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Moving Forward with Brand Marketing

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

FiG is delighted to announce that after completing a strategic marketing plan for last fall, we will be moving forward with the plan, including a marketing campaign and website redesign!

The Client:
As you may recall from our new client announcement, is a full service commercial construction company with a wide range of experience in the industry including new construction, tenant finishes and renovations for a variety for businesses and industries.  The company prides themselves on the integrity and quality of their work.



The Project: came to FiG looking for a way to reach potential clients.  With the large amount of competition in the industry, particularly with projects up for bid where the bid process alone can take months, SCS was looking for a new approach to accessing new and potential clients.

Through our market research, which helped define’s target audience, FiG was able to put together a strong brand marketing campaign, determining an appropriate message and the best methods of distributing that message in order to reach that target audience.  Some of the methods include direct mail, email and calls, along with additional pieces to ensure reach and multi-touch of potential clients.  We are pleased to be assisting in putting the campaign in motion.

FiG will also be redesigning the company website to make it more intuitive and user friendly with a fresh layout.  The new site will also work highlight the values and many successes of the company by including more images and testimonials.

Stay tuned for an update and launch of the new website design!

Don’t hesitate to contact FiG for any of your marketing needs, whether you need a website, advertising or marketing campaign we’re here to help!

Denver Community Credit Union Brand Identity Launch

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

For FiG, one of the most satisfying accomplishments is a project launch and we are very excited to announce the launch of Denver Community Credit Union’s new brand!  As you may recall from our new client announcement, FiG has been working with DCCU since last March on their website and brand re-design.   The credit union had established a brand identity within the Denver community, which was used for the past seventy eight year and was in need of a refresh.

DCCU website and poster with old branding (click for larger image)

The Project:
For those familiar with the Denver Community Credit Union or have seen the project updates via the website redesign launch, you will recall that the old website was not user friendly or easy to navigate.  We were pleased to announce the launch of their new website in August, and have since been working to update the credit unions brand.

When it came to DCCU’s current brand, the messaging and execution had not been consistent and while it was recognized by existing members, for non-members their values and “local” message were not always clear.  At a time when the credit union was expanding into more counties, it became clear that a cohesive brand and development strategy was key to guide the marketing, concentrating on the mission of making a difference for members by providing financial opportunities.  Denver Community Credit Union was looking for a brand identity that would be recognizable to members, employees and others familiar with the institution.

The Result:
FiG was able to refresh the current brand with a new logo, tagline and colors that spoke to DCCU’s goals, values and mission.  From there, we rolled out the new look and feel onto their website and throughout their collateral material.  The new Denver Community Credit Union brand was launched last week to a positive reception.

DCCU new logo, updated website and poster with new brand! (click for larger image)

We would love to hear your feedback on Denver Community Credit Union’s new brand!  If you are looking for a refresh, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help!

Twitter and Value in Social Advertising

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

The benefits of using social media continue to grow as the number of social networks and their social opportunity increase. One of the benefits most relevant to the advertising and marketing industry is the wealth of consumer data that can be gathered. As this data continues to expand its availability, Facebook, Twitter, and Google + become more integral to marketing strategy.

Facebook is already a key player and Google+ is growing what seems like daily, both with advertising and marketing opportunities, but Twitter is growing in its own right and with it’s own, somewhat different offerings.

What to me, at the beginning, seemed to be a glorified status update has evolved into so much more. With just 140 characters, Twitter is about creativity in how you deliver your content, and now that the platform Twitter Paid Ads Evolvehas marketers and advertisers reaching for their checkbooks, it is no longer just an update but content with a purpose.

Advertisers have a number of options on Twitter, whether a promoted account, tweet or trending topic. Twitter is taking advantage of their enormous opportunity with paid ads, hiking prices for certain days or events that bring more people and buzz to the network. Despite the higher prices, the advertising opportunity from increased network traffic that The Oscars and upcoming Super Bowl create can be very desirable for companies. During the Oscars and the Super Bowl, Twitter, as well as outside companies, will be experimenting and collecting data on their audience’s activity over Twitter as well as multiple social media platforms. is one company planning such an approach. They will be sending out 30 second spots over multiple channels along with paid ads.

Associated Press has taken Twitter ads a step further, using its Twitter account as an ad platform with Samsung as it’s first sponsor. This means that essentially Samsung Electronics Co Ltd paid Associated Press in order to send a tweet from the Associated Press verified account, @ap, promoting its events at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks ago. As far as third party ad tie-ups go, Twitter has said as long as they comply with the companies policies, they do not object. This layered type of advertising on Twitter has previously only been tested by celebrities.

If such promoted Tweets meet with enough interaction from users, this type of ad agreement could open a whole new side of advertising possibilities. Advertising, already big, could become huge for Twitter. Some predict that if Twitter can figure out how to best use the mass amount of data that can be gathered and create relative content for users, they could become a major player as a media company. Who knows the possibilities if data and relevant content can work together for Twitter.

Contact FiG to find out how we can help with your social media and advertising needs.

American Airlines – New Brand Identity, New Ad

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Through financial trouble, talks of job cuts and a merger, American Airlines looks to renew and refresh their brand identity.  So, to kick off 2013, the company revealed the first changes in 40 years: a new logo, look, and ad campaign.

The launch was met with mixed review from a business side, questioning finances and whether merging with U.S. Airways should be on the top of the list, but the company says they plan to retain their brand identity, merger or not.

Regardless of the variables involved, a re-brand can be a challenge and for such a mature, well known brand their are bound to be critics.  The updated logo leaves behind the traditional “AA” replacing it with a vibrant blue and red airplane tail intersected by a crisp eagles head in the middle.  It is a big change, but keeping the colors and eagle align the mark with the original identity.

The company will also welcome new airplanes boasting a fresh look.  Again, the traditional “AA” on the airplane tail is replaced, this time with American flag stripes, the goal being that no matter where the planes land, their origin is known.

As for the ad campaign,  the first ad to air features individuals going about their daily lives around the world, who suddenly stop to look to the sky as an American Airlines plane, freshly painted, flies overhead.  The ad has a hint of nostalgia, with the ending line of “inspired by our past but driven by the future.”  Agency of record McCann Worldgroup told AdAge the objective was to bring back the “wonder of travel”.  It is true, flying has become such an ordinary occurrence, so the company seeking to bring back the awe and wonder of the experience is different.  For us, the ad works.  Check it out below.

If your company is thinking of a re-brand or refresh, contact FiG to see how we can help!