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Case Study: StaffScapes Website Launch

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

This month’s case study is a review of our client, StaffScapes and their website activity since their new site launch on July 20th. (more…)

5 Signs That It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Agency

Friday, May 13th, 2016

Over the years, we’ve been called in to create digital marketing results for B2B, B2C, and nonprofits of all sizes, and in countless industries. There are a number of reasons why companies decide it’s time to work with a marketing agency. Some are entrepreneurs who are looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level. Many companies have internal marketing people and seek an agency partner to be an extension of their existing team.

Here are the top five reasons our customers took the leap into digital marketing. This list can help you discern if it’s time you do the same.

1. You can’t afford to keep marketing specialists on staff. Your business is growing, but you can’t afford to keep web development, search engine optimization (SEO), email, and social media specialists on staff. A digital marketing agency allows you to have access to reliable professionals only when you need them, and someone to manage and coordinate all of their work on your behalf. You get the expertise without the added headcount.

2. You’ve had to learn to do basic marketing, but don’t have time to do it well. Are you a business owner who is trying to do everything yourself? If you spend more time on juggling social media, website updates, and other marketing tasks than running your business, it’s time to hire an agency partner. An agency will bring a strategic focus that will yield a better return on your marketing investment.

3. Your website is over two years old. Google’s ranking system changes year to year. If you are an established business and haven’t updated your website in over two years, it is time to hire a marketing agency. If your website hasn’t had a refresh in over five years, your number one goal should be getting a new website immediately. Yes, it’s that imperative since over half of online searches take place on mobile devices. A six-year-old site is not mobile optimized. A full-service marketing agency will build a website that is cohesive with your brand, easy to use on mobile and desktop screens, and is a robust foundation for your other marketing tactics.

4. You don’t generate new content. If you’re not creating authoritative content on a regular basis, then you’re not establishing your brand as an industry expert. (And your competitors are.) Without continual fresh content, Google doesn’t perceive your site as relevant and drops your ranking score. It’s important to stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes so your business can stay relevant in search results. An effective marketing agency will help your business stay ahead of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategies.

5. You don’t have time to make marketing plans. If you’re planning your marketing tactics out just thirty days ahead of execution, you’re wasting money. An effective sales and marketing strategy includes short-term and long-term goals across multiple channels (social media, SEO, online advertising, direct mail, email, etc.) An agency understands how to integrate all those pieces so that they work together to build your brand consistently and compellingly across all platforms. And an agency will plan those multi-prong efforts three, six, and twelve months ahead, so they are more streamlined and effective.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you are part of a larger marketing team, a digital marketing agency can bring strategic knowledge, effective structure, and maximum return on investment beyond what you can do alone. Contact us to learn more about how Fig Advertising can optimize your marketing and get more customers in your door.

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Case Study: Bayaud Enterprises

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Bayaud Enterprises needed a new website with easier site navigation, mobile optimization, and clear calls to action. Their goal was to encourage participants, donors, volunteers, and the larger business community to engage with their organization. FiG developed a fresh website design that would draw interest to their many programs and services. We also outlined a robust content development strategy that would bring clarity and focus to their brand.

Business Challenge: Brand Focus & Call to Action

Bayaud Enterprises is a local nonprofit that provides workforce training, housing, and basic human services to people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. In addition to their community outreach, Bayaud operates a commercial document shredding service that employs their clients and generates revenue to keep their nonprofit open.

Bayaud’s extensive service and program offerings made it challenging for them to convey their value proposition clearly. They wanted participants who needed Bayaud’s services to easily find and contact them. Additionally, Bayaud wanted to increase their donor base and gain a wider volunteer network. It was important that anyone who comes to their site could understand who they are and the many ways people can participate in their community work.

Solution: New Website Design & Development

The old website was too simple, given the breadth and depth of what Bayaud Enterprises offers the community. Anyone visiting the site may have gotten a sense of who Bayaud is, but would not gain any better understanding of all that Bayaud offers.

The old website was difficult to navigate, and there wasn’t any way to make sense of what their value proposition was from the content that was on it.

Bayaud Before
bayaud before

From a design perspective, their website lacked a modern color scheme and a clean layout that clearly reflected their brand.

Bayaud Before
bayaud after II

FiG determined that Bayaud needed to communicate their value proposition more compellingly and outline all of the programs and services they offer more clearly. We created new navigation categories that included: “Our Services,” “Get Involved,” “Social Impact Programs” and “About Us.” We created a “Get Help” link next to their hours of operations at the very front and center of their homepage which connects to the Our Services page. From this quick link, people who are in need of Bayaud’s employment services can easily be connected to the support they need.

Each page on the new website also provides two clear calls to action–Bayaud’s phone number on the top right corner and a “Donate Now” button right under their phone number. For people looking to get involved, there are a “Get Involved” and an “Events” link on the top menu bar.

Bayaud After
bayaud after

We listed their shredding services under the Social Impact Programs page and also determined a second website was necessary for Bayaud’s Commercial Document Shredding business. In their commercial site, we maintained Bayaud’s nonprofit brand and design for consistency. Our emphasis, however, is on highlighting their shredding services, pricing, and certifications. For SEO purposes, the content and focus are geared toward reaching local businesses and government agencies. The two main calls to action for this site is to contact Bayaud about their shredding services and to make it easy for existing customers to pay their bill.

Bayaud Document Shredding
bayaud document shredding

Solution: Content Development & SEO

The new website design makes it easier for Bayaud to engage with their audience. Participants, donors, and volunteers can sign up for Bayaud’s newsletters, look for upcoming events, and read their blogs. But, a website design is only as good as its content, so FiG wrote new, detailed, informative copy for each page. We added keywords and analytics, and will be monitoring traffic and conversions so we can improve user interaction over time. The new content and keywords are primarily geared toward helping people who are experiencing barriers to employment easily find Bayaud. We also share Bayaud’s success stories and explain the significant role volunteers and donors play in serving our underserved communities.

The Results:

Bayaud’s new websites and content development strategy are just a few weeks old but users can instantly see huge improvements in the layout and mobile-friendly design. Through this new site, audiences can now see all the meaningful work Bayaud Enterprises contributes to the Denver community. Both the Bayaud Document Shredding website we completed in November last year, and this new Bayaud Enterprises website provide clear messaging on Bayaud does, the incredible value they bring to the community, and how people can connect with them.

FiG Advertising and Marketing is the leading marketing agency in Denver for website development, content marketing, branding, and SEO. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business or nonprofit grow.

New Client: Website Design for Amazing Moves

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

website design

We’ve done it before and we’re doing it again! We are pleased to announce that Amazing Moves Moving and Storage has tasked FiG with creating a new website design.

Your Dedicated Denver Marketing Agency

Many of our FiG audiences know that Amazing Moves has been a customer since 2011. Over the years we have taken on branding, website design, social media, content marketing, digital marketing and SEO projects.

Why We Love Amazing Moves Moving and Storage

Amazing Moves is one of FiG’s most valued customers and success stories. What we share pride in and love to talk about most is how their growing success contributes to the Denver community. They are a locally owned business whose co-founders have a reputation for hiring, training, and cultivating an exceptional team of professionals. They also support multiple charities and are the gift that keeps on giving to the Denver economy. When you see their moving trucks throughout the Denver metro area, you know they are doing great work.

How It All Began: Branding and Website Design

It seems like yesterday they first hired us for a branding project. Their only requirement was that we incorporate color schemes and a logo design that would complement their red trucks. They wanted minimal changes to their existing trucks so they could avoid unnecessary cost expenditures. What we came up with was a simple, creative, and memorable logo that they could easily add to their trucks. We then designed a website to reflect their new brand.

What’s New in 2016

Fast forward six years, Amazing Moves has experienced year-over-year growth and have added designer services to make your move even more amazing. FiG will build their new website for better functionality, mobile optimization across all devices, and easier site navigation between residential, commercial, and designer services.

Stay tuned for the new design! FiG Advertising is your leading Denver marketing agency. Contact us to discuss how we can optimize your marketing strategy.