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Your Branding Is More than Just Your Logo Design

Denver Brand Development

Brand development is more than just a logo and business cards. Those are important elements, but they aren’t the total of what goes into making a brand.


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Your brand is everything that makes up how your product or service is perceived. It is what people think of when they hear your brand name, and what your employees tell others about you. It’s the visuals associated with your company like colors, fonts, and logo. And it’s the messaging that you deliver to the public. In short, your brand is the set of ideas, images, and messages that are unique to you and that set you apart from competitors.

If your brand needs some touching up, FiG is a Denver branding agency with the knowledge, skills, and experience to make your brand stand out.

Not every branding agency has the brand development experience to make your products and services stand out. No matter who you choose to work with on developing your brand, here are the most important things to know about brand development.

The Five Elements of Brand Development

  1. Your brand must be authentic.

    In a world with a trillion brands all clamoring for attention, the thing that sets brands apart is authenticity. Be who you say you are. And don’t try to be everything to everybody.
  2. Your brand must be consistent.

    The only way people learn to recognize a brand is by bringing it to them in the same way across all mediums. Consistency means that your brand is portrayed the same way whether someone is experiencing your brand in person, in collateral material, on the TV and radio, in social media, on your website or on a billboard. Wherever someone comes across your company, your brand looks, sounds, and feels the same every time.
  3. Your brand must be unique.

    It doesn’t matter if there are twenty other companies selling widgets, your brand must communicate how your widgets are different than the other nine suppliers. This goes hand in hand with the next element.
  4. Your brand must communicate your value.

    This is where branding becomes more than just your logo and letterhead. Your brand must tell people why they should do business with you. Your brand must communicate what the user will they get by trusting you and why they should trust you in the first place.
  5. Your brand must make a promise.

    What is the one essential thing that you will deliver to your customers? You must hone this promise into one sentence and eat, sleep and breathe that promise every day. That promise is the reason you get out of bed. It’s the reason your brand exists and kicks azz every day.

These are the building blocks of a brand. FiG, Denver’s award-winning branding agency can help you with all five of these elements. We can help you create an authentic, consistent, unique brand that communicates your value proposition and your brand promise clearly and compellingly.

We build brands through the production of:

    • Brand Name
Medical Device Company Branding
  • Brand Logo
  • Brand Letterhead
  • Brand Collateral Material
  • Brand Website
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Mission Statement
  • Brand Promise

Brand Exploratory

Office Building Branding

If you’re not sure how your brand compares to others in your industry, as a Denver branding agency,FiG can perform a brand exploratory that will analyze your brand across all the marketing communication channels.

What is a brand exploratory?

A brand exploratory surveys the current state of your brand including its positioning, messaging, and imagery. Through this process, FiG, as your market research agency, will examine your target markets, competitors, and industry trends. We will produce a comprehensive brand exploratory report that will give you a clear picture of how your brand currently sits in the marketplace.

Creating a brand that is relevant and compelling is not easy, but we’ve been doing it well since 2008. We love creating and updating brands so that they are clearly differentiated in the marketplace and drive revenue.

Thinking about brushing up your brand?