Monday, 23 October 2017 03:25

Case Study: redcup Beverage Service

Earlier this year, corporate beverage service provider, redcup, came to us seeking a full website re-design. The owner, Christopher Arson, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to his products, making his customer experience unique among his competitors. So, in April, we launched a completely remodeled website, filled with relevant and interesting content that was optimized for search engines. Over the last 5 months, this is what has happened.

Denver Beverage Service Provider Triples In Size Following New Marketing Plan

Who’s Viewing?

More than 60 percent of redcup’s website visits were done through organic search. This means that people were looking for the brand or service through Google or another search engine and found redcup.

With more than 75 percent of clicks going to the first five results, we knew redcup was reaching the top of the results page, so we took a look at how searchers were getting there.

What Are They Looking For?

Searches like “office tea service,” “coffee service Denver” and “Denver beverage” were leading keywords that brought searchers to the redcup website. This is a great sign of high-quality traffic because those searches are specific to the product that redcup provides. Not only did the redcup website provide the information they were looking for, the services were readily available through the contact page.

How Long Did They Stay?

Once searchers found redcup’s website at the top of the results page, they were spending more than two minutes on the site. This is a major win for any website, especially when you consider the nature of browsing the internet.

Searchers are not only clicking on redcup’s site, instead of major local and national competitors, but also spending time looking through multiple pages of the site and really getting to know the brand and what it has to offer.

Then What?

redcup’s website has a conversion rate of nearly 4.5%. This is a great sign that people are finding exactly what they are looking for on the site and taking the next steps to work with the business.

The website has shown great success since FiG redesigned and optimized the content. Additionally, we have worked with redcup’s social profiles, increasing the amount of relevant Facebook content shared to more than double the average impressions received.

Arson told us that he recently expanded his small business loan to accommodate his growing client list, which has tripled in the last month.

We look forward to continued success with redcup, but for now, we will sit back and enjoy a cup of freshly roasted, Colorado coffee.

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