Tuesday, 20 March 2012 03:00

New Client Announcement - Denver Community Credit Union

All of us at FiG Advertising + Marketing are very glad to sign a website development project contract with the Denver Community Credit Union.

The Denver Community Credit Union is a local not-for-profit financial cooperative, which has lower loans rates, pays high dividend payments, and usually charges less for services because of their not-for-profit business model. People usually know the Denver Community Credit Union not only for their low cost and high dividends, but also for their high-quality service. However, the company's current website cannot reflect the service quality or the financial benefits for their clients.

Our goal of this project is to develop a website to both inform a user on Denver Community Credit Union's services, encourage contact with a lender/banker for new services, and access their existing account information. As with the current site, immediate access to the existing back-end banking system will be available through the new user interface.

Based on years of experience, the award-winning team at FiG Advertising and Marketing will complete this project by 3 steps:

  • User Interface Design

  • Site Development

  • SEO Implementation