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DDB and WATERisLIFE Clean Water Campaign

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Last October, DDB New York teamed up with clean water organization WATERisLIFE to produce their #FirstWorldProblems campaign, using the popular hashtag to create awareness around the water shortage in Haiti.

This year, the two companies teamed up again for a follow up campaign, “Kenya Bucket List” which is focused on the lack of clean water in Kenya.  Here, water conditions are so poor that children have a 1 in 5 chance of dying before reaching age 5.  Driving home this statistic, the campaign focuses on the aspirations children have for themselves.

Putting a name and face to the campaign this time, the WATERisLIFE team takes a 4 year old boy Maasai boy named Nkaitole on a journey to complete his bucket list and having never left his village, there was a lot to explore!  Beating the fastest man in the world, flying in an airplane, receiving his first kiss, and seeing the ocean for the first time are just a few of the amazing things this little boy gets to experience.  Both adorable and heartbreaking, the video does the trick.  No child should have a bucket list but instead have hopes for the future.  The campaign is being promoted with the hashtag #5yearstolive – check it out below!

Denver Business Journal Adds Local Directory – Speaker Space

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Denver Business Journal is the city’s source for business news.  Offering a weekly print edition as well as an online version, readers and subscribers can get various perspectives and insight into Denver business news.  Additionally, they offer email updates and events, such as networking, to keep businesses in the know and growing.

One of the main attractions to the online version of the Denver Business Journal is the local directory it offers.  The business directory gives local business professionals an opportunity promote themselves as well as their business.  Traditionally, there has been a single directory where you can search for businesses and services by category.  The Denver Business Journal however, is now working to offer more ways to stay connected and help businesses through specialized directories.

Just last month, on July 16th, Denver Business Journal launched a new business directory called Speaker Space.  This local directory offers a place for Denver area speakers to promote themselves and their business.  Individuals or groups looking for speakers can use the Speaker Space directory to find a speaker that is suitable for them by searching based on category including motivational, coaching, and leadership, to name a few.

Speaker Space will be followed by three additional specialized directories:

  • BizBook’ology – coming September 27th
  • BizCoaching – coming Novemeber 1st
  • AppSmart – coming Novemeber 29th

All of these directories are meant to help businesses by providing an affordable avenue to promote themselves.  They also create an avenue for businesses, universities and other groups to search for new tools whether that be training, speakers, or resources.

The directories are open to anyone that is a speaker, coach, has written a book for business or has an app that can provide value to other businesses.  Check out the latest directory Speaker Space for yourself and see what great tools the Denver Business Journal has to offer!

GE’s #6SecondScience Vine Campaign

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Thanks to General Electric, science enthusiasts worldwide were able to participate in a virtual science fair earlier this August. For months now the company has been promoting quick six second snippets of science-related videos using the hashtag #6SecondScience. This brilliant idea to create an entire campaign stemmed from the popularity of their video involving milk, food coloring and dish soap, which created an incredible amount of buzz on the social platform back in February. With this inspiration they decided to launch a full-blown six second science fair campaign cleverly timed around the start of school.

The online science fair ran from August 8-15th and used the tagline, “How much science can you fit into six seconds?” Over 400 videos were entered displaying all facets of the science field, and all made sure to include the hashtag #6SecondScience. What’s best about the Vine app is videos can be shared across multiple platforms. GE shared some of the best entries on its Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages. Another thing to note regarding the success of this campaign is that GE picked no winner, and there were no prizes involved whatsoever. They purely just put out an interesting and engaging campaign that resulted in tons of entrants and thousands of “re-vines.”

What’s even better is this unique, fun, and engaging campaign created great content that other media outlets wanted to share as well – which made some bloggers deem GE one of the best brands to leverage the Vine platform. For instance, Mashable wrote a post about some of the best entries, and the story got over 46,000 shares. Other news outlets such as Yahoo!, Business Insider, and AdAge posted about the week-long event and received the same type of reader reaction.

Without the Vine app update back in July where users could start sharing other people’s posts, this type of success for brands could never have happened. Additionally, this campaign did more than provide week-long entertainment for science lovers, it showed marketers that Vine is more than just a marketing platform for e-commerce and retail brands. Hopefully GE’s success can inspire some other creative campaigns by health and science groups!

Baby Boomers Still Choosing Desktop Over Mobile

Friday, August 16th, 2013

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Recent studies reported by eMarketer show baby boomers are still favoring desktop internet interaction over mobile. But boomers tend to have large spending potential, and marketers need to react to this behavior when positioning a product towards this particular generation. eMarketer claims they are still the “TV generation” and usually garner interest in a product from television commercials and more traditional marketing tactics.

Other related studies show that boomers don’t necessarily pay attention to online advertising such as Google and Facebook ads. A March 2013 survey by Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global @dvisor showed only 11% of boomers in the 50-64 age group clicked on a banner or pop-up ad in the past month.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the boomer generation isn’t shopping online. It appears they tend to do online research comparing prices before going into the store to purchase an item. Estimators believe this online research behavior will eventually turn into purchases from their online devices, and that three quarters of the US boomer internet users will be buying digitally by the end of the year.

The spending patterns for boomers is useful information to marketers because of the size of the demographic (over 79 million). These studies are important to remember when brainstorming a marketing campaign, particularly if your product is aimed at buyers between 50-70 years old. The boomers are adapting slower to the mobile/tablet trend, but the amount of purchases on those devices seem to be continually increasing over time.

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