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Case Study: CoorsTek Medical

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

If you’re a Colorado native, you’re likely familiar with the Coors family, and thusly CoorsTek — the Golden, CO based ceramics and advanced-materials company that develops products for the defense, energy, and health care industries.

Recently, CoorsTek acquired well-known medical implant/device company IMDS and merged it with their existing sister company C5 Medical Werks. In combining these two brands, and with the backing of CoorsTek, they have created the all new company: CoorsTek Medical — an advanced materials engineering and manufacturing solutions company poised to take the medical device and implant industry by storm.

We at FiG are proud to announce our part in helping to form the CoorsTek Medical brand by way of developing their new marketing materials and helping to launch the brand itself via their new website.

CoorsTek Medical Logo

We took part in adopting the ‘Medical’ into the pre-existing CoorsTek logo, and in-turn created CoorsTek Medical’s initial marketing collateral, such as business cards, letterhead, email signatures, and more.

coorstek medical business card

coorstek medical stationary

We designed multiple documents (such as info graphic inspired case studies) in preparation for the new brand launch. We created many of these materials so that CoorsTek Medical’s capabilities would be beautifully illustrated, and said capabilities could be delivered effortlessly through their website.

coorstek medical case study

The biggest undertaking was the website itself. FiG collaborated with CoorsTek Medical for months to develop the perfect website to deliver their new brand to the world.

coorstek medical website

The new website has been live since October 1st, and we (and CoorsTek Medical) couldn’t be happier. The site has been producing some impressive traffic: boasting over 4 page views per visit, an average time on site of nearly 3 minutes, and an incredibly low bounce rate of only 23%.

coorstek medical webstats

We at FiG have have worked with other brands umbrella’d under the Coors family (such as CoorsTekCeramatec and Cutter Innovations), but we have never been more proud than to be a part of the great new brand that is CoorsTek Medical.

For more information on CoorsTek Medical, visit or read the CoorsTek Medical article on the Denver Business Journal.

If you are interested in how FiG can help develop your brand, and grow your business, please contact us today!

Industry News | Google Inbox: New Email App to Soon Replace Gmail

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Google Inbox

Google has been working to change email experience, giving users the ability to have more control over how they sort email and make email easier to deal with overall. Google’s revelation? A new app called ‘Inbox’. “It’s not Gmail but it’s a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters.” says Google. It’s a new way of how your inbox is presented and how you handle all the emails you receive.

Google Inbox is a complete overhaul of Gmail. It doesn’t change your messages, but it alters how you view and handle them. The plan for a reinvented inbox started months ago, when Gmail introduced “Categories”, which allows you to sort email into folders like “Social,” “Promotional” or “Updates.” The new Inbox app allows you to segment messages in a number of new ways with folders labeled “Reminders,” “Assists” and “Snooze.”

Reminders is a to-do list incorporated into the new Inbox app, with the idea being the user will add their own reminders into a “central place to keep track of the things you need to come back to” to complete chores at a later time.

Assists help you cross those chores off your reminders list by auto-providing info to help get the job done. Assists work together with your email. For example, when a user makes a restaurant reservation online, Inbox adds a map to your confirmation email. Nifty.

Snooze lets you delay your emails and reminders until it’s convenient for you to deal with them.

The interface itself is easier to look at. Email lists are no longer headlines crammed together in a shoddy list, but are now displayed in an optimal space. Additionally, if an Inbox message has attachments you can now open them without having to open the email.

To compose a message, there’s now a red compose menu button located in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you press the button, a list of four of your most popular email recipients pop-up, providing instant links to their email addresses — similar to the new documents button for the recently updated Google Docs. There’s also is a new slider button at the top of the page that lets you switch between your email messages and your “Reminders.”

The new Google Inbox app runs on Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android and Chrome OS platforms. It’s currently available by invite only (ugh) by sending an email request from your current Gmail account to

Only time will tell if people will adapt to this new app. As with anything, most people are reluctant to change. If we learned anything from Google Plus, it’s that not all Google products become popular overnight.

If you have any thoughts on this new technology from Google, feel free to email us or leave a comment.

Marketing Thought: Content Marketing & Marketing Automation

Monday, October 27th, 2014

In today’s world most of us are privy to basic digital marketing practices – social media, email marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization), but often times we (FiG) find that a lot of our clients overlook two very obvious things that tie it all together: content marketing and marketing automation.

Content Marketing is: the process for developing and distributing relevant and valuable content in order to attract, acquire, and engage a defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Basically, content marketing is everything you put out into the digital abyss in hope to lure in potential customers. Everything from a basic email newsletter, to an informative blog on your website, or even a simple Twitter post can be considered content marketing if the end objective is to bring people to your site and inadvertently hook them into your brand or services.

The greatest sales person is the one who convinces you that you need their product and has you requesting it, rather than trying to force it on you. You’ll walk away from a sale with them without ever having felt as though you’ve been sold to, and that buying the product in the first place was completely your idea. Content marketing can make this happen in a number of ways:

• Don’t make your content directly about selling, so people won’t be turned off.

• Make your content helpful and informative, so readers aren’t faced with things that aren’t relevant to them.

• If your content is interesting, people will want to share it with their friends (social networking). By this, your content is delivered to others by peers and is more likely to be read than unsolicited content.

• Use your content to drive people back to your website, where they can find other informative content. People will spend longer browsing your website and reading what you have to say.

• With the right content and calls to action, your traffic can be converted to sales.

• Frequently updating your website, emails, and other media with relevant, quality content will have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. So, as well as being a direct tool for promoting your brand and services, content marketing makes your website easier to find indirectly by others.

Marketing Automation refers to lead generation software designed for businesses to more effectively market on multiple online channels (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate the repetitive tasks involved with each. Marketing automation not only allows for these things to be done automatically, but also ties them all together — allows everything to connect with each other, speak to each other, and in-turn help you better understand what actions should be taken to improve your lead generation and nurturing efforts.

Most businesses have a sizable client list (be it patrons or prospects), so it’s important to define goals and expectations while handling this data. Marketing automation not only streamlines this process, it reduces human error and increases efficiency. Ultimately, the goal is to get insight into what your clients and prospects are interested in and measure their intent… through lead scoring. Lead scoring is: assigning a value to a user based on their actions around your content. With lead scoring, you’re essentially using automation to regulate your content [marketing] and assess the value of each piece and person so that your sales funnel can be improved. This is why both content marketing and marketing automation go hand-in-hand.

An argument that we sometimes hear when proposing marketing automation is: “I am already using an email distribution program, and a website analytics tool, so I am already able track my online customers. Why do I need a marketing automation software?” That’s all fine and well, and it’s great that you are making the effort to better understand your [potential] customers, but by this means you are only seeing half of the picture. With a lead nurturing/marketing automation software, your emails, website, and other digital assets work together. Without it, you don’t get the full story. For example: if you send out an email and a person opens it and clicks a link (to go to your website, no doubt), you can likely see that action in your email distribution program. But what then? Do you know how long that particular individual spent on that page? Do you know if they visited additional pages? Do you know at which point they exited the site? Were you able to send them a follow-up email that catered to exactly what their interests were while they were browsing your site? The answer is no. Even if you were able to make this distinction, it would require you to manually track the user’s path, make a guess as to what their interest and intentions were, and manually follow up, which would ultimately be super time consuming. And, if you have a large client list, and/or a growing list of leads, do you really have time to individually track every single person and follow up? Even then, how do you determine who is the better lead to follow up on— who is more worthy of your time? With marketing automation, this kind of guesswork is eliminated, leaving you free to make the connections that are going to produce sales.

Thoughtful content with marketing automation is something that all businesses should be integrating, especially if a businesses’ website is the driving force behind generating sales (which, it should be for most). Automation takes out the human element of the sales process — there’s no need to constantly follow up with clients, determine what info is right for them and send it. Marketing automation software analyzes the actions your potential clients are taking and automatically sends the necessary information to push them through your sales funnel.

By using marketing automation in conjunction with quality content creation, you will effectively drive sales with less effort. Automation allows for all of your marketing tools to work together to profile leads and deliver relevant content that aligns with your customer’s interests. This approach will not only provide added value to your online properties and accelerate sales, it will also give you measurable ROI (return on investment).

If you are interested in how FiG can help you learn to use marketing automation strategically to become more efficient, and grow your business, please contact us for an evaluation.

New Client: LessonsOnly

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

new client lessonsonly

We’re excited to announce our new client, LessonsOnly. LessonsOnly is a website/service that helps connect athletes and students with qualified instructors. Whether you’re looking for a tutor for your kids, gifting your spouse lessons in something they love, or looking to try something new yourself, LessonsOnly is the place to find the classes you seek.

We (FiG) are working with LessonsOnly right now to spread their brand and services through some targeted direct mail campaigns, so keep a close watch on your mailbox! Or, just check them out now at

On a side note: if you are an educator (for just about anything) and looking for a place to find students, LessonsOnly is currently taking applications for qualified coaches, tutors, teachers, and instructors alike! Let them know FiG sent you!

We at FiG love what LessonsOnly is doing — we truly stand behind their vision, and we are thrilled to be a part of their marketing efforts.