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Tuesday, 07 August 2012 04:20

New Client Announcement: CourtSide Consulting LLC

FiG is very excited to announce that we have extended our relationship with CourtSide Consulting LLC beyond the exceptional brand work and great service we have provided. With the new agreement in place, FiG will provide website development services for CourSide Consulting in the next several months.

The Challenge:

With a new brand identity created, CourtSide needs to develop its existing website so it is consistent with its new brand. In addition, CourtSide has four websites: a blog website, a client login site, an event calendar website, and a brochure website with the company's information. These individual websites create confusion for CourtSide's clients.

How Can FiG Help:

Our goals of this project are to develop a website that:

  • Reflects the new brand identity

  • Integrates all the pieces that CourtSide needs

  • Informs a website visitor on CourtSide's service

  • Encourages lead generation from the website.

Based on years of experience, the award-winning team at FiG will complete the project by 3 steps:

  • User interface development

  • Website development

  • Content implementation

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