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Courtside Consulting Improves Digital Presence

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
Courtside Consulting Logo

Recently, we had the opportunity to help our longtime client, Courtney Berg of Courtside Consulting, with a complete redesign of her website.

Courtside Consulting is lead by Human Resources expert, Courtney, who has more than 30 years of experience helping companies develop an effective business strategy. Offering speaking engagements, digital support programs, and consulting, we wanted to communicate the value of the Courtside programs online.

Creating A Stand-Out Look

Courtney is well-known for vivacious and engaging presentations that employees across the country love. We needed to create a brand identity that reflected the personality she is able to bring to business operations – it is this character that makes Courtside Consulting stand out among local and national competitors so it was important to convey that in the digital assets of the brand.

Our designer created a layout that was bold, just like the brand. With new and improved brand standards, we were able to more efficiently guide users through the site.

We did this by moving navigation and introductory text above the fold and creating clear calls-to-action for each of the different services available through Courtside Consulting. Additionally, the new design was mobile-friendly so users could access information anywhere.

Developing Robust Content

The previous website was missing the detailed content profile that search engines and consumers alike prefer. With so much to offer, it was an important factor in driving both traffic and conversions. Not only that but by building out the content we were able to communicate the unique value of each individual service, as well as include many raving testimonials from current and past Courtside clients.

The Results


Since we launched the new site in mid-December, we have seen a substantial decrease in the bounce rate, which is a great indicator that users are finding the content they are looking for when navigating to the new site. Additionally, in the past month, we’ve seen direct traffic more than double.


Nearly 80 percent of this month’s traffic came from new visitors, indicating that new, prospective clients are finding the site. When we drilled in on the behavior of some of these visitors, we saw session durations of substantial length, with many spending at least two minutes on the site all the way up to nearly twenty minutes online.


We saw an increased presence of United States based visitors, with Colorado bringing in the most traffic, followed by New York. This increased reach is a great sign as Courtney continues to grow her brand.


We saw an 800 percent increase in session duration of mobile users. In a mobile-centric world, it was vital that we updated the Courtside site to be mobile responsive, and users clearly appreciated the ability to access the content from their phones.

We are so excited to see how Courtside Consulting’s updated digital presence will continue to help grow the business.

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New Branding Client: Variable Steel

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Variable Steel, a steel fabrication company, was founded by Jesse Tillman and his brother, Vernon in Atlanta Georgia. For the past ten years, the company which fabricates, designs, engineers, and erects steel has grown steadily without the help of any formal branding or marketing.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

What’s remarkable about this family-owned and operated business is that it has been garnering projects consistently in the past decade purely by word-of-mouth. With current and former clients like Mercedes-Benz Falcons Stadium, the Birmingham Airport, and NASA, clearly, the word-of-mouth has been working.

Getting To the Next Level

But to get to the next level, Jesse knows he must up their game, so he decided it was time to hire professional marketers. He learned about FiG through the branding and website work we did for Burgess Services. He liked what we did for them, and began talking to us about how to better communicate his company’s value proposition and differentiate his work from his competitors.

Branding: Logo

First, the company wants a new logo that will convey the nature of their company as a critical variable in the overall equation of building construction. FiG’s logo creation process involves translating into a visual image the core values of a company and their unique value proposition. Variable Steel’s new logo will visually convey their commitment to being a partner in problem-solving.

Branding: Website

While the company has grown consistently through word-of-mouth advertising, a website provides further information for prospective customers and opens another avenue by which people can find you. We will create a website for Variable Steel that will spell out what they do, how they do it, and why you should work with them.

Search Engine Optimization

A website is only as good as its search engine optimization (SEO). Without good SEO, your website won’t be found my potential clients searching for your services, no matter how great the site is. FiG will be optimizing the new Variable Steel website so that it gets found in search engines.

We’re psyched to be working with Variable Steel to create a new brand and website for their company. Stay tuned for the fantastic results.

Google Advertising: An Ad Misplacement Mistake

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Google Advertising

Recently, Google was called out for accidentally placing advertisements beside inappropriate and offensive content. In response, Google has announced its “three-pronged” solution to combatting ad misplacement by focusing more closely on policies, enforcement, and controls. Matt Brittin, president of business for Google and operations for EMEA, said earlier this week that Google is focusing on how to solve issues regarding ads being positioned beside inappropriate content. The new plan involves reworking existing policies which define what is considered to be “safe” for advertisers by revising definitions of hateful or malicious content, as well as enforcing regulations regarding content removal and giving advertisers more authority over brand safety matters.

Pulling Back From Google Advertising

In light of recent events, Marks & Spencer, HSBC, and Royal Bank of Scotland are just a few companies who have decided to remove their advertisements from Google . An investigation conducted by The Times (UK) revealed that advertisements from these organizations, as well as those from publicly-backed groups such as BBC and Transport for London, were found to have been running next to videos on YouTube which promoted hateful content such as anti-Semitism and the defense of rape apologies. Just weeks earlier, Google had been accused of being one of the many big companies that supported terrorist propaganda as well as pornography on YouTube. As Will Coombe, of Sharpe Digital points out, “Really, it’s a PR domino effect. As one company gets in the headlines for pulling their Google Ads, many will and have followed suit.”

As a result, advertising’s largest holding groups, including GroupM and Havas, have cautioned Google advertising to implement stricter standards regarding ad content and placement. Havas Group has announced it has halted all budgets which run through YouTube and Google Display Network until it is sure that adequate safeguards have been put into place. “Our position will remain until we are confident in the YouTube platform and Google Display Network’s ability to deliver the standards we and our clients expect,” says Paul Frampton, Havas’ chief executive and country manager.

Although Matt Brittin apologized on behalf of Google advertising, he stated the severity of the matter was relatively low, implying that not many people had seen the ads at all. Without a doubt, the company faces a variety of issues regarding its ad content placement. Only time will tell if the company’s new strategies to combat misplaced ads will be effective in the long run.

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Digital Marketing: Nordstrom Targets Millennials Via New Tactics

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

116 Year Old Brand Embraces New Digital Marketing and Social Media Techniques

Digital Marketing Tactics

For the past 116 years, Nordstrom has been considered to be one of the top luxury department stores in the world and one of the top retail marketers. The company has spent decades refining its customer service model, which has resulted in strategies such as offering top-of-the-line store associates who are willing to go to any length to satisfy customers. Now, Nordstrom has utilized various new digital advertising strategies to try to appeal to millennial buyers. They are hosting themed pop-up shows and Nike concept shops, and also using digital marketing techniques, specifically ramping up its presence on social media marketing through apps like Snapchat.

Earlier last year, according to Consumer Affairs, Nordstrom held a social media-based contest on Snapchat, giving students at five universities the chance to win a campus-wide shoe party, where free shoes were given away to students. Millennials took note, and the number of Nordstrom’s Snapchat followers increased by 60%. This demonstrates how Nordstrom is using digital marketing technology to engage with potential customers. Nordstrom has shifted its focus towards the mobile marketing realm, by giving shoppers the option of purchasing merchandise by texting retail store associates.

The addition of pop-up shops has also been crucial in attracting millennials. Shops alternate every few weeks and feature seasonal collections from up-and-coming designers. Because collections are always changing, customers always have a reason to come back. “It’s a smart and creative way to repackage some of the things they have – and a big testing ground for them,” notes Tiffany Hogan, senior analyst at Kantar Retail. “It’s very successful for them. All of those brands are targeting millennial shoppers, and that’s a big group they need to continue to go after.” Rotating inventory also provides a useful way of collecting customer data about what designers and retail products are most popular. Additionally, Nordstrom is also partnering with popular new brands like Topshop, Bonobos, and Madewell to appeal to the millennial crowd.

By customizing its inventory to preferences of both old and new buyers, Nordstrom has successfully kept its sales figures up, netting $3.5 billion in sales for the third quarter of 2016, a 7.2% increase as compared to the previous year. Creating digital marketing strategies that draw in millennials through social media campaigns is key to Nordstrom’s continued success.

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