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Marketing Thought: Choosing The Right CMS (Content Management System)

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

We live in an era of endless options when it comes to web design & development, but one of the most critical choices we (as web developers/digital marketers) initially have to make is: what content management system should be used? It’s often the first question that gets asked when pondering a new website build, and with an ever-growing list of platforms out there – WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, DotNetNuke, Concrete 5, Volusion, Wix… just to name a few – how does one choose?

For us, a marketing and web development agency, we tend to answer this question by posing another question: which CMS will work best for our client’s needs? Though, keep in mind we have pre-emptive knowledge about what each CMS offers, so we can usually make the choice relatively easy. But what about everyone else? What are some need-to-know basics and things to look for when choosing a CMS? Here are just a few…

• Understanding Functionality. It is crucial to research and understand which CMS can perform the actions you need it to. This may sound basic for anyone with a base understanding of web development, but (for example) if you’re building a website with an eCommerce focus (having the intent to sell goods through your site) you obviously wouldn’t want to choose a CMS that isn’t eCommerce focused or at least has the ability to integrate eCommerce functionality.

Ease of Installation and Compatibility. Often times just installing a CMS can be a tricky task. You have to understand how to best set up a server to work ideally with your chosen CMS, and know that the CMS you choose has the ability to implement its own databases and directories with ease… unless you are an advanced developer and have the time to do everything manually.

• Interface Navigation and Template Manipulation. Some CMS’ make it easy for any user to dive in and begin altering the design and layout of their site. For others, it’s a matter of knowing where certain items live within the CMS. If you don’t know how to reach and edit the items you need in order to manipulate your template, you will have a hard time producing a site. It is important to research how a particular CMS works in the backend and factor ease of use into your decision making process.

• Extension Availability & Performance. A lot of CMS’ come with basic functionalities, such as menu builders, page creators, and blog editors, but most CMS’ are not going to be equipped with everything you need right off the bat. Modules, plugins, and other extensions are basic add-ons that allow you to integrate more functionality, such as form builders, social sharing widgets, content sliders, and image galleries (to name a few). Some CMS’ offer a multitude of different extensions for one type of function, and others may have limited options for extensions depending on what function is being called for. It is important to research ahead of time and know that there are the extensions available that you’ll need for the CMS you’re going to use.

• Support and User Community. No CMS is perfect, and no template installs and works flawlessly (especially since most are built by third-party developers) so it is important to know that you’ll have sources to reference for trouble-shooting. For some CMS’, most trouble-shooting items can find resolve in just doing a quick Google search, but for others you may need to dive deeper and know where the right forums live in case you need to ask specific questions.

These are just a few things to consider before choosing as a CMS. Again, it basically boils down to: what are your needs – what do you need your website to do?  If you don’t have a clue, or even some basic web development knowledge, it’s always best to leave it up to professionals like us.

Choosing a content management system



New Client: CoorsTek Polymers

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

CoorsTek Polymers

If you know anything about our client history, you’re likely aware that we’ve been working with CoorsTek for years to brand and market some of their sister companies, such as: CoorsTek Medical, Ceramatec, and others. We’re proud to announce our latest project with the Coors family of brands: CoorsTek Polymers.

Recently CoorsTek acquired the well-known polymers technology development company Outlast (headquartered in Golden, CO), and is now working to merge it with their own long-standing polymer products division out of El Segundo, CA to create this new CoorsTek division – CoorsTek Polymers.

FiG is currently working with Outlast and CoorsTek El Segundo to strategize, design and develop a new website for the CoorsTek Polymers brand. We are excited to be a part of this latest endeavor and can’t wait to announce the launch of this newly branded website sometime this summer. Stay tuned to our newsletter and blog for the announcement!


New Client Announcement: CourtSide Consulting LLC

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

FiG is very excited to announce that we have extended our relationship with CourtSide Consulting LLC beyond the exceptional brand work and great service we have provided. With the new agreement in place, FiG will provide website development services for CourSide Consulting in the next several months.

The Challenge:

With a new brand identity created, CourtSide needs to develop its existing website so it is consistent with its new brand.  In addition, CourtSide has four websites: a blog website, a client login site, an event calendar website, and a brochure website with the company’s information.  These individual websites create confusion for CourtSide’s clients.

How Can FiG Help:

Our goals of this project are to develop a website that

  • reflects the new brand identity
  • integrates all the pieces that CourtSide needs
  • informs a website visitor on CourtSide’s service
  • encourages lead generation from the website.

Based on years of experience, the award-winning team at FiG will complete the project by 3 steps:

  • User interface development
  • Website development
  • Content implementation

Logo Design and Website Redesign – Rodine Communications

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

FiG Advertising and Marketing is proud to announce the launch of Rodine Communications new website.   This was a multi-faceted project that involved creating a visual brand identity and logo for the first time in the company’s history.  From there

New Rodine Logo

business cards were designed and printed and the new website design was developed.


Their previous site went unchanged for several years which not only dates the information and design but holds them back in the eyes of search engines.  By launching their new site last month Rodine has a fresh website design with some initial SEO (Search Engine optimization) that is aimed at increasing revenue and brand awareness.

Take a look at the before and after:

The old site, click for full-size view

The New
The new, click to visit the site

Can FiG design your new logo and website?  Let us know.