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Google Introduces A Re-Brand For Marketers

Thursday, July 5th, 2018
Google Re-brands

Recently, Google announced some big changes that would be coming to their marketing tools with the hopes of making the wide variety of products easier to understand and use. Google continues to dominate the search engine marketing landscape and staying ahead of the ever-evolving technology means continuous innovation and, often, new and revamped products. Over the years, Google customers have requested that Google simplify their portfolio of products. As of this month, the wait for a streamlined portfolio is over.

What Changes Are Coming To Google Marketing?

Three major changes make up this new re-branding effort.

  1. Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads
  2. DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 are becoming the Google Marketing Platform
  3. DoubleClick For Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are becoming Google Ad Manager

According to Matt Lawson, the VP of Ads Marketing at Google, “this change signals that our ad offerings are about more than search.” The ability to communicate that Google’s marketing console includes much more than the standard search engine marketing capabilities is going to be a big win for the search engine giant.

Let’s Talk Google Ads

Dropping the “words” from Google AdWords doesn’t mean that Google is abandoning the keyword aspect of their marketing offerings, though. SEOs of the world – no need to fret! The re-branding to Google Ads is more indicative of the display, video, and app buying that is offered through Google, as well.

Why Combine DoubleClick And Analytics?

As the technology to collect information evolves, the usage of that data is becoming more and more prevalent in the marketing world. The fact is, if you’re not operating on a data-driven strategy, your marketing is probably not performing the way it could be.

Many Google consumers are already using both DoubleClick and the Analytics Suite, so why not bring them together? Lawson says, “The reality is when you combine advertising and analytics you get better insights into the customer journey and are able to drive better results.” By integrating these two products, it becomes easier to understand, execute, and optimize your campaign elements all in one place.

Can Google Successfully Re-Brand?

This isn’t the first time Google is making the effort to re-brand some of their product offerings. As marketers, we know better than most of the failed re-branding efforts that have saturated the marketing – GAP’s record-breaking new logo that lasted all of one week comes to mind. Marketers and customers alike can be skeptical of change, but this re-brand does appear to be 100 percent customer-centric.

Renaming and reworking the marketing product offerings that Google has doesn’t stem from the need to acquire more users, but rather the user’s need to understand and use the products more effectively and efficiently. While veteran users will likely still refer to the products by their original names, as demonstrated by the shift from Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console, new users can glean a better understanding of what marketing tools the search giant has to offer by name alone.

Ultimately, this is a nod towards what the future of marketing with Google has in store. We’re looking forward to this re-brand and everything it symbolizes in the digital marketing world.

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Brand Development Strategy & Execution – Estes Park Medical Center – New Client Announcement

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Shortly after finishing a re-branding project, we are going to start two new ones: Estes Park Medical Center, and, as recently announced, a project with Denver Community Credit Union!

The Client:

Estes Park Medical Center

Estes Park Medical Center

Estes Park Medical Center (EPMC) is a local hospital that provides critical access and acute care with 24-hour emergency service (ambulance and air transport), medical and surgical services, obstetrics, home health care, as well as hospice.  Besides the medical center, there are three other facilities under the Estes Park brand:

  • The Prospective Park Living Center, which is adjacent to the hospital, offering physical, speech, and occupational therapy
  • The Family Medical Clinic and Specialty Clinic provides daily healthcare and general surgery, etc. to Estes Park communities
  • The Estes Park Medical Center Foundation, which acts as the financial backbone to all its medical facilities through the community support and donations

The Challenge:

In recent years, EPMC has expanded and renovated its facilities, grown its healthcare specialties and services, and widened its community partnerships. The challenge has been promoting each of their facilities under a cohesive brand that can still be recognized uniquely from one another.  One of EPMC’s main pain points is in their old brand image, which had not been refreshed since the 1970s.  What many of its patients, the surrounding community, and seasonal residents also don’t realize through the old brand image, is that EPMC offers such a diverse set up services and has top-of the line facilities and equipment and have received multiple awards for their level of care and expert physicians and doctors.

What FiG Will Do:

When it comes to branding issues, the focus should be put on the long-term benefit that supports a brand’s core value and future growth opportunities.  In the next six months, the award winning FiG team will work with our client to discover the core value of the EPMC brand, redefine the uniqueness, recapture the emotional connection with local communities, and roll out a new brand image to foster the future growth.  The brand development strategy project that we will perform includes:

  • Survey and Study
  • Focus Group Interviews
  • Brand and Marketing Audits
  • Competitive Audit
  • Logo and Collateral Materials Redesign
  • Integrated Marketing Plan
  • New Brand Roll Out

Check back later to see our work and Estes Park Medical Center’s new brand development strategy!