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Can Digital Marketing Really Grow Your Business?

Friday, July 27th, 2018

Can digital marketing really help you grow your business? The answer is yes! And we’ll tell you how.

We’ve spent the last year and a half working hard on our client, redcup Beverage Service’s, digital marketing. The owner, Chris Anson, came to us with a goal of increasing his online visibility, so we set to work designing a user-friendly website that was search engine optimized and promoted across multiple platforms. Through these digital marketing efforts, redcup transformed from a Denver-based startup to a local industry leader that is topping the SERPs for nearly 50 unique search queries.

Who Is redcup Beverage Service?

Redcup Beverage Service is dedicated to providing high-quality, great tasting office coffee, tea, and water service to businesses throughout the Denver Metro area. Built on the backbone of guaranteed satisfaction and unbeatable customer service, it was a no-brainer for FiG to partner with this state-of-the-art organization. We knew that redcup was filling a hole in the Denver market, but the original website that was in place before they came to FiG simply wasn’t converting. We dove into insights of the consumers’ behavior on the site to find weak points and develop a strategy that would help redcup reach their clients with the information the consumers wanted.

We started with a redesign of the website to get consumers where they wanted to be with as few clicks as possible. Additionally, we did both an initial optimization of the site to help it be found, as well as on-going SEO to keep the site in the top rankings. One year of regular search engine optimization has brought the redcup website to the first page of the search results for nearly 50 different search queries. As a local business in a niche market where the competition is largely national, this is a huge win for redcup, but the success doesn’t stop there.

An Unbeatable ROI

In our last case study on redcup, we mentioned that the redcup client base tripled in the month of October. This rapid growth is continuing as redcup infiltrates many Denver-based offices with their world-class coffee blends, handcrafted nitro-kegs, and reliable customer service.

In the first year of hiring FiG to handle the redcup digital marketing strategy, the organization’s revenue increased by nearly 3,500 percent. In just the first half of 2018, redcup revenue has already doubled last year’s sales.

What’s Next For redcup?

The key to a successful digital marketing strategy is continuous improvement. An untouched website doesn’t do a lot, so we are fastidious about keeping redcup’s content relevant and up-to-date. By keeping a meticulous eye on customer behavior in and around the beverage service market, we hope to see continued success in this space.

With regular blogs, ongoing content audits, social media marketing, and detailed data analysis, we will continue to help redcup grow and thrive in Denver.

Redcup is also expanding their business offerings. Anson has started building custom nitro-kegs for his clients while maintaining the personal element of customer service through installation and maintenance. He’s also partnered with a number of kombucha companies as the drink becomes more and more popular.

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Courtside Consulting Improves Digital Presence

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
Courtside Consulting Logo

Recently, we had the opportunity to help our longtime client, Courtney Berg of Courtside Consulting, with a complete redesign of her website.

Courtside Consulting is lead by Human Resources expert, Courtney, who has more than 30 years of experience helping companies develop an effective business strategy. Offering speaking engagements, digital support programs, and consulting, we wanted to communicate the value of the Courtside programs online.

Creating A Stand-Out Look

Courtney is well-known for vivacious and engaging presentations that employees across the country love. We needed to create a brand identity that reflected the personality she is able to bring to business operations – it is this character that makes Courtside Consulting stand out among local and national competitors so it was important to convey that in the digital assets of the brand.

Our designer created a layout that was bold, just like the brand. With new and improved brand standards, we were able to more efficiently guide users through the site.

We did this by moving navigation and introductory text above the fold and creating clear calls-to-action for each of the different services available through Courtside Consulting. Additionally, the new design was mobile-friendly so users could access information anywhere.

Developing Robust Content

The previous website was missing the detailed content profile that search engines and consumers alike prefer. With so much to offer, it was an important factor in driving both traffic and conversions. Not only that but by building out the content we were able to communicate the unique value of each individual service, as well as include many raving testimonials from current and past Courtside clients.

The Results


Since we launched the new site in mid-December, we have seen a substantial decrease in the bounce rate, which is a great indicator that users are finding the content they are looking for when navigating to the new site. Additionally, in the past month, we’ve seen direct traffic more than double.


Nearly 80 percent of this month’s traffic came from new visitors, indicating that new, prospective clients are finding the site. When we drilled in on the behavior of some of these visitors, we saw session durations of substantial length, with many spending at least two minutes on the site all the way up to nearly twenty minutes online.


We saw an increased presence of United States based visitors, with Colorado bringing in the most traffic, followed by New York. This increased reach is a great sign as Courtney continues to grow her brand.


We saw an 800 percent increase in session duration of mobile users. In a mobile-centric world, it was vital that we updated the Courtside site to be mobile responsive, and users clearly appreciated the ability to access the content from their phones.

We are so excited to see how Courtside Consulting’s updated digital presence will continue to help grow the business.

If you are interested in revamping your online presence and growing your business through digital acquisition, contact FiG Advertising + Marketing today.

Client Case Study: Spark Interiors Triples Web Traffic

Monday, December 4th, 2017
spark logo

Spark Interiors is a Denver-based interior design firm run by local businesswoman Megan Thompson. After being founded in 2013, Spark Interiors quickly reached and surpassed a number of milestones, including acquiring some major commercial accounts, such as the Arvada Chamber of Commerce. It was this experience with corporate interior design that led to Spark Interiors’ goal of becoming a leading design firm for commercial spaces.

After recognizing some shortcomings with Spark Interiors current digital visibility and reach, Megan came to us.

She knew that in order to widen her exposure to commercial clients, Spark Interiors would need to optimize their digital presence. We conducted initial market research and determined a campaign strategy that would help Spark Interiors achieve their goals.

Website Redesign

The original website for Spark Interiors lacked two key components that drive digital success. The first was an aesthetic appeal that was consistent with the brand and promoted user-friendliness and the second was body copy to prove authority on the subject of commercial interior design.

Our graphic designer worked closely with Megan to develop a unique brand identity that kept users on the Spark Interiors web pages. With aesthetically pleasing design enhancements and a user-friendly interface, the bounce rate decreased by more than 150 percent. A bounce rate is the percentage of web users who navigate away from a site after viewing only a single page. We interpret a low bounce to mean that users are finding what they are looking for when viewing our web pages.

Search Engine Optimization

The next step was to optimize the content on the Spark Interiors website to show search engines that we provide what searchers are looking for when they use certain keywords. Page by page, we built out the content for each of the Spark Interiors specialties. The increased usability and keyword optimized content drove organic search traffic to a 120 percent increase. Spark Interiors more than tripled the number of new users that visited their website last month.

Direct Marketing

The Spark Interiors direct mail marketing campaign launched last month, reaching thousands of Colorado residents with high-quality, printed collateral.

Email Marketing

A fully automated e-mail campaign launched this month, including unique newsletters written by the Spark Interiors principal designer. With a customized workflow, we are able to deliver personalized messaging to potential, current, and past clients to establish top-of-mind awareness for Spark Interiors within a targeted audience.

Campaign Results

While the Spark Interiors marketing campaign continues to expand, the results of the initial efforts are undeniable. With overall site traffic more than tripled since the launch of this campaign and interaction with nearly 300 new users, the Spark Interiors digital presence has exploded. In just six weeks, Spark Interiors has been contacted by more than 30 potential clients.

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Case Study: redcup Beverage Service

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

FiG Advertising + Marketing Case Study: redcup Beverage Service

Denver Beverage Service Provider Triples In Size Following New Marketing Plan


Earlier this year, corporate beverage service provider, redcup, came to us seeking a full website re-design. The owner, Christopher Arson, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to his products, making his customer experience unique among his competitors. So, in April, we launched a completely remodeled website, filled with relevant and interesting content that was optimized for search engines. Over the last 5 months, this is what has happened.

Who’s Viewing?

More than 60 percent of redcup’s website visits were done through organic search. This means that people were looking for the brand or service through Google or another search engine and found redcup.

With more than 75 percent of clicks going to the first five results, we knew redcup was reaching the top of the results page, so we took a look at how searchers were getting there.

What Are They Looking For?

Searches like “office tea service,” “coffee service Denver” and “Denver beverage” were leading keywords that brought searchers to the redcup website. This is a great sign of high-quality traffic because those searches are specific to the product that redcup provides. Not only did the redcup website provide the information they were looking for, the services were readily available through the contact page.

How Long Did They Stay?

Once searchers found redcup’s website at the top of the results page, they were spending more than two minutes on the site. This is a major win for any website, especially when you consider the nature of browsing the internet.

Searchers are not only clicking on redcup’s site, instead of major local and national competitors, but also spending time looking through multiple pages of the site and really getting to know the brand and what it has to offer.

Then What?

redcup’s website has a conversion rate of nearly 4.5%. This is a great sign that people are finding exactly what they are looking for on the site and taking the next steps to work with the business.

The website has shown great success since FiG redesigned and optimized the content. Additionally, we have worked with redcup’s social profiles, increasing the amount of relevant Facebook content shared to more than double the average impressions received.

Arson told us that he recently expanded his small business loan to accommodate his growing client list, which has tripled in the last month.

We look forward to continued success with redcup, but for now, we will sit back and enjoy a cup of freshly roasted, Colorado coffee.

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