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Back to School Trends – What Companies and Consumers are Doing

Thursday, August 30th, 2012


The kids are headed back to school again and research in back to school trends shows that at least some consumers are changing their buying habits.

FiG Advertising - Back To School TrendsShopping for items such as school supplies and clothing remain of higher importance, as will the reasons behind the purchases.  Parents will be looking for value, and whether or not the item is a necessity or required will also be a factor in their purchasing decisions.

What is changing is the time frame for shopping.  Research says shopping will come in waves,  starting with school supplies and electronics such as calculators, while clothing will be purchased later in September as heat waves subside and fall rolls in.


So what does this mean for companies that need to advertise back to school products?  It is clear that some may have taken these findings into consideration when creating advertising campaigns and that they tried to take advantage of what consumers would be looking for.

Take Target for example.  They created a series of ads featuring musical performances by various teachers singing about all the school supplies and items your kids will need.  The ads state “School takes a lot, target has it all” accompanied by their “Expect more. Pay less” slogan.  This campaign plays to the value aspect as well as all the required items parents are focused on buying for the start of the school year.

Other companies, such as Best Buy, promote the electronics sector of consumer purchases.  They created a spot playing on their slogan “I’ve got your back” featuring college students back at school with Best Buy employees on their backs like backpacks.  While goofy, the ad doesgets the point across: get all the electronics and support you need for back to school at Best Buy.

Many of the back to school ads this year highlighted supplies and technology.  With the research leaning towards a later purchase of clothing, it will be interesting to see how companies handle advertising for this forecasted wave in the coming month.

FiG understands that it is time consuming and challenging to analyze past marketing efforts as consumer trends change. When you feel overwhelmed with this, give FiG a shout!  We have a team that can help you reach your goals and make your job easier.

Nike’s Olympic Marketing Ambush

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

While the London Olympics 2012 have come to a close, the marketing industry is still buzzing about Olympic sponsors and the non-sponsor Olympic advertising campaigns that stole the show. Record breaking social media surrounded the games as well as a host of creative marketing and advertising activities that were fueled by the highly publicized games.  Take Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds and Visa, to name a few.  While these companies were official sponsors of the games, it was the non-sponsors are who really caught our eye and among the non-sponsors, Nike took the gold.

It was clearly no accident that Nike intended to capitalize on the Olympic games, as they are not first timers.  They ran a campaign at the 2008 Beijing games and even back during the 1984 summer games in LA, featuring athletes with the song “I Love LA”.

This years ad campaign “Find Your Greatness” is, well, great.  One ad highlights ordinary people participating in a wide range of sporting activities throughout various London named cities’ around the globe, not so subtly suggesting the London games as inspiration.

A second ad features an overweight teenager running down a dirt path alone, and while that sounds less than enrapturing, it is the narration in both of the ads that really pulls you in.  Describing greatness, the narrator pulls us away from the idea that greatness is reserved for the chosen few and instead gives us inspiration that we too can be great.  Both ads end profoundly with “Greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it” and  “Greatness is now more unique to us than breathing. We’re all capable of it. All of us.”

While the ads are a brilliant move by Nike, it wasn’t their only brilliant move.  They took it one step further with the shoes.  Neon shoes.  Normally, Nike products are worn by a majority of athletes and shoes are usually matched to the athlete’s uniform.  Not this year.  This year they went bold with a neon green shoe color they call “the Volt”.  It was the easiest way to make a splash and that is exactly what it did.  The final piece was that every product that could be seen during the games also available in stores during the games.  In this fashion, Nike made it easy for everyone to find their own greatness and share it with the athletes.

So, why is “find your greatness” so great?  It successfully made Olympic greatness a tangible event for everyone.  Not just the athlete or those who are fortunate enough to be spectators, everyone.  Nike used the power of suggestion and told us that you can find your greatness and Nike apparel will help get you there.  It worked on us, did it work on you?

If your looking to create you’re own brilliant marketing, FiG can help.  Contact us to find out more!

Denver Community Credit Union Website Development

Friday, August 17th, 2012

About four months ago, FiG was selected by Denver Community Credit Union (DCCU) for a website development project.  Now we are happy to announce the completion of the new website!  So what did FiG do exactly?

Over the last seventy-eight years, DCCU has established a brand identity in the Denver community.  Their current members remember the credit union by their exceptional customer service and the value of the personal banking products.  However, their old website was not user-friendly, nor easy to navigate.  Given their success and continual growth opportunity in the Denver metro area, a new website that is informational and easy to navigate was greatly needed.

If you recall our New Client Announcement, Denver Community Credit Union came to FiG looking for a website that would:

  • reflect their service quality
  • reflect the financial benefits for their clients
  • inform a user on Denver Community Credit Union’s services
  • encourage contact with a lender/banker for new services
  • allow access to members existing account information.

Based on these needs, FiG came up with a new website navigation that would better categorize service information, make account login fields more accessible and so much more.

The Credit Union’s e-banking section of the website is an important feature which needed to be easier to access. FiG created a member login field that allows users to log in to their account without ever leaving the homepage. There is also a loan application portal, a portal to begin the process of opening an account, and a branch and ATM locator, pictured below.

Denver Community Credit Union ATM Locator

In addition, FiG has helped DCCU make it clearer to their customers that Denver Community Credit Union is part of a large network of credit unions that partner to create a vast network of ATM’s and branch locations for members.

FiG re-categorized the services of Denver Community Credit Union into personal services, business services, and their educational portion, Clear Money. This break-up and clear top navigation makes it much easier to find what a user is looking for, whether it is personal auto loans or business checking.

A few new features that engage and educate the DCCU customers are the the social media streams that give live updates of Denver Community Credit Union’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channel, the ability to sign up for Clear Money classes online, and a search field which will find a user any Denver Community Credit Union information they are looking for.

FiG also created a mobile friendly version, with rates, locations, and more for all on the go needs!

With the new website design, Denver Community Credit Union’s range of services, financial benefits and ease of accessibility now speak for themselves.

In the background, FiG is also developing the SEO for, so stay tuned to hear how they are doing!

In the mean time, if your company needs more visibility in your community and online, contact FiG and discover what we can do for you!

New Client Announcement: CourtSide Consulting LLC

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

FiG is very excited to announce that we have extended our relationship with CourtSide Consulting LLC beyond the exceptional brand work and great service we have provided. With the new agreement in place, FiG will provide website development services for CourSide Consulting in the next several months.

The Challenge:

With a new brand identity created, CourtSide needs to develop its existing website so it is consistent with its new brand.  In addition, CourtSide has four websites: a blog website, a client login site, an event calendar website, and a brochure website with the company’s information.  These individual websites create confusion for CourtSide’s clients.

How Can FiG Help:

Our goals of this project are to develop a website that

  • reflects the new brand identity
  • integrates all the pieces that CourtSide needs
  • informs a website visitor on CourtSide’s service
  • encourages lead generation from the website.

Based on years of experience, the award-winning team at FiG will complete the project by 3 steps:

  • User interface development
  • Website development
  • Content implementation