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Ad(s) of the Month: “Made with IBM”

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Big golf fan?  Then you may have seen one  or a few of the 62 different 30 second spots IBM ran during the Masters.  Yes, that is correct – 62 ads!

The  ads are part of IBM’s campaign “Made With IBM” and feature companies from industries across the board which are using IBM’s services.  IBM wants it’s audience to know know it is everywhere and helping many companies collect data through their technology.  Capabilities such as cloud computing and mobile analytics are just a few of the services organizations are taking advantage of.

The ads highlight the different ways that data impacts all aspects of our lives, from making better cancer treatments to choosing the right wine for an occasion. While some uses may seem more interesting than others, the message remains the same for all – that data helps make things better no matter what your end goal is and you can get that data with IBM.

 The 62 spots display just what this big company can do as far as marketing goes, and their broad reach is apparent.  According to Adweek, the campaign features over 30 interviews with IBM employees and clients, as well as footage from 20 countries on five continents.  The tech company is trying at make their service tangible, and while maybe in a little more detail than necessary, I think they were able to accomplish that.

If you weren’t glued to the Masters, and you have some time, make sure to check out the website and ads by clicking here,  then let us know what you think!

Project Launch: Primeflex Website!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

id=”docs-internal-guid-1bda5ec1-6265-6684-d763-2ebe034151fe” dir=”ltr”>FiG is happy to announce that Primeflex launched a new website!

As you may recall, Primeflex designs and prints custom labels and packaging mainly for consumer products, but with a specialization in flexible packaging solutions.  FiG began working with Primeflex a few months ago on a few collateral pieces, a new website and SEO!  Primeflex old website served them well for years but it was time for an upgrade.

Primeflex screen shot         primeflex unique solutions screen shot

They were looking for an updated, sleek design that would appeal to the designers of prospective companies, so FiG redesigned the site playing off the current logo design.  The Unique Solutions are now displayed in a more user friendly way, allowing easy click through and examples of each type of printing.  The site is also responsive, making it easy to view no matter what type of device you are using.

primeflex custom label printint   primeflex unique solutions

We are excited to have this great new website launched!  Now that the site is live, we will be moving full speed into the Search Engine Optimization portion of this project.  Stay tuned for additional results!

New Client Announcement: KompetitiveEdge

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

FiG is excited to announce our new client KompetitiveEdge.

The Client:

KompetitiveEdge is a full service triathlon store located in Southwest Denver. Since 2005, KompetitiveEdge has taken pride in selling the best product and having the most knowledgeable staff.  The staff tests the products themselves, allowing them to share first hand experience with customers.  They strive to be the best in their industry, making the store accessible to all levels of triathletes, while going above and beyond what others might offer.  Not only can you purchase triathlon apparel but you can also get your bike tuned and prepared for your race!

The Project:

KompetitiveEdge contacted FiG in need of a new website.  The current site lacks an e-commerce function which is something that, as a retail company, will be incredibly beneficial.  FiG will be designing a new site, including extensive e-commerce functionality for a smooth and easy purchase process, an integrated blog and social media as well as making it mobile friendly – something that is becoming almost essential!

We are excited to get going on this project – Be sure to stay tuned for updates and the final website launch!


Visual Content is King

Monday, April 7th, 2014

I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “content is king,” and in the world of marketing, it is an ever growing truth.  These days, especially when considering social marketing, the real king is not just content but visual content, with images taking center stage.

Think about all the social accounts you may have  – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat – all these networks are focused on images.  Facebook even recently changed their site design, essentially making images the focal point and most important part of a post, even more so than in the past.  Micro-blogging site Tumblr also has a visual focus, with a dashboard feed displaying large images as the user scrolls.

Images are said to evoke positive emotions, allowing brands to connect with consumers on a more personal level.  They not only enhance an otherwise bland text post, but they offer an additional way to show off your brand’s personality, potentially even giving customers a behind the scenes look at things they might otherwise not see –  the office, a new product, or the day to day of the company to name a few examples.  All these things humanize a brand and allow consumers to connect on a different level.  People are more likely to share or talk about things they are connected with, and that is just how images can help brands – driving traffic and boosting engagement.

Joining the Ranks
There are a few more out there pushing images to the forefront of their services.  Twitter now allows you to post up to 10 photos with your tweet, as well as tag people in the photos. Good news, or horrifying?  Well, if you are already trying to avoid being tagged on Facebook, this could be your worst nightmare.  For most brands, however, this feature could be incredibly beneficial.  Photo sharing can help boost engagement, and by tagging in the image, it removes the necessity to include @ tags in your tweet, leaving more characters for your message.

Google is also part of the image bandwagon.  Google+ is already very image oriented and great for businesses, so why not make your email more visually appealing?  The company recently announced it is testing a grid view layout in Gmail.  The new toggle feature turns your Promotions tab into a Pinterest-like view with infinite scrolling capabilities.  What does this mean for email marketers?  More quality “cover photos” will be needed judging by the preview available.  Sounds intimidating?  Try signing up for their field trial and get ahead of the game by testing it out early!

So, moral of the story – images can not be ignored or forgotten!  Familiarize yourself with best practices for each social media network to make sure you get the most out of your posts.

If you need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact FiG. Whether email marketing or social media planning, we are here to help!