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Google Introduces A Re-Brand For Marketers

Thursday, July 5th, 2018
Google Re-brands

Recently, Google announced some big changes that would be coming to their marketing tools with the hopes of making the wide variety of products easier to understand and use. Google continues to dominate the search engine marketing landscape and staying ahead of the ever-evolving technology means continuous innovation and, often, new and revamped products. Over the years, Google customers have requested that Google simplify their portfolio of products. As of this month, the wait for a streamlined portfolio is over.

What Changes Are Coming To Google Marketing?

Three major changes make up this new re-branding effort.

  1. Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads
  2. DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 are becoming the Google Marketing Platform
  3. DoubleClick For Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are becoming Google Ad Manager

According to Matt Lawson, the VP of Ads Marketing at Google, “this change signals that our ad offerings are about more than search.” The ability to communicate that Google’s marketing console includes much more than the standard search engine marketing capabilities is going to be a big win for the search engine giant.

Let’s Talk Google Ads

Dropping the “words” from Google AdWords doesn’t mean that Google is abandoning the keyword aspect of their marketing offerings, though. SEOs of the world – no need to fret! The re-branding to Google Ads is more indicative of the display, video, and app buying that is offered through Google, as well.

Why Combine DoubleClick And Analytics?

As the technology to collect information evolves, the usage of that data is becoming more and more prevalent in the marketing world. The fact is, if you’re not operating on a data-driven strategy, your marketing is probably not performing the way it could be.

Many Google consumers are already using both DoubleClick and the Analytics Suite, so why not bring them together? Lawson says, “The reality is when you combine advertising and analytics you get better insights into the customer journey and are able to drive better results.” By integrating these two products, it becomes easier to understand, execute, and optimize your campaign elements all in one place.

Can Google Successfully Re-Brand?

This isn’t the first time Google is making the effort to re-brand some of their product offerings. As marketers, we know better than most of the failed re-branding efforts that have saturated the marketing – GAP’s record-breaking new logo that lasted all of one week comes to mind. Marketers and customers alike can be skeptical of change, but this re-brand does appear to be 100 percent customer-centric.

Renaming and reworking the marketing product offerings that Google has doesn’t stem from the need to acquire more users, but rather the user’s need to understand and use the products more effectively and efficiently. While veteran users will likely still refer to the products by their original names, as demonstrated by the shift from Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console, new users can glean a better understanding of what marketing tools the search giant has to offer by name alone.

Ultimately, this is a nod towards what the future of marketing with Google has in store. We’re looking forward to this re-brand and everything it symbolizes in the digital marketing world.

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Artificial Intelligence Is A Key Player In Marketo/Google Product Debut

Monday, April 30th, 2018
Representation of AI

In August, Marketo announced a long-term collaboration with Google Cloud to help scale Marketo solutions and make them more widely available to marketers. The first product of this collaboration, AudienceAI, debuted today. This solution is a program that uses the Google infrastructure and artificial intelligence to help marketers more easily expand target audiences.

Marketo is a leading provider of marketing automation solutions, including the increasingly popular Engagement Platform. Marketo works closely with large enterprises to help them build lasting relationships with their consumers.

Marketo CEO, Steve Lucas, explains that “Marketo customers use [the] Engagement Platform to deliver personalized experiences…this collaboration with Google takes that capability to new heights.”

Marketo solutions are widely recognized for scalability and the alliance with Google Cloud will only allow for more flexibility in the automation programs.

Tariq Shaukat, Google Cloud President, says “this collaboration will allow for innovation leveraging Marketo’s Engagement Platform and Google Cloud’s commitment to performance, collaboration, and data science at scale.”

By leveraging Google’s infrastructure, Marketo has access to untapped resources to fuel further growth. The launch of AudienceAI marks the first product to come from this partnership. AudienceAI is described as “a tool for unlocking unused audience segments lying dormant inside data.” With the help of machine learning, marketers will be able to better personalize content and experiences they create for their audiences.

The idea behind this development is to help marketers find lookalike audiences through Google’s data analytics with the ultimate goal of increasing conversions, revenue, and ROI. The beauty of such a highly evolved solution is that marketers are able to harness the power of extensive data without needing a data scientist to extract the information so it can be used.

With more and more capabilities to gather data on consumers, marketers often find themselves in a catch-22 – they have the information, but they don’t have any way to use it. This solution takes out the middleman and helps marketers tap into the power of the information they already have to create better communications and build stronger relationships with their audience.

This partnership is just the start of data-driven AI solutions that will help marketers become more effective in their communication and get brands in front of their ideal target audiences. We’ve been keeping a close eye on how AI is impacting marketing and communications, you can see our analysis here and here.

As AudienceAI takes off, the impact of artificial intelligence on marketing will become more and more noticeable. We can’t wait to see the next steps Marketo and Google Cloud will take together to help marketers create more meaningful messaging.

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Industry News: Instagram Dropped A Bomb. . . and The Mic

Thursday, August 11th, 2016
The genius emperors of the phone application, Instagram have dropped the ultimate bomb on pop culture. “Instagram has always been a place to share the moments you want to remember. Now you can share your highlights and everything in between, too.” Instagram has just this week inherited a new feature to their application that mimics Snapchat’s integral Stories platform.