Monday, 11 August 2014 04:09

Case Study: Davidsons Liquors Social Media

This month we take a look at our social growth efforts with Facebook for our client Davidsons Liquors.

Over the past several months we’ve managed to more than double Davidsons’ Facebook followers, which might not sound all that impressive, as anyone can go out and drop a bunch of money into paid advertising to solicit more likes. What is impressive is that the followers we’ve acquired are not derived from paid ‘like’ campaigns, and that every new like is a ‘qualified like’ — people that are following the page because they actually want to, and will continue to because they’re true fans of who Davidsons is, and what they do!

Davidsons Liquors Facebook Likes

What’s our secret? Well, we can’t tell you everything — obviously there is a lot of effort put into developing every campaign, targeting the right audiences, etc., but we’re happy to share some of the interesting campaigns we’ve created and executed so far. Below are just some samples of fun and interesting Facebook posts, events and/or contest/giveaways we’ve done that have helped to snowball quality Facebook followers.

Sweet Action Ice Cream | Beer & Ice Cream Pairing Event:

Davidsons Liquors Facebook Event

Breckenridge Brewery/Davidsons Exclusive 72’ Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout Event:

Davidsons Liquors Social Media Marketing

July 4th Grill/Food Pairing Photo Contest:

Davidsons Liquors Social Media Marketing

Highlands Ranch Beer Festival Ticket Giveaway/Referral Contest:

Davidsons Social Media Marketing

Breckenridge Beer Festival Ticket Giveaway/Photo Caption Contest:

Davidsons Liquors Facebook Marketing

Stayed tuned for more updates on things we've got in the works for Davisons Liquors, including an all new ecommerce website, coming soon!