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FiG Advertising Adds Interstate Energy, Inc. To Client Portfolio

Friday, June 29th, 2018
Interstate Energy Logo

We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with waste-oil recycling firm, Interstate Energy, Inc.

Interstate Energy, Inc. is the only authorized distributor for Clean Burn waste oil furnaces and boilers for Colorado and Eastern Wyoming. With a long-standing history in the community, Interstate Energy has established the standard for waste oil heating installation and service. The dedication Interstate Energy owners, Jeff and Christine, show to their clients is what makes us proud to add them to our team.

Digital Marketing For Niche Products

The waste oil recycling industry is highly competitive space. Unfortunately, when space is so competitive, customers are often pushed to the wayside in pursuit of being the best. The concept of the customer coming first is not lost on Interstate Energy, though, and their customer service is what gives them a leg up on all that competition. The first order of business for their digital marketing strategy will be to bring this customer-centric business model to the forefront of all Interstate Energy communication.

Redesigning The Website

The current website is very product oriented, which is all important information, but is not effectively capturing the attention of new clients. We will be redesigning the website to parallel the target audience so they can connect with the brand immediately upon entering the site. Utilizing imagery and language that is consistent with the audience, instead of the product, will help communicate to potential clients that Interstate Energy values their input to the community.

In addition to redirecting the focus of the content on the site, we will be adding some pages to allow business owners looking for ways to improve their operations to find Interstate Energy. The benefit here will not only be the ability to expand the audience who can use Clean Burn products but also help business owners who aren’t sure of how recycled waste oil can be used connect with an expert in the industry. This is a 2-for-1 win in that our client can grow their business and other businesses can help the environment.

Search Engine Optimization

Once the website is filled with the information potential customers will need to be funneled into the sales cycle, the next step is getting those potential consumers to the site itself. By optimizing the site for popular search queries, we can build up the site’s authority and improve rankings over time. In addition to the baseline content, we will be building out a content marketing strategy to provide interesting and informative new content to the site on a regular basis.

Rounding Out An Effective Digital Strategy

Because this space is so competitive, it is important that the marketing strategy for Interstate Energy is firing on all cylinders. In addition to a new website design, supporting branding and content, a strong SEO profile, and content marketing, we will be utilizing search engine marketing, social media, and other popular avenues to drive traffic to the site.

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Ethos General Contractors Improves Digital Presence

Monday, February 26th, 2018

ethos-general-contractorsEthos is a general contracting agency based out of Denver, Colorado. Founded on the belief that homeowners should not have to go searching for a quality contractor, Ethos has built their brand of local, reliable, high-quality service within their loyal customer base. It was this message that they wanted to share with a wider consumer base. So they came to FiG.

Understanding The Audience

With two primary locations in Denver and Fort Collins and contracting licenses that authorize them to work from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, there is a large pool of potential clients to be reached with effective marketing techniques. The first step was to determine how we were going to reach these homeowners who need contracting services now or in the future – What platforms are they using? What information are they looking for?

Enhancing The Digital Presence

Ethos had solid building blocks making up their digital presence with an active blog and Facebook page, as well as a robust keyword profile. With an integrated strategy, we will be able to improve the performance across all channels, reaching the target audience.

Social Media

There are a variety of factors when it comes to home improvement that plays a role in deciding on a contractor – from the size of a project to the cause of the damage. By generating content that proves expertise in the industry and building an active social presence that facilitates consumer engagement, we can establish a relationship with current and potential clients. Increasing brand awareness in this way will keep the Ethos name top-of-mind for when a weather disaster strikes or a home improvement project comes up.


The Ethos blog was already providing consistent, informative content. By taking over the blogging, we are able to target keywords to improve the rankings for a variety of search queries. Data-driven topic selection will increase the amount of incoming traffic to the site by keeping fresh content that is optimized for current, relevant events and trends.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The current website already has plenty of highly specific pages, so we will be making some slight enhancements to the content for targeted SEO purposes. Building out the content will help provide information for prospective clients, as well as improve rankings in search engine results pages.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

To round out our digital marketing efforts for Ethos, we will be instituting a PPC campaign that targets ideal keywords. This paid tactic will jumpstart incoming traffic, establishing a wider brand awareness.

We are so excited to be working with Ethos General Contractors to enhance their digital marketing. Our expertise will help convert traffic, increase sales, and improve overall brand awareness.

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Scoperite Takes On The Storm – Our Newest Client

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Scoperite LogoScoperite is a full-service claim management software providing public adjusters with a complete solution for staying organized throughout the entire insurance restoration claim process. Owner and proprietor, Constantine Anest, started out in the industry at Ethos General Contractors, LLC, a complete contracting service, which he took ownership of in 2009. His extensive experience with restoration claims and their many moving parts is what led him to develop Scoperite.

Guided by the tagline “Success through simplicity,” Scoperite offers an all-inclusive and easy-to-use solution for managing, organizing, and referencing all of the documents and details needed during the claims process. From a built-in camera for easy photo uploads to downloadable PDFs that can be customized for each relevant party, this mobile application is truly a one-stop-shop for public adjusters and their firms.

Claim Management Moves West

Scoperite had the right product, the next step was spreading the word. The annual Win The Storm Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada was the perfect place to start. After securing a booth, Scoperite came to us.

Trade Show Collateral

Win The Storm brings in contractors, public adjusting companies, and attorneys from across the nation to network and connect with different businesses and products in the industry. In order to stand out among nearly 100 other vendors, we needed to create unique collateral that accurately represented the Scoperite brand. We started with the standard necessities for a trade show booth – banner stands, table covers, and branded walls. Our designer worked to create a cohesive look that would spark intrigue and bring visitors to the booth.

The Scoperite team will be at the booth to introduce visitors to the software and establish connections with the Win The Storm attendees.

Video Promotion

Sample of video content

When it comes to a service like Scoperite, there are many details that are necessary to explain in order to convey the various benefits of the software. The best way to do this was through an engaging introductory video. We created a 60-second spot that would walk viewers through the process of creating and filing claims in Scoperite. It showed the unique features of the service, including the ability to take photos within the app, customize inspection checklists, store all information in the cloud, collaborate via a discussion board, and create and send email templates and other documents.

The video would be used at the trade show to introduce attendees to the service and then adapted for social media use.

On-Going Marketing

In addition to the special event promotion, we will also be managing social media marketing for Scoperite. In addition to this online engagement with current and potential costumers, we will be creating unique content that will live on-site through blog posts and supplementary videos.

Learn more about our newest client, Scoperite at

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Denver Personal Trainer Gets A Branding Face Lift

Friday, December 8th, 2017

Boost 180 Fitness Logo

Run and Find Out What Happens was a fitness company run by personal trainer and running coach Michelle Golla. With goals of increasing her client base, Michelle came to us to determine the best course of action for taking her brand to the next level.

Market Research

In order to determine where a brand needs to go to find success, we have to understand the current brand positioning and that of the competitors in the marketplace. After conducting an in-depth analysis of the personal trainers and other fitness competitors in the Denver area and gathering qualitative data from current and past Run and Find Out What Happens clients, we were able to put together a comprehensive campaign plan.


One of the most overwhelming pieces of data that we collected through our market research was two-fold. First, competitors in the area marketed a wide variety of services, including one-on-one training and group fitness. Second, current and previous clients came to Run and Find Out What Happens for a variety of reasons. Our next step was clear, we needed to expand the brand.

Michelle has certifications as a personal trainer, running coach, and health and wellness expert. She is well versed in fitness through a number of methods and we needed to share that with potential clients. We started by re-naming Run and Find Out What Happens to be more inclusive of the services Michelle was capable of offering.

Boost 180 Fitness Is Born

Our creative team worked to find a name that would encompass the fitness capabilities of personal training and group training, as well as Michelle’s specialized education in running.

Did you know that the optimal running speed requires 180 steps per minute? This little-known factoid drove us in our re-branding of Run and Find Out What Happens.

New Logo, New Color Palette, New Website – Same Personal Trainer

With a new name, came a new logo. Our graphic designer created an abstract representation of the Boost 180 Fitness focus on getting active. The goal of this design was to communicate the simplicity of adding exercise into an everyday routine.

When it came time to select colors that would represent the brand, we knew Boost 180 Fitness would need an appealing palette that was energetic and exciting. The bright colors that were chosen illustrated a fun and laid-back personality that would accurately reflect the brand values.

Finally, it was time to put the brand work into action and develop a brand new website for Boost 180 Fitness. Implementing all of the digital best practices, we developed a comprehensive website that shared the value of working out with Boost 180.

We built out content for personal training, group training, and sports fitness training using keyword research to ensure that potential clients were able to find the site. Additionally, we simplified the site structure for optimal user-friendliness. Then, we instituted a regular blog that lived on the site to keep fresh, relevant content on the page at all times.

We are excited to launch the complete website here in the next few weeks. Check back in a few months to see the results analysis of the Boost 180 Fitness rebranding.


Are you a new company looking to make your mark? Or maybe an established company in need of refreshed branding? FiG Advertising + Marketing can help your organization stand out with unique, targeted, and relevant branding that carries through all of your communication for an effective marketing campaign.