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Bringing A Greater Purpose To Life With HopeNWellness

Friday, April 27th, 2018
Feeding America

A long-time client of ours is expanding his reach to help the community. Chiropractor and owner of Ideal Health, Dr. Greg Funk, launched HopeNWellness, an online affiliate of Metagenics supplements. Fifty percent of the sales through HopeNWellness go to Feeding America, which helps provide food for hungry families in the United States.

The Story Of HopeNWellness

As a practitioner of alternative medicine, Dr. Funk is passionate about helping his patients live happier, healthier lives. He believes that the body can be harnessed as a tool to improve overall wellness, but under certain scenarios, it needs a little assistance.

In order to help his patients live a well-balanced life, Dr. Funk turned to Metagenics. Metagenics creates all natural supplements that aid the body in becoming the all-powerful tool it has the capability to be. From immune health and function to muscle, bone, and joint health, Metagenics has products to support any weakness that is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

As Dr. Funk started recommending Metagenics products to his patients that were presenting with problems that required additional support, he began to consider how he could make an even bigger impact on the community and its wellness. With two daughters at home, Dr. Funk has always been devoted to the youngest of generations. In seeking a way to fulfill a larger purpose, Dr. Funk found the organization, Feeding America. With more than 13 million children and 41 million Americans facing hunger every day, he didn’t think twice about forming a partnership.

FiG Advertising – Your Partner For Affiliate Marketing

As a partner of Metagenics, Dr. Funk sells the products on behalf of the parent organization. He needed someone to develop a site that would be compatible with the Metagenics e-commerce website, as well as build a loyal audience who are as passionate about the cause as he is.

The Naming Process & Logo Design


Dr. Funk worked closely with our graphic designer to develop a brand identity that represents everything this project means to him. That started with the naming of his organization. The name HopeNWellness encompasses the two key goals for the organization – hope for Americans that are unable to get sustenance on their own and wellness for all, achieved through nutrition, supplements or both.

From there we went into logo development. The final product resulted in two lines that cross to form a circle, which represents the two key goals of hope and wellness and how they work together to create the complete picture of overall wellness.

Website Design & Marketing Automation

The website followed. Designed with the HopeNWellness brand standards, we created a comprehensive blog site for consumers to get detailed insight on Metagenics products. All the content is set up with marketing automation software to distribute to current and potential consumers, as well as included in a robust social media campaign to increase overall awareness and engagement.

Dr. Funk and our content writer will be teaming up to generate content each month to help the target audience get to know Metagenics and HopeNWellness.

We are honored to be working with Dr. Funk to help bring this project to fruition for a greater purpose.

If you’d like to learn more about the organization HopeNWellness serves, Feeding America, click here.

If you’re interested in learning more about Metagenics, you can visit the HopeNWellness site here.

Finally, if you have a dream project that you’d like to pursue, contact the branding and marketing experts at FiG Advertising + Marketing today to schedule a consultation.

Courtside Consulting Improves Digital Presence

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
Courtside Consulting Logo

Recently, we had the opportunity to help our longtime client, Courtney Berg of Courtside Consulting, with a complete redesign of her website.

Courtside Consulting is lead by Human Resources expert, Courtney, who has more than 30 years of experience helping companies develop an effective business strategy. Offering speaking engagements, digital support programs, and consulting, we wanted to communicate the value of the Courtside programs online.

Creating A Stand-Out Look

Courtney is well-known for vivacious and engaging presentations that employees across the country love. We needed to create a brand identity that reflected the personality she is able to bring to business operations – it is this character that makes Courtside Consulting stand out among local and national competitors so it was important to convey that in the digital assets of the brand.

Our designer created a layout that was bold, just like the brand. With new and improved brand standards, we were able to more efficiently guide users through the site.

We did this by moving navigation and introductory text above the fold and creating clear calls-to-action for each of the different services available through Courtside Consulting. Additionally, the new design was mobile-friendly so users could access information anywhere.

Developing Robust Content

The previous website was missing the detailed content profile that search engines and consumers alike prefer. With so much to offer, it was an important factor in driving both traffic and conversions. Not only that but by building out the content we were able to communicate the unique value of each individual service, as well as include many raving testimonials from current and past Courtside clients.

The Results


Since we launched the new site in mid-December, we have seen a substantial decrease in the bounce rate, which is a great indicator that users are finding the content they are looking for when navigating to the new site. Additionally, in the past month, we’ve seen direct traffic more than double.


Nearly 80 percent of this month’s traffic came from new visitors, indicating that new, prospective clients are finding the site. When we drilled in on the behavior of some of these visitors, we saw session durations of substantial length, with many spending at least two minutes on the site all the way up to nearly twenty minutes online.


We saw an increased presence of United States based visitors, with Colorado bringing in the most traffic, followed by New York. This increased reach is a great sign as Courtney continues to grow her brand.


We saw an 800 percent increase in session duration of mobile users. In a mobile-centric world, it was vital that we updated the Courtside site to be mobile responsive, and users clearly appreciated the ability to access the content from their phones.

We are so excited to see how Courtside Consulting’s updated digital presence will continue to help grow the business.

If you are interested in revamping your online presence and growing your business through digital acquisition, contact FiG Advertising + Marketing today.

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