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Industry News: Marketing Trends for 2015

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Marketing Trends

Changes in digital marketing are becoming more frequesnt, and it can be hard for anyone to keep up. As we near the end of 2014, lets review some of the marketing trends we’ve seen this year, as well as what we might expect in the coming year.

1. Mobile-optimization will become priority. 

Optimizing for mobile has been a priority for businesses this year, but next year will be the year that mobile strategies move past just having a responsive website or mobile app, and focus on mobile-optimized content and social media marketing as well. We know that Google has been placing emphasis on how mobile-friendly sites read. They’ve stated that mobile usability is now “relevant for optimal search results.” This emphasis is apparent in the recent launch of a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools called “Mobile Usability”.

2. Social media ad spending will increase as companies realize the importance of social marketing.

In the first part of 2014, Facebook reported increased ad revenue over the previous fiscal period. As organic post reach continues to fall, and as Facebook restricts what types of posts can be shown in users’ feeds, paid advertising is only going to increase as businesses struggle to maintain traffic and sales from social media channels.

3. Content marketing will be bigger than ever.

As we continue to see the benefits of content marketing strategies, money previously marked for search engine PPC, SEO and social media will be re-allocated to content marketing efforts. A major struggle, however, will be finding ways to stand out amidst other content competing for attention. Case studies, video content, research-intensive content, and overall quality content will be what gives businesses an advantage over their competitors.

4. Email marketing will receive a renewed focus.

With social networks reducing the amount of visibility brands and businesses get on their platforms, and with search engines intimidating business owners and marketers with ever-increasing complexity of their ranking algorithms, businesses will return to the one marketing asset that they can control entirely — their email list. This renewed focus on email marketing will connect with content marketing to blur the lines between email and content marketing…

5. The lines between SEO, content marketing & social media will become more blurred.

Content marketing has been described by some as the “new SEO”, which is somewhat accurate. SEO and content marketing will continue to co-exist as two separate but intertwined disciplines that rely on each other for success. That said, content marketing is now the primary influencer of search visibility. Businesses that don’t invest in a solid content strategy will discover that their SEO campaigns are ineffective, at best, and damaging to their search visibility, at worst.

6. Brands will scramble to humanize.

With the rise of social media, brands will realize that their customers are on social media channels to interact with other people, not with brands and corporate-sounding lingo. Brands that are able to connect with their audience on a human-level will enjoy higher conversion rates, better brand loyalty, faster audience growth, and happier customers.

7. Marketers will find new ways of making advertising less promotional and more relevant.

With decreasing click-through rates over the past few years, companies have begun to fully realize the ineffectiveness of banner advertising for driving sales. While increased visibility is still a benefit of banner ads, medium-sized business looking for results will be less inclined to invest in channels that don’t offer measurable ROI.


Ad of the Month: Apple Goes Back 60 Years to Find A Holiday Ad for 2014

Monday, December 15th, 2014

ad of the month

Apple Holiday Ad

“Technologies evolve, but love is timeless” from Apple’s holiday ad — FiG’s ad of the month. Exactly one-half of the ad is about a non-Apple product from 60 years ago (the Voice-O-Graph) which allowed people in the 1940s and ’50s to record their voice to vinyl records. In the ad, a woman finds a way to take a song recorded on a Voice-O-Graph in 1952 and update it for today, as a Christmas present for her grandma.

Watch the ad below.

New Client: Sport Shieldz Protective Head Gear

Monday, December 15th, 2014

We are pleased to announce our new client: Sport Shieldz Protective Head Gear

Sport Sheildz Logo

FiG will be assisting with SEO and creating more search traffic and increased awareness to the Sport Shieldz brand overall, as well as helping to improve the website via updates and additions to content.

About Sport Shieldz Protective Headgear:

Sport Shieldz® Protective Head Gear provides an extra layer of impact dissipating padding, when worn with any helmet, reduces the energy or G-force, which would have normally reached the skull. Sport Shieldz may also help improve the fit by filling the extra space between the head and the shell of a helmet, while adding a more comfortable feel with its patented impact dissipating foam.

Sport Shieldz

Sport Shieldz® protective headgear is made of moisture wicking, washable antimicrobial material. Sport Shieldz® offers headgear for every type of helmet ranging from youth sports helmets, adult sports and protective helmets, to safety hard hats. Sport Shieldz® come in a variety of sizes and styles and are designed for use in numerous applications.

Sport Shieldz® is committed to head safety, and our protective head wear design has your head protection and comfort in mind at all times. The team at Sport Shieldz® is dedicated to research and product development of cutting edge comfortable head safety gear. Not only are we committed to developing quality head wear, but we also believe in educating athletes and parents of active children in the principals of head safety. We encourage the importance of wearing helmets and practicing proper activity techniques.

Sport Shieldz® remains committed to research and furthering beneficial advancements in head safety technology and is committed to providing top quality products to the consumer.

To learn more about Sport Shieldz, and to read more about their products, visit

Case Study: Davidsons Liquors Website

Monday, December 15th, 2014

You may already be familiar our client Davidsons Liquors, as we’ve discussed them on multiple occasions is the past. We’re proud to announce that last month we launched the all new, much anticipated ecommerce website that we had been working on for Davidsons in the latter half of this year.

Not only is the new site a huge step up for Davidsons from a visual standpoint — their old website was using outdated branding, and an outdated platform — but is a huge leap forward in user-ability, technology, and overall function. With Davidsons Liquors’ new user-friendly site, customers experience improved product searching and filtering, easier checkout, and an overall streamlined shopping experience compared to before. Customers can search for nearly every product available in stock at Davidsons and choose convenient in-store pickup or have items shipped directly to their door.

Davidsons Liquors Website

Site health and performance is up substantially compared to the previous site. In looking at the first month of the new site’s activity compared to the previous month’s (old site) activity, we can see vast improvements across the board — a 103% increase in overall visits to the site, a 109% increase in users to the site, a 147% increase in page views, a 21% increase of page visits per session, a .3% increase in visit duration, and a 14% decrease in bounce rate.

davidsons stats

Because the new site is optimized for all devices — an absolute must in today’s phone and tablet driven society — we’re seeing a huge increase in improvements to site traffic from mobile & tablet users. There has been a 113% increase in mobile user sessions (123% from tablets), and improvements in all mobile/tablet visitor stats — improved session duration, page views, bounce rates, etc.

davidsons mobile stats

The site is also seeing major increases to its acquisition sources. Organic search traffic is up 127%, direct traffic is up 77%, and referral traffic is up 105%.

Davidsons Liquors Channels

Overall, the new website we built for Davidsons is performing really well. There’s no doubt that this launch has been a huge success, and that Davidsons will be seeing increased revenue from online sales due to the new site.  A special thanks to Davidsons Liquors for their business, support, and continued faith in FiG!

If you have a need for a new ecommerce site, or need consultation on how to improve a pre-existing ecommerce site, contact us today to discuss!