Monday, 27 February 2012 03:03

Branding + Website Case Study--Amazing Moves

For a long time Amazing Moves Moving & Storage had successfully established themselves as a moving company that provides exceptional service and value, but they were lacking a brand focus that could properly leverage that in the larger community of consumers who had never used them before. Their message lacked a common focus to convey their quality to potential customers.

Old Amazing Moves Brand Presentation


  • Amazing Moves was missing a distinctive mark that customers could latch on to. They had their iconic red trucks, but no logo that would fully represent the brand image that would resonate with these customers.

  • Their website architecture was very clustered and was missing a clear goal or call to action.

  • Their brand presence lacked an emotional connection which was necessary to project the image of trusted Denver movers.

Amazing Moves realized their limitations and came to FiG for some answers.


After defining their audience and understanding their company, we developed an updated branding strategy that would reflect the fresh brand look & feel that they were looking for.

  • We started by delivering a new logo that captures the essence of their business while still remaining recognizable to their existing clients.

New Amazing Moves Logo Design
  • FiG then created new collateral that would demonstrate this updated image to their prospective clients. A new logo alone was not going to be enough to fully encapsulate this fresh positioning in the minds of their prospects. A cohesive brand is vital.

  • That is also why we redesigned their website to properly convey this new look, accommodate multi-media files, and improve the overall user experience to maximize conversion.

The new Amazing Moved Website


Amazing Moves' website won a Marcom Gold Award in 2011.

The changes coupled with an on-going SEO and Conversion Analysis effort has produced very satisfying results for Amazing Moves:

In year over year traffic:

  • Web-traffic grew by 49.66%

  • Unique visitors rose by 47.72

  • Page views by 65.48%

  • Average time on site increased by 14%

  • Pages per visit increased 10%

  • "Request a Quote" and "Contact Us" form conversion rate has grown impressively into double-digits

We are extremely proud of the results from this project and look forward to helping others in similar situations. If you are looking to revitalize your brand, do not hesitate to contact FiG for a consultation.