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FiG Advertising Adds Interstate Energy, Inc. To Client Portfolio

Friday, June 29th, 2018
Interstate Energy Logo

We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with waste-oil recycling firm, Interstate Energy, Inc.

Interstate Energy, Inc. is the only authorized distributor for Clean Burn waste oil furnaces and boilers for Colorado and Eastern Wyoming. With a long-standing history in the community, Interstate Energy has established the standard for waste oil heating installation and service. The dedication Interstate Energy owners, Jeff and Christine, show to their clients is what makes us proud to add them to our team.

Digital Marketing For Niche Products

The waste oil recycling industry is highly competitive space. Unfortunately, when space is so competitive, customers are often pushed to the wayside in pursuit of being the best. The concept of the customer coming first is not lost on Interstate Energy, though, and their customer service is what gives them a leg up on all that competition. The first order of business for their digital marketing strategy will be to bring this customer-centric business model to the forefront of all Interstate Energy communication.

Redesigning The Website

The current website is very product oriented, which is all important information, but is not effectively capturing the attention of new clients. We will be redesigning the website to parallel the target audience so they can connect with the brand immediately upon entering the site. Utilizing imagery and language that is consistent with the audience, instead of the product, will help communicate to potential clients that Interstate Energy values their input to the community.

In addition to redirecting the focus of the content on the site, we will be adding some pages to allow business owners looking for ways to improve their operations to find Interstate Energy. The benefit here will not only be the ability to expand the audience who can use Clean Burn products but also help business owners who aren’t sure of how recycled waste oil can be used connect with an expert in the industry. This is a 2-for-1 win in that our client can grow their business and other businesses can help the environment.

Search Engine Optimization

Once the website is filled with the information potential customers will need to be funneled into the sales cycle, the next step is getting those potential consumers to the site itself. By optimizing the site for popular search queries, we can build up the site’s authority and improve rankings over time. In addition to the baseline content, we will be building out a content marketing strategy to provide interesting and informative new content to the site on a regular basis.

Rounding Out An Effective Digital Strategy

Because this space is so competitive, it is important that the marketing strategy for Interstate Energy is firing on all cylinders. In addition to a new website design, supporting branding and content, a strong SEO profile, and content marketing, we will be utilizing search engine marketing, social media, and other popular avenues to drive traffic to the site.

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3 Steps To A Digital Strategy That Converts Micro Moments

Friday, June 22nd, 2018
Person illustrating micromoment

As with many of the other popular themes in marketing, Micro-Moments have become a common buzzword that is thrown around in conversations. The idea of a micro-moment was introduced a few years back but has become increasingly more popular as consumer behavior continues to adapt to a digital-centric mindset. But what does this idea mean for your business?

The Evolution Of Consumer Behavior

There has been a significant shift in the expectations of consumers – they want what they want and they want it now. We live in an era of information overload, though, so finding what you want can be challenging. Moreover, finding what you want without being forced to invest a lot of time or effort can be nearly impossible.

How Do Micro-Moments Play Into This?

Google defines a micro-moment as “when people reflexively turn to a device – increasingly a smartphone – to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped. In these moments, consumers’ expectations are higher than ever.”

Micro-moments are the “I want to do…” and the “I want to go…” moments when a consumer realizes they need or want something – this is when you, as a brand, have the opportunity to provide that something, but you have to be where the consumers are looking to do that.

Capitalizing On Micro-Moments To Drive Sales

The idea of being top-of-mind with your target audience is rapidly becoming obsolete. You now need to be top-of-the-phone-screen. In order to do this, you need to have an effective digital marketing strategy in place that keeps you in front of the ideal consumer in their time of need or want. There are three key factors in developing a digital strategy that does this for your brand.

Finding The Right People

At the end of the day, the people who are going to buy your product or service have to want what you’re offering. Analyzing the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of your current consumers can help you create detailed buyer personas that you can tailor your communications to.

Getting In The Right Place

Once you know who your ideal target audience is, you’ll be able to better understand their behavior to intersect their life in a way that makes sense. Does your target audience spend their free time browsing Facebook? Are they more likely to intersect with an ad that will encourage them to convert on a sports news site? You have to know what channels your consumers are on when they are seeking a solution in order to be there.

Having The Right Plan

The right plan makes or breaks a digital strategy. You can talk to your ideal consumer through the ideal platform, but without the right message, you won’t see any conversions. Your plan should include ongoing analysis of what is and isn’t working in order to have the most effective digital strategy.

With the right digital strategy, you are able to be where your ideal consumers are when they have a need or a want. Whether you are a local coffee shop who wants to be the first in the search results when potential customers are browsing a nearby mall or a professional development center that wants to maintain relevance on a social platform like LinkedIn, you have the capability to convert customers during their micro-moments with an effective digital strategy.

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IHOP Tries Out A New Name: Marketing Genius or Total Flop?

Friday, June 15th, 2018

In response to recent stalls in sales, IHOP is launching a new line of burgers. Because burgers are an unexpected addition to the IHOP menu, the breakfast chain needed to generate buzz. Enter: a name change that went viral.

What Is IHOb?

Last week IHOP announced that they would be changing their name on social media and website, as well as on the signage at their flagship location. It was met with skepticism from pancake fans who weren’t sure that the burgers could measure up. It was also met with some mocking from other popular restaurants, such as the newly renamed “Pancake King,” formerly known as Burger King.

IHOP’s CMO, Brad Haley, said in a statement, “Everyone knows that IHOP makes world-famous pancakes, so we felt like the best way to convince them that we are as serious about our new line of Ultimate Steakburgers as we are about pancakes was to change our name to IHOb.” Despite the criticism, the marketing gimmick was a massive win in its ability to generate such immense chatter and attention for a minor menu change.

So, Let’s Talk Data

IHOP’s brand share has seen a marked decrease over the last five years as diet trends are directing people away from the staple breakfast items that made the chain so popular. It was obvious that a big campaign was needed to put the restaurant back on top, but in what direction should it go in?

IHOP’s brand share wasn’t the only thing declining in popularity, interest in pancakes have also seen a decline. Studies show consumer interest in pancakes has fallen about 20 percent since 2010. This indicated to IHOP marketing strategists that reminding people about what they loved about IHOP in the past likely would not be the most effective course of action.

The IHOP menu has always featured lunch and dinner food. In the past five years, consumer conversations about burgers have doubled. This was the key insight that led to the viral IHOb campaign.

The goal was to incorporate IHOP into the growing conversations about burgers. With the organic attention created by the name change, people were definitely talking about the brand.

Does Buzz Generate Sales?

In the social media generation, the way advertisers go about generating sales has shifted. Now there is an additional step in between interacting with a brand’s advertising and deciding to purchase their products – advertising is no longer about generating sales, it’s about generating conversation.

IHOP’s burger campaign certainly generated conversation, and while not all positive, it got many more people talking about the restaurant that weren’t doing so before. The question now is: will these consumers come into their local IHOP for a meal? Be it burgers or pancakes, only time will tell if this campaign helps the chain increase sales.

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