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Brand Identity Case Study & Project Launch – SR Cutty

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

The executives of SR Cutty are no strangers to the drilling/industrial fluids industry or starting a new business.  As previous owners of similar companies and with over 64 years of experience, they know what they are doing when it comes to their products and their clients.  However, after starting two new companies, SR Cutty Industrial Fluids and SR Cutty Freight/Logistics, they realized they needed some support in brand identity.

The Problem:

  • SR Cutty, as a whole, was missing a distinctive mark their clients and customers could recognize and remember as part of the company’s overall brand image.
  • SR Cutty Industrial Fluids and SR Cutty Freight/Logistics lacked differentiation as related yet separate operations of the same company.
  • They had no web presence for potential clients and customers to learn more.

This is when FiG was called in.

The Solution:

As you might remember from our client announcement, FiG’s main goals were to build a brand strategy and identity for both SR Cutty entities.  After defining the audience and understanding the company, this goal was accomplished through development of a brand look and feel.

  • FiG started by developing a logo to represent both the owners love of the outdoors combined with a traditional industrial feel.  This led to a bold, distinctive mark that will be recognizable and stand out to potential and existing clients.

SR Cutty Web and Brand Identity Development by FiG Advertising and Marketing

  • We then created collateral, including business cards that would stand out in a typical desk pile, keeping the company name fresh in prospects minds.  The bold and distinctive card keeps the brand identity consistent and cohesive.
  • Finally, a website was created, one for each SR Cutty Industrial Fluids and SR Cutty Freight/Logistics.  While the two sites have slight differences, creating a distinction between the two as separate operations, the overall look and feel created by the logo and collateral are continued throughout the two sites keeping a consistent identity.

SR Cutty Industrial Fluids and SR Cutty Freight and Logistics Brand Identity Development by FiG Advertising

The Result:

We are excited to announce that SR Cutty business is underway and the website is in the early stages of it’s launch.

If you are in need of a new or revitalized brand identity, contact FiG for a consultation and to find out more about how we can help you.

Samsung Industry News – The Next Big Thing is Already Here

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Apple just released the new iPhone 5 and new operating system iOS 6, and consumers just can’t wait to get there hands on both.  It has only been about a year since the last launch of the iPhone 4s and some question the decision as the new design and features seem rather similar to the past iPhones.  While Apple has had large releases like this before, each time creating rumors, hype and long lines outside of stores, some feel the new iPhones always seem to leave lingering wants and desires.

Samsung has extended its ad campaign with a new competitive ad reflecting those feelings.

We have to agree with Forbes on this one, the ad works.

While it is no secret who Samsung is comparing themselves to, they never overtly state it.  This works.  Paired with humorous dialog, it helps take the edge off a direct comparison, making it seem less of a jab and therefore not alienating Apple users.  They also truly hit on the things people care about and have been waiting for with each upgrade.

Once able to dive into iOS 6 a bit and discovering some of the new features, there have definitely been some improvement, especially with photos and the new panoramic ability as well as sharing.  The phone itself seems much more durable as well as shown by this drop test.

Will you be rushing to upgrade your phone?

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Ad of the Month – GE Gets Nostalgic With Buzzfeed

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Ever wonder what your favorite website would have looked like if we had this technology in say, the 40’s?  Well in our September ad of the month GE and Buzzfeed have teamed up to bring you just that.  A recent partnership between GE and Buzzfeed has lead to the creation of an online time machine.  With a “Buzzfeed Time Machine” as a functional header (powered by GE, of course), you can choose any decade from the 1920’s through 2000’s and see the site immediately re-skinned to reflect the decade.

FiG Advertising Ad of the Month - BuzzFeed Time Machine Sponsored by GE

20’s flappers?  Yup.  60’s tie-dye?  It has it all.  Each decade “skin” also has a customized GE ad hitting breakthroughs such as electric fans, sports flood lights and the ability to tune in to an individual radio station.

The time machine also works in Buzzfeed’s favor.  Since the sites content is all about the list and being share worthy, the time machine has allowed them to create such content specific to each decade.  A personal favorite is the stories of the 90’s such as “How to prepare yourself for a Y2K Disaster” and a “Beanie Babies Investor Guide”.  If only we had these back then..

GE and Buzzfeed are using nostalgia to appeal to customers, and it’s working on us.  No matter your age or interests, there is something here for everyone, sparking memories left and right, with a little humor.

While using nostalgia is an old tactic and they aren’t the only ones to use it recently, GE and Buzzfeed definitely hit the mark this time.  Check it out for yourself here.

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New Client Announcement – Brand Identity for Jewels by Design

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

This Month we are excited to announce our new relationship with entrepreneur Jacqueline Harris, as we help her bring her business, Jewels By Design, to life!

The Client:
Jewels By Design, is focused on helping youth and bringing beautiful jewelery pieces to all types of women.  Jacqueline’s goal for her business is to reach women in their home environment with private jewelry trunk shows.  She also hopes to use her business to help youth reach their potential and underprivileged women get back on their feet.


The Challenge:
Jewels By Design is a multifaceted business with various goals.  The main challenge that brought Jacqueline to FiG was the need to create a core brand identity that reflects all parts of her business and allows her to reach her target audiences.

How FiG Can Help:
Creating a strong brand identity that people with relate to may be the most important first steps of starting your business.  The key for Jacqueline will be to differentiate herself from other in-home jewelers and trunk shows.  FiG will help Jewels By Design accomplish this by creating an identity reflecting the many aspects of Jacqueline’s work in both the for profit and non-profit sectors.  FiG will be creating a logo, as well as business cards and collateral material, such as trade show booth banners, to help promote this growing new business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a new business, or a business in need of a refresh, FiG can assist with all your brand and corporate identity needs.  Contact us to find out more about how we can help!