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Ad of the Month: Shopping For Toys With Barclaycard

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

It’s that time of year again – the stores are playing holiday music, lights are being hung, trees are being put up and the stress of picking the perfect present to go under it has fallen upon us.  But not to fear, this also bring the holiday ads with lots of ideas and wisdom on what is best for those on your list.  Take ebay, showing us that maybe there’s a good reason for not buying that pony after all.. (because what little girls parents haven’t had to say no to that request?)

Others try to show us the fun, good, or easy side of holiday shopping while we sit and wonder what planet they are actually shopping on.  British credit and debit card company, Barclaycard, however meets us in the middle.  They don’t claim they make shopping easier, in fact they admit it can be a bit much, but Barclaycard does make their part easier.

In this ad of the month, Barclaycard takes us on a whirlwind shopping experience as a Dad looks for a the perfect toy for his son while being bombarded with shouts and “pick mes” from every toy in the story.  The Dad, lead by a whimsical monkey, has anything but a stress free time until he has made a decision and it is time to pay with Barclaycard, just a quick tap of his phone.

Barclaycard hits the mark on this holiday ad.  They reach a wide audience of stressed out shoppers, acknowledge this common feeling, and give a little hope in the end.  Making the perfect gift choice might be hard, but paying doesn’t have to be!

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New Client Announcement – Blubird Ski Company

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

FiG is excited to announce our new relationship with Blubird Ski Company!

The Company:
Blubird Ski Company is based out of Golden, Colorado, where they are building high quality skis for the adventure and back country minded skier.  Their skis will be lighter and stronger than many of the skis out today because of their engineering and simulating capabilities.  Blubird’s innovative way of building their skis will allow skiers to go farther distances and push harder on their skis, extending the boundaries of where snow travel and adventure is at today.  Innovation and reliability is the driving force, with every dimension on the ski there for a specific reason and not just thrown together to look pretty.  Blubird will be building a number of different models to appeal to a variety of different “styles” of skier.

The Project:
Blubird reached out to FiG to help define their brand.  Understanding the customer and what makes Blubird Ski Company stand out from their competitors is the first step to developing a clear message and brand position.  FiG will help create a strong brand identity through the design of a distinct and recognizable mark, along with a tagline and cohesive identity throughout collateral elements including a business card and promotional sticker.

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FiG – We take pride in our work

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Denver marketing agency, FiG Advertising, is honored to be a recipient of two Marcom Gold Awards for our work with CourtSide Consulting on their logo and Fall River Employee Benefits on their website!

CourtSide Consulting:
As you may recall, a few months ago FiG created a brand identity for CourtSide Consulting, part of which was a logo.  When CourtSide came to FiG, it were using logo that had little connection overall brand identity the client wanted to convey and was in need of a refresh.  With that in mind, our team designed a strong identifiable mark incorporating the letters of the name and with it’s maze like appearance, representing the benefit of CourtSide helping clients navigate HR management.

Since the launch of CourtSide’s new brand identity, FiG has been working to incorporate it into all aspects of their marketing including a new website!  Stay tuned to see the end result!

Fall River Website:
Back in 2011, FiG was selected as the marketing company to redesign Fall River Employee Benefits website.  The website they had at the time, was clumsy, not easy to navigate and deterred individuals from looking further, failing to generate prospects.

FiG developed a new look and layout for the site, making it easier to find information and navigate through, allowing Fall River to have clearer communication with visitors to their site.  It has been almost a year since the launch in December 2011 and new visits are up!

Thank you to our clients for entrusting us to develop and grow their brands.  No matter the size of your marketing and advertising needs,  FiG takes pride in everything we do.  Contact us to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

Keyword Relevance – It’s Not Just SEO

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Recently, the New York Times ran a great article that contained the following quote:

“It hit me like a brick, because I finally understood how you get better search results by creating content around the keywords people are searching for,” he said. “As we become more relevant to Google, our quality score improves in our AdWords campaigns. This enables us to bid lower, yet because we’re more relevant, we pay less per click.”

Keywords have different purposes in Adwords and SEO (search engine optimization) but where keyword relevance (the relationship of a keyword as determined by a search term, to the topic available on the served page)  is concerned, they cross paths and become important marketing channels for your business.

Creating that keyword relevance takes a bit of conceptual understanding, so in the interests of creating an easier to read web, take a moment to digest the following instructions:

A Formula for Creating Relevance with Keyword Usage

1. Take the time and choose your keywords very carefully. Using online keyword tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (needs a Google login) and Wordstream, find keywords that meet your requirements for volume (number of people searching on them), competition (websites using this keyword), business relevance, and ease of use.
2. Take the 5 best keywords and let all of your company know about them and what they are for.
3. Use those top 5 keywords in all of your high level taglines, advertising, and social media posting both online and offline. They are part of your branding.
4. Create a longer list of supportive keywords and put variations of each keyword into appropriately labeled groups.
5. Build content around the top 5 keywords, use 2-4 supportive keywords from one or two related ad groups for each 400-500 words.
6. Make sure Google and other search engines know about the good work you have done, carefully search engine optimize each post and the page that it goes on.
7. Then make sure the world knows about the good work you have done. At the very least, build a Twitter following and tell them, then decide where your subject matter belongs and develop a marketing plan for all of your good work.
8. Just say no to copied content, duplicated content and similar content. There are copy checking sites online if you become concerned (Copyscape, the default copy check site of the journalism industry is the place to start).
9. To give all of your work the best chance, make sure and market your authors with profiles and avatars that are connected to their work. (WordPress and Tumblr do a fantastic job with this). If the author information is consistent across profiles and unified in a Google (preferably Google + profile), then Google will find your authors and boost rankings for your content appropriately.
10. Keyword guidelines as given above should also be used in all ecommerce product copy, for all dynamic ecommerce websites, its best to consult with a professional SEO for the best possible placement for your keywords.

Remember, keywords should not be isolated to your SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (Google Adwords) campaigns. They are your business branding and should be considered everywhere published words are used for your company.

Remember, at FiG advertising, we enjoy creating a beautiful and easy to read experience for your clients! Give us a call and we can help.