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New Branding Client: Variable Steel

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Variable Steel, a steel fabrication company, was founded by Jesse Tillman and his brother, Vernon in Atlanta Georgia. For the past ten years, the company which fabricates, designs, engineers, and erects steel has grown steadily without the help of any formal branding or marketing.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

What’s remarkable about this family-owned and operated business is that it has been garnering projects consistently in the past decade purely by word-of-mouth. With current and former clients like Mercedes-Benz Falcons Stadium, the Birmingham Airport, and NASA, clearly, the word-of-mouth has been working.

Getting To the Next Level

But to get to the next level, Jesse knows he must up their game, so he decided it was time to hire professional marketers. He learned about FiG through the branding and website work we did for Burgess Services. He liked what we did for them, and began talking to us about how to better communicate his company’s value proposition and differentiate his work from his competitors.

Branding: Logo

First, the company wants a new logo that will convey the nature of their company as a critical variable in the overall equation of building construction. FiG’s logo creation process involves translating into a visual image the core values of a company and their unique value proposition. Variable Steel’s new logo will visually convey their commitment to being a partner in problem-solving.

Branding: Website

While the company has grown consistently through word-of-mouth advertising, a website provides further information for prospective customers and opens another avenue by which people can find you. We will create a website for Variable Steel that will spell out what they do, how they do it, and why you should work with them.

Search Engine Optimization

A website is only as good as its search engine optimization (SEO). Without good SEO, your website won’t be found my potential clients searching for your services, no matter how great the site is. FiG will be optimizing the new Variable Steel website so that it gets found in search engines.

We’re psyched to be working with Variable Steel to create a new brand and website for their company. Stay tuned for the fantastic results.

5 Signs That It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Agency

Friday, May 13th, 2016

Over the years, we’ve been called in to create digital marketing results for B2B, B2C, and nonprofits of all sizes, and in countless industries. There are a number of reasons why companies decide it’s time to work with a marketing agency. Some are entrepreneurs who are looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level. Many companies have internal marketing people and seek an agency partner to be an extension of their existing team.

Here are the top five reasons our customers took the leap into digital marketing. This list can help you discern if it’s time you do the same.

1. You can’t afford to keep marketing specialists on staff. Your business is growing, but you can’t afford to keep web development, search engine optimization (SEO), email, and social media specialists on staff. A digital marketing agency allows you to have access to reliable professionals only when you need them, and someone to manage and coordinate all of their work on your behalf. You get the expertise without the added headcount.

2. You’ve had to learn to do basic marketing, but don’t have time to do it well. Are you a business owner who is trying to do everything yourself? If you spend more time on juggling social media, website updates, and other marketing tasks than running your business, it’s time to hire an agency partner. An agency will bring a strategic focus that will yield a better return on your marketing investment.

3. Your website is over two years old. Google’s ranking system changes year to year. If you are an established business and haven’t updated your website in over two years, it is time to hire a marketing agency. If your website hasn’t had a refresh in over five years, your number one goal should be getting a new website immediately. Yes, it’s that imperative since over half of online searches take place on mobile devices. A six-year-old site is not mobile optimized. A full-service marketing agency will build a website that is cohesive with your brand, easy to use on mobile and desktop screens, and is a robust foundation for your other marketing tactics.

4. You don’t generate new content. If you’re not creating authoritative content on a regular basis, then you’re not establishing your brand as an industry expert. (And your competitors are.) Without continual fresh content, Google doesn’t perceive your site as relevant and drops your ranking score. It’s important to stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes so your business can stay relevant in search results. An effective marketing agency will help your business stay ahead of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategies.

5. You don’t have time to make marketing plans. If you’re planning your marketing tactics out just thirty days ahead of execution, you’re wasting money. An effective sales and marketing strategy includes short-term and long-term goals across multiple channels (social media, SEO, online advertising, direct mail, email, etc.) An agency understands how to integrate all those pieces so that they work together to build your brand consistently and compellingly across all platforms. And an agency will plan those multi-prong efforts three, six, and twelve months ahead, so they are more streamlined and effective.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you are part of a larger marketing team, a digital marketing agency can bring strategic knowledge, effective structure, and maximum return on investment beyond what you can do alone. Contact us to learn more about how Fig Advertising can optimize your marketing and get more customers in your door.

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Case Study: Web Design for Source Communications

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Source Communications needed a new web design with improved functionality, better content and mobile optimization. Their goal was to increase sales interaction via online forms and phone calls. FiG analyzed Source Communications’ existing website and mapped out a digital marketing strategy that would increase traffic and sales leads.

Business Challenge: Focus & Clarity

Source Communications started as a cable assembly and wiring company in 1987. Since then, they expanded into designing, installing and maintaining security systems and designing and manufacturing custom retail checkout product lines. Straddling so many capabilities made it challenging for Source Communications to effectively message their value proposition to all their intended audiences. Their website had to convey their core business offerings and let visitors know where to find what they needed quickly.

Solution: Web Design & Development

The old website had broad “Products” and “Services” categories for cabling and wiring. They also had a separate site for security services. Their site was also not optimized for mobile devices:

website design

In the new design, we merged the two websites and streamlined their navigation bar into three core areas: Cabling, Security, and Product Lines. We also created large homepage banners directly linking to each category for easier navigation. These simple changes brought their capabilities under one umbrella and helped focus their brand:

website development

with mobile optimization:

mobile optimization

Solution: Digital Marketing & Content Strategy

The new website design made it easier for Source Communications to post client updates, announcements, and manage social media. FiG then rewrote site content for clarity and flow. We added keyword analysis, and goal and event tracking which allowed us to analyze and improve user interactions.

The Results: Increased Traffic & Page Views

The combined efforts resulted in increased traffic, page views, session duration, and sales conversions from the previous year. The most notable achievement was our ability to lengthen the time spent on our client’s website from 47 seconds to 2:26 minutes. This resulted in a 100% sales conversion through their contact submission form–outstanding for any digital strategy!

increased session duration

View Source Communications’ new site here and contact us to learn more about how we can improve your digital marketing strategy.

Marketing Thought: Content Marketing & Marketing Automation in 2016

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

content marketing

We discussed content marketing and marketing automation two years ago. With 42%-46% of marketing budgets expected to go into content development this year, we thought it made sense to revisit how digital best practices will impact your business in 2016.

Content Marketing: The Job Focus

Content marketing requires thoughtful strategy, planning, process and timely execution across multiple platforms. While we emphasize strategy and planning as the most important step to managing brand awareness, scalability tends to be the biggest pain among marketing teams to accomplish this.

Marketers simply do not have the capacity to follow best practices. In fact, only 44% of B2B marketers can benchmark and define the success of their content marketing efforts. Due to the overwhelming responsibilities that go into content marketing, many companies now hire a dedicated person internally or look to hire a full-service marketing agency to manage their content strategy.

Marketing Automation: Tracking Your Digital Footprint

Marketing automation tools like Marketo and Pardot are the disruptive technology worth learning. Automation is key to managing content, tracking process, executing tasks, and measuring the success of marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Marketing teams who maximize the full potential of marketing automation software are better equipped to leverage the data that is collected. Marketers are able to analyze results from each campaign to gain broader insights into their target audience’s buying behavior. Furthermore, marketers can then apply their insights to the next level of their strategy and planning.

Content Marketing & Marketing Automation Trends in 2016

Content marketing and marketing automation is no easy task. But here are some trends to look forward to:

  • Algorithm updates will reward quality of content versus quantity of keywords. Spam tactics will be rewarded less and audiences will get more relevant content.
  • Small businesses will adopt marketing automation. We will see an increase in marketing automation tools that are more accessible to small businesses and not just the big and mighty.
  • Once your foundation is established, it’s easier to adapt and refresh your strategy as the market changes.

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