizes the cruel reality and sees his son deny his feelings and insist this is a great place to stay.  When we were wondering if it is a campaign raising awareness about the social issue of taking care of the elderly, the video speaks:

“Think Twice Before Having Kids”…

How Clever and Creative!  Enjoy…

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Ad of the Month – Toyota The Hybrid Maker: Advanced Technology

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi inject a bit of magic into the hybrid automobile industry with a film-feeling ad created in Italy.  As we imagine someday in the future that high intelligent devices will make our daily life easier, it is inspiring to see the predicted lifestyle in this video: seeing your outfit on you without wearing it, reading news with iPad xx, the hint of alien influence we have from hearing the Space Odyssey theme playing softly in the background, and wait a second, they are still driving a hand-powered smokey car that I thought became extinct earlier in the fifties…

Yes, you know what FiG is talking about after watching it yourself.

We chose this video as our ad of the month, because of the smart contrast, the mysterious story line, and the absonant automobiles in the advertisement.

The Smart Contrast:

Instead of showing you a cool and fabulous concept car, Toyota is showing you a clumsy antique and is waiting for you to say “What?  Why are they driving these ……?”  This way the automobile maker leaves you to imagine what kind of car would fit in such an era, and how important it is to develop the automobile’s technology.

The Mysterious Story-Line:

The designers and marketers behind the scene definitely know how to play its mysterious card.  They first took a little peek at the future of the world as an ordinary couple living in a metropolitan area.  If the story flows to an end with a “flying boat” or “transmission devices”, it becomes another “science fiction” dream of the day kind of ad, and it is very unlikely that we will remember the cars.

The Absonant Automobiles:

How do we make people remember a future car and understand the importance of technology development?  First of all, none of us knows what a future car looks like, not in an era like this.  Second, it is easy to step too deep in the high-tech theme and turn an interesting automobile ad into a boring engineering video.  Third, is it smart to show the audience and the competitors a peek of your high-tech product and risk being criticized or copied?  FiG doesn’t think so.  FiG thinks Saatchi & Saatchi is smart enough to think through all of this, and what they have filmed solves all our questions!  More importantly, by showing nothing, they showed a lot more than we expected.  This is the power of a truly creative advertisement.

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New Client Announcement: Maple Street Pie Company

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

The Maple Street Pie Company’s brand development and logo project has been very exciting and fun for our creative FiG team.  After several months of revision, we are now very excited to show you the final version of the logo!

The Client:

Maple Street Pie Company is a local provider of handcrafted pies.  The company offers pies at wholesale prices for local coffee shops and cafes in Denver (such as Fluid Coffee Bar, Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs and The Chef Driven Gourmet Food Truck), as well as catering and individual sales.

Design Concepts: Hand Crafted and Compassion

  • Hand Crafted: Every pie is handmade, and so are the logo and the font.  Our award-winning FiG team believes that a good brand identity carries the essence of the products.
  • Compassion: It is not just a pie that Maple Street Pie Company tries to see.  It is love and passion that makes their pie delicious and special.  The heart shaped diamond on top of the pie symbolizes the secret ingredient in every delicious pie that the company makes and sells–LOVE.  The company owners are not interested in just closing a business deal, instead they treat every business relationship sincerely and carry it to a level where they can call their clients “friends”.

Color: Creamy Delicious Color

  • The creamy orange color presents a perfectly baked delicious pie.
  • The turquoise is a unique blue that is usually used to describe a rare and valuable gemstone.  Here it symbolizes the valuable relationship that the company has with its customers.

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Newspaper Makes A Can of Sardines Fresh!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

When it comes to seafood and fish, the fresher the better!  With canned sardines, this is easier said than done.  Gomes da Costa, one of the five largest fish canning brands in the world tries to convince you their can of sardines is fresh as a real fish.  How?  By treating them as real fresh fish, and wrapping them in newspapers!  The only difference is that you won’t get the fishy odor!  How smart!