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Ad of the Month: John Cena US Patriotism Take-Down

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

A snippet of the PSA from John Cena this Fourth of July.

A snippet of the PSA from John Cena this Fourth of July.

The Ad Council, released a PSA featuring John Cena on Independence Day this year declaring, “John Cena takes a break between dropping body slams to drop some truth.” It’s our ad of the month because it delivers the right message at the right time to the right audience.

Marketing Thought: Content Marketing & Marketing Automation in 2016

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

content marketing

We discussed content marketing and marketing automation two years ago. With 42%-46% of marketing budgets expected to go into content development this year, we thought it made sense to revisit how digital best practices will impact your business in 2016.

Content Marketing: The Job Focus

Content marketing requires thoughtful strategy, planning, process and timely execution across multiple platforms. While we emphasize strategy and planning as the most important step to managing brand awareness, scalability tends to be the biggest pain among marketing teams to accomplish this.

Marketers simply do not have the capacity to follow best practices. In fact, only 44% of B2B marketers can benchmark and define the success of their content marketing efforts. Due to the overwhelming responsibilities that go into content marketing, many companies now hire a dedicated person internally or look to hire a full-service marketing agency to manage their content strategy.

Marketing Automation: Tracking Your Digital Footprint

Marketing automation tools like Marketo and Pardot are the disruptive technology worth learning. Automation is key to managing content, tracking process, executing tasks, and measuring the success of marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Marketing teams who maximize the full potential of marketing automation software are better equipped to leverage the data that is collected. Marketers are able to analyze results from each campaign to gain broader insights into their target audience’s buying behavior. Furthermore, marketers can then apply their insights to the next level of their strategy and planning.

Content Marketing & Marketing Automation Trends in 2016

Content marketing and marketing automation is no easy task. But here are some trends to look forward to:

  • Algorithm updates will reward quality of content versus quantity of keywords. Spam tactics will be rewarded less and audiences will get more relevant content.
  • Small businesses will adopt marketing automation. We will see an increase in marketing automation tools that are more accessible to small businesses and not just the big and mighty.
  • Once your foundation is established, it’s easier to adapt and refresh your strategy as the market changes.

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Ad of the Month – McDonald’s – Staying Up

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

This month FiG’s attention is on the upcoming Olympic games, and our ad of the month comes from one of its long-term sponsors: McDonald’s.

You must think that the hard-working London people are tired from all the Olympic preparation, but let McDonald’s tell you otherwise: People are excited and will make time to stay up late watching the live game!

In this video, McDonald featured a young boy who desperately tried to stay up and watch the live Olympic games.  The boy’s dad that didn’t want his son to stay up that late for the Olympics and took drastic measures to stop him, yet the boy kept fighting back!   He covers the window to hide the TV lights, moves a TV set downstairs, feeds the barking dog, wears headphones, and builds a den…  Eventually, his dad stops fighting him and joins him watching the games in the den with a bag of McDonald’s.  Then the slogan appears: Proud supporters of everyone staying up.

We love this ad because the story is so touching and that it can happen in the world.  It is usually hard to feature a common life story for the fact that it is not surprising and everyone knows about it.  To make it a great 90 second story, the constant emotional roller coaster is the key.

Additionally, it is a great ad because the focus of the video is on the boy and his Dad.  If you recall our blog “Web Video Science” a couple of months ago, one of the rules for creating a great video is that the video must be good without a brand’s logo or mention.

Though there is a debate at McDonald’s as to whether or not this video will be used for an official sponsor spot for the Olympics, the video has started attracting interest online.

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