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Monday, 27 May 2019 10:31

Lifting Lift Conveyor With Digital Advertising in Denver

FiG is very proud to announce our newest client partnership with Lift Conveyor, a leading manufacturer of patented conveyor equipment and systems. Although the company has been in business for 20 years, they recently experienced a change in ownership and embarked on a journey to develop an online presence through digital advertising in Denver and in other places. Specifically, Lift Conveyor sought out FiG to help optimize their site to outperform vendors of their products and have their products reach a larger audience base.

We were more than happy to step in and help revitalize their approaches to digital advertising.

Revamping Digital Advertising in Denver for Lift Conveyor

Since Lift Conveyor is the only company that makes these conveyor systems, we wanted to hone in on the benefits of their equipment. To achieve this goal, we developed a full-faceted approach that aimed to improve the online visibility of their business and drive future customers through the sales funnel. Before we could get started with any of our digital advertising efforts, we needed to lay down a solid foundation for the business. This involved a great deal of strategic planning and a floor-to-ceiling redesign of the outdated company website.

Website Design + Development

When Lift Conveyor came to FiG, one of their first priorities was a completely redesigned website. While their old website may have been acceptable in the past 20 years, the design featured a clunky framework that did focus on the user experience, was difficult to navigate, and was not optimized for mobile devices.

In our digital age, your website is your first point of contact with your potential customers. If you hope to make a positive and impactful impression on your site visitors, you need a webiste that is professional, accessible, and engaging, simultaneously. And if you hope to succeed at digital advertising in Denver, then an outstanding website design is even more critical. We aimed to cultivate such a positive customer experience that site visitors would be blown out of the water by the design of the Lift Conveyor site.

A screenshot of the old website design of Lift Conveyor. A redesign was in order if we hoped to succeed at digital advertising in Denver.
The original homepage for the Lift Conveyor website. The outdated feel of the site design should hit you almost immediately.

FiG has worked tirelessly to redesign every aspect of the Lift Conveyor website, emphasizing the importance of the user experience (UX). Our web designers restructured the sitemap into a more user-friendly design, cutting out the excess pages and categorizing the remaining pages in a way that matches the consumer journey.

Pages became more responsive and interactive, with engaging photos and calls-to-action. UX experts ensured that the site functioned properly and responded correctly on mobile devices with a mobile first design. Roughly 70% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, so it’s important to capitalize upon these markets. This was just the first step our Denver digital advertising agency executed. Next, we created informative, engaging content that was optimized for both search engines and potential customers.

We’re pleased to say that we launched the new website in late April 2019 and that it has been seeing exponential success in retaining unique visitors. Check out the new Lift Conveyor website!

The redesigned Lift Conveyor homepage, with an updated site map, revitalized content, and a more professional aesthetic. Basically all of the essentials for effective digital advertising in Denver.
The redesigned homepage for the new Lift Conveyor website. We aimed to cultivate a simplistic UI, while also establishing a more polished brand aesthetic and stronger calls-to-action to inspire quicker conversions.

Brand Development + Consistency

An important piece of any digital advertising effort is, of course, the branding of the owned online assets. It needs to be consistent with your logo and your other professionally branded pieces of collateral.

The original Lift Conveyor website did not incorporate many of the identifying markers of the brand. It was bereft of colors and imagery that corresponded with the brand. So, we worked closely with the business owner to identify what elements made Lift Conveyor stand out in the industry and incorporate those components into our digital advertising efforts.

Our expertise on digital advertising in Denver means we’re well versed on combining traditional branding efforts with new-age digital tactics. Our completely custom websites allow us to create a cohesive brand presence across the website. This included: adding consistent company colors across the site, placing images that correlated with their brand and products, ensuring uniform NAP (name, address, phone number) through the site, and honing in on the professional aspects of their brand. When you’re working with experts on digital advertising in Denver, you can expect consistent and professional branding.

Search Engine Optimization + Content Creation

Since search engine optimization (SEO) is one of our many specialities, we regularly perform this service for clients as a part of our packages for digital advertising in Denver. We were eager to get going on SEO for Lift Conveyor.

First and foremost, our SEO professionals conducted thorough keyword research to identify what their website was ranking for on search engines and where opportunities could be leveraged to increase traffic and conversions. From there, we compared those keywords with those of their competitors to identify new phrases and queries to work into our SEO efforts. Once the keywords were identified, we set to work.

The content on every page of the new website was completely optimized for search engines based around several keywords. We continued our SEO efforts by developing blog content and video content that were focused on relevant topics, for optimal search engine optimization. We plan to continue executing best practices for SEO strategies with additional content in the future and by, eventually, setting up bilingual optimization to better reach the profile of Lift Conveyor’s regular audience.

Ongoing Digital Advertising in Denver

As our partnership with Lift Conveyor continues, FiG will continue to provide our digital advertising services. Our agency will provide:

  • Ongoing content creation

  • Effective social media marketing

  • Continuous search engine optimization

  • And much more!

We’re proud of the success that we’ve experienced thus far and we can’t wait to see where Lift Conveyor goes next. Stay tuned for a future case study on our progress.


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