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Case Study – Davidsons Liquors Website Marketing Performance

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Davidsons Liquors in Highlands Ranch has been our client since 2013 when they initially hired us to perform market research for them. Eventually, we helped them develop a new brand identity which included building a new website. In the years since we have periodically released case studies on our progress with their website, email marketing and PPC campaigns. Now that the website has been operating successfully for several years, this case study will look at the year over year results of 2015 versus 2016.

Website Performance 2015 vs. 2016


Often when comparing website performance for a client, a marketing agency has to compare their results to another agencies’ website which is often not an apples-to-apples comparison. No two sites are built in the same way nor do they have the same goals, so it’s not always possible to make an equitable comparison. This year, however, because we are assessing our own site against our own site we can have an accurate accounting of Davidsons’ website performance based on marketing efforts.

Website Performance Core Metrics

First and foremost, the website traffic or the number of visitors who come to the site is an important metric for performance. Davidsons’ total traffic increased 15.5% year over year. That’s a nice bump, but what’s even better is that organic search itself had a 22.15% in traffic.

The organic search increase from search engine optimization was powered by a site that is well built, has the depth of information, is well tagged, and has a Google-friendly SSL certificate. These are all things Google looks for and when a site is properly built and maintained, organic search increases

Organic Search Performance.


In 2015, 62.32% of search traffic coming to the site was from organic searches. In 2016, it was 66% of total website traffic. Just a three-point increase, but overall, 66% coming from organic means that not only did the total volume increase but the share of traffic as well because the site has been well optimized.

How did we achieve these kinds of organic search results? We did extensive site tagging on 16,000 products. We do ongoing link building, and we were successful at securing a media placement for Davidsons Liquors.

Increase in Total Transactions.

Of course, the bottom line is what matters to the client. Total transactions increased 25% year over year, and the transactions related to organic search increased 26.12%. The total sales on the website increased 39.5% year over year.

Media Placement.

Market Watch Wine Spectator featured Davidsons in an article about Argentinian Wines, drawing on their wine buying expertise.

Paid Search Campaign.

We have also been managing digital marketing PPC campaigns for Davidsons and our work has resulted in a 431% return on investment.

In 2015 we did a traditional search ad campaign, but in 2016 we began a Google shopping campaign. The Google shopping campaign shows search results that include a photo of the product the user searched for and a way to click right to the product page on the site where it is offered. The ad also gives the price and basic product information which the path to purchase much easier for the consumer.

FiG made over 5,000 products available to purchase through this Google Shopping PPC campaign, which makes it a very robust shopper interface. The result is Davidsons received twice as many clicks, 2.5 times as many transactions and shoppers spent four times as much. Our retail store PPC campaign garnered more transactions and higher dollar value transactions.

January 2017 versus January 2016.


January is typically a slow month in liquor sales, but 2017 is off to a great start. Comparing January 2017 sales to January 2016 sales, Davidsons online sales are up 44.96% year over year. Their organic search is up 24% year over year.

Your website can be a money-making machine. You can get more sales, more leads and higher performance from your website. When you are looking for an ecommerce website, search engine optimization, and high-performing PPC campaigns, FiG can help you get better results from your marketing dollars. Contact us and let’s get started.

Market Research and Analytics Panel at the University of Denver

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Pictured from left: Janet Eden-Harris, Meghan Liefeld, Marilyn Heywood Paige, Bob Kumagai, Sameer Bawa,, and Kevin Raines.

Pictured from left: Janet Eden-Harris, Meghan Liefeld, Marilyn Heywood Paige, Bob Kumagai, Sameer Bawa,, and Kevin Raines.

If you want to know what the next generation of marketers are thinking, go to their college and take their questions. On Wednesday, January 18th, that’s what I did when I participated in a panel of market research and analytics experts for the University of Denver. (more…)

New Client – AimHire

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Brand Development

Ask any marketing agency employee what they enjoy doing most, and many will tell you that branding a new company is a highlight of the job. Brand development can include everything from the market research to the name to the logo design, to the tagline, to the letterhead, business cards, and website design and development.

AimHire Logo

Branding is a process wherein an agency defines the target market, surveys the competitive landscape, and develops the company’s SWOT to strategically position the new or existing company in the best way.

At FiG, we’ve done brand development in Denver for numerous companies over the years. It’s one of the most interesting things we get to do because we can delve into the roots of a company and create a brand image that reflects the core principles and value proposition of the organization. It’s truly exciting to be at the helm of creating a new brand.


When AimHire, a Denver-based employment agency decided to expand their brand, they turned to FiG, a Denver branding agency for help. AimHire is forming a new company specializing in executive sales placement, so they need a fresh new brand for this effort. Our team determined that the best way to define the strategy behind the brand was to start with market research. This research would give us insights into the kind of look, feel, and messaging that would make the firm stand out from the competition.

The research fuels the strategy which propels all the other decisions in the brand such as the name, the logo, the color palette, and the website design. Because it’s not enough to choose pretty colors and a cool name; the entire brand and all it’s marketing communication pieces have to uniquely represent the company in a way that will resonate with the target market.

Yes, brand development encompasses deliverables such as a new name, a logo, and a website, but at the core, brand development is about communicating your value to your audience with an authentic, compelling voice.

We are developing a new brand for AimHire that will position them effectively in the marketplace and be a brand they are proud to stand behind. Stay tuned for the beautiful results.

Thinking about creating a new brand or updating your old one? Contact us and let’s chat about your goals.

FiG’s Top 5 Ads of the Year

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

When you’re looking for a Denver advertising agency or Denver-based marketing firm, we’ll be the first to tell you that creating relevant advertising is no small effort. We have great respect for the advertising agencies around the globe who do it well. Here are our five favorite ads of 2016, collected from around the world.

Lockheed Martin – Generation Beyond Mars

In their inspiring ad campaign for the year, Lockheed Martin equipped a school bus with virtual reality technology in order to give the kids a realistic feeling of what it would be like to roam around the surface of Mars. As the bus moves, the kids can look out the windows and “experience” Mars around them. Lockheed Martin designed this ad to grow its recognition in the space innovation field. Since its launch, over 13,000 children have ridden on the interactive bus, and the company says that its education program has reached approximately 1.1 million students.

OK GO and Morton Salt – “The One Moment.”

Morton Salt partnered with Ogilvy & Mather as well as indie band “OK Go” to produce an ad that showed the “endurance and unstoppable spirit” of the brand’s symbol, the young girl with an umbrella in the rain. The song, titled “The One Moment” represents the times in life that are worth celebrating. Damian Kulash, the band’s main singer and the director of this video believes, “The song ‘The One Moment’ is about those moments in life when you are most alive, the moments that truly matter, the moments when everything changes.” The video also ties in Morton’s Walk Her Walk campaign, showcasing the message that “It only takes one moment to make a difference.”

Shiseido Co – High School Girl

Rarely does a makeup advertisement succeed in being genuine and real, but Shiseido’s ad, High School Girl does just that. In this subtle but poignant ad, typical gender roles are reversed with the help from Shiseido’s cosmetics and a makeup crew. By tackling the larger issues such as gender roles in Japanese society and Asian stereotypes, the ad demonstrates the tagline “anyone can be cute.” In the process, it turns traditional expectations upside-down. If you watch the ad again, you can appreciate the subtle nature of Shiseido’s ad. For example, the opening scene shows a teacher holding a picture of a girl drawn on a piece of paper; at the end of the ad, the picture is turned upside down, proving how easily we can be fooled once we see something and assume we know what it really is.

Under Armour & Michael Phelps – “Rule Yourself.”

One of the most shared ads of 2016, Under Armour’s ad featuring Michael Phelps, was emotionally extraordinary. Undoubtedly Under Armour is able to communicate its message to a target audience of millennium men. However, the dramatic effect of this ad is unforgettable among all viewers. The ad focuses on Phelps’ hard work and determination as an Olympic athlete and transforms it into an inspiring clip about what it means to be a real winner. The ad is highly successful in reaching its target audience of millennial men; over 47 percent of viewers stated they felt a sense of inspiration while watching Phelps train, and 68 percent of male millennial viewers agreed. According to Unruly, a digital advertising company, producing emotions like happiness and surprise in commercials is key in engaging millennial viewers.


The Grand Tour – Wrecked Priuses

The ads that promoted the new car show, The Grand Tour, featured various wrecked and mangled Priuses in popular urban areas. The Grand Tour is a show hosted by the stars of TopGear, Clarkson, Hammond, and May) The show, The Grand Tour, placed the cars in Germany, the U.S., and the U.K., considered by many to be the best use of such an underwhelming vehicle. An incredibly successful example of guerrilla marketing, The Grand Tour ‘s Prius advertisement is Fig’s 2016 Ad of the Year.

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