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New Yelp App Features See Results

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Companies continue to find success with mobile and this time it is Yelp.

Yelp began as an online database to help people connect with great local businesses including everything from mechanics to dentists to restaurants and more.  The company branched out into mobile in 2008 and in the last few months have made some updates including:

  • Ability to write a review on your mobile device

  • Ability to complete orders and transactions with businesses directly though the Yelp app

Last week the company released its earnings report for the third quarter and the numbers were impressive.  Yelp’s year-over-year in revenue was up 68%. Cumulative reviews, monthly unique visitors and active local business accounts were all up as well.  There was also a high level of search traffic on mobile along with a large number of local ads being shown on mobile devices.

The company says they are seeing 10,000 mobile reviews a day, which is about 25% of all new reviews.  It is important to keep in mind this increase is only based on a few months usage, with iOS users getting the update in August and Android users getting it only a few weeks ago, so there is even more potential for these reviews to go up.

The new mobile review features seems like the right move for Yelp.  It allows individuals to review on the spot rather than waiting until they are at a desktop, and inevitably forgetting or losing the “real time” effect.  For those who can’t imagine typing out an entire review on their mobile device, short snippets or what Yelp calls “Tips” are still an option.

The power of mobile is increasing and this is just the latest example of how companies can take advantage of the continued growth in mobile use.

New Project Announcement: Davidsons Liquors Advertising

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

As you may recall, we announced our market research project with Davidsons back in August.   After two months filled with research, surveys, focus groups, and data analysis, FiG made  recommendations for future marketing and advertising.  We are pleased to have been chosen to continue working with Davidsons Liquors and begin to implement our findings.

Davidsons Project:

In the long term, FiG will be creating ad campaigns for the liquor store in efforts to reach specific target markets. The ads will work off the strengths of the company and incorporate how they are different from competitors, and what makes Davidsons the best choice.

FiG, in the short term, will also be working with Davidsons Liquors on their holiday advertising for the upcoming season.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Davidsons Liquors advertising in the coming months and check back for updates as the projects launch and campaign results come in!

Ad of the Month: Ron Burgundy For Dodge Durango

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Not only has Dodge snagged Will Farrell for the new Dodge Durango ads, but they snagged him as his character, anchorman Ron Burgundy.  The team at Dodge’s ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy, crafted an ad campaign featuring the 1970’s Burgundy pitching a car from 2014.

The ads are both humorous and cross promotional, reminding people of the famous, funny anchorman character as a sequel is set to come out in the next few months.

The ads are also a great example of creative concepting or a deconstructed ad. Taking a product, the Dodge Durango, and making it a car ad without being a traditional car ad.  The car never moves, but gets a ton of face time with the audience as it sits front and center on a sleek and clean stage.  It is more about getting exposure rather than direct sales and with the hilarity of Ron Burgundy’s pitches, which include highlighting the horsepower and glove box, the audience is sure to remember the ad.  They can then go to other media channels to learn more about the car.

A number of spots were produced with various endings and punchlines.  Enjoy a few of our favorites below…

Content Marketing: What is it all about?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

With the media landscape ever changing and new channels arising regularly, consumers are being pulled further and further away from traditional media.  It is important for marketers to understand this and look into new ways of reaching their audience.  One way that is becoming a hot topic in the industry is Content Marketing.

What is Content Marketing?
Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of valuable and relevant content, with the intent not to sell, but to attract, engage and build a relationship with a target audience.  It should be compelling, consistent, and ultimately drive consumer action, whether that be buying, referring, or sharing your content.  You want your target audience to start a conversation, which means your content needs to be interesting and even educational in terms of your company, product, or service.  Getting the audience to trust your knowledge enough to reference you and use your company is the ultimate goal.

Sound difficult?  For some it might be.  Having the personnel to create the content is a hurdle, that is why having a content strategy is important.  A content strategy is like a road map to your content creation.

Two places to being your strategy are a mission statement and buyer persona.  The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) suggests that a mission statement should have 3 parts:

  1. Who is the audience?

  2. What useful information are you delivering

  3. What is the pain point you are helping

Once you have a solid mission statement, creating a buyer persona is the next step.  This helps create a story to reach each person as well as which media channels to use and which not to. CMI suggests building out different pieces of unique content for each story which can then be used for the media channel it is best suited for.

This all may sounds like a lot, but the key points here are that good content marketing creates a conversation, and ultimately a relationship, with your target audience which benefits your business in the end by creating long term and repeat buyers.

Comments, feedback, or input about content marketing?  We would love to hear from you!