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Website Designs

Denver Web Design Company

When it comes to websites, FiG focuses on the fact that we’re writing and designing for two audiences:
  • Humans
  • Search engines
We take advantage of all the analytic tools out there to maximize “findability” and the customer experience.

Website Developer

Your website is your online presence. The challenge is to make the site comprehensive for those who want the information but “skimmable” and enticing enough to pull them in on first glance. Ours is a results-driven approach to web design. We love website bells and whistles as much as the next person, but we only use the features that add value and utility for each customer and website.
In other words, first impressions and function must go hand in hand. Our iterative and collaborative visual design process ensures that the imaging and “look” are accurate reflections of your brand and appropriate for your industry. Our team also ensures that the site design is easily and quickly navigable—no information should be more than a couple of clicks away. Our copywriting services put your best information out there in the bite-sized pieces that users intuitively prefer.
Most important, we never lose sight of the fact that the goal of a website is to create an action—fill out a contact form, request a white paper, call for more information, even something as incremental as clicking from the home page to the services page.