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Thursday, 25 February 2016 04:30

Case Study: Web Design for Source Communications

Source Communications needed a new web design with improved functionality, better content and mobile optimization. Their goal was to increase sales interaction via online forms and phone calls. FiG analyzed Source Communications’ existing website and mapped out a digital marketing strategy that would increase traffic and sales leads.

Business Challenge: Focus & Clarity

Source Communications started as a cable assembly and wiring company in 1987. Since then, they expanded into designing, installing and maintaining security systems and designing and manufacturing custom retail checkout product lines. Straddling so many capabilities made it challenging for Source Communications to effectively message their value proposition to all their intended audiences. Their website had to convey their core business offerings and let visitors know where to find what they needed quickly.

Solution: Web Design & Development

The old website had broad “Products” and “Services” categories for cabling and wiring. They also had a separate site for security services. Their site was also not optimized for mobile devices:

website design

In the new design, we merged the two websites and streamlined their navigation bar into three core areas: Cabling, Security, and Product Lines. We also created large homepage banners directly linking to each category for easier navigation. These simple changes brought their capabilities under one umbrella and helped focus their brand:

website development

with mobile optimization:

mobile optimization

Solution: Digital Marketing & Content Strategy

The new website design made it easier for Source Communications to post client updates, announcements, and manage social media. FiG then rewrote site content for clarity and flow. We added keyword analysis, and goal and event tracking which allowed us to analyze and improve user interactions.

The Results: Increased Traffic & Page Views

The combined efforts resulted in increased traffic, page views, session duration, and sales conversions from the previous year. The most notable achievement was our ability to lengthen the time spent on our client’s website from 47 seconds to 2:26 minutes. This resulted in a 100% sales conversion through their contact submission form--outstanding for any digital strategy!

increased session duration

View Source Communications’ new site here and contact us to learn more about how we can improve your digital marketing strategy.

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