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Monday, 22 April 2019 11:10

Case Study - Restoring Ethos Through Intelligent Search Engine Optimization

In February of 2018, FiG began a partnership with Ethos General Contractors, a contracting company that focuses on roof repairs, gutter replacement, window contracting and more. Ethos had approached FiG with an interest in expanding their consumer base and we are very proud to report that within just a year and a few months, FiG has generated some significant results for Ethos through extensive search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing strategies. As a leading seo agency in Denver, we understood the steps we would need to take to reach a larger audience and generate more conversions for Ethos.

SEO Agency Increases Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization

Right from the start of our partnership, FiG began optimizing the site map for an enhanced user-experience, building out a robust content profile that supported Ethos’ industry expertise, and generating high-quality blog content for the company, which positioned the brand as an informative and reliable expert on highly-specific keywords, which improved the rankings for a variety of search queries. Our blogs have been paired with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, specifically through Google Adwords to create a symbiotic digital marketing campaign that drove measurable results. These SEO strategies led to:

  • A YOY increase of 30.77% in organic traffic to the website.

  • Organic visitors, on average, spending more than 1 minute on the site.

  • A conversion rate of 3% — a dramatic improvement from the previous site.

  • A total increase of 41.79% in total website traffic since our partnership began.

Most of this additional traffic comes from new users, which indicates positive SEO traction. As time has gone on, Ethos has seen consistent improvement in their search rankings, especially in the local space, ranking on the first page of a few SERPs for crucial and highly-profitable keywords.

Improved Digital Presence Through A Customized Website Design

A screenshot of the original Ethos homepage, prior to the start of our partnership.
The original homepage for the Ethos website. Search engine optimization was not easy on this site design.

While the original website for Ethos had highly specific pages for their primary locations (Denver and Fort Collins), the overall design lacked a few key elements that could drive further conversions. As the site was beginning to receive increased traffic from our SEO tactics, our digital marketing and user-experience experts collaborated to identify points of weakness and develop a streamlined site map that would improve the user interface.

With a focus on a more positive user interface (UI) and an improved user experience (UX), FiG designed a completely customized site for Ethos and launched it in October 2018. Combining a new design that was mapped out intuitively and established brand consistency across the site with a robust search engine optimization strategy already in place, we’re happy to say the new design has lead to longer visitor sessions, a reduced bounce rate, and additional conversions for Ethos.

The homepage for the redesigned Ethos website.
The revamped homepage for the Ethos website, courtesy of our web design specialists.

Quality Lead Generation From SEO Agency

It’s always a good sign when website traffic increases, but those visitors don’t affect your business unless they convert. As a leading seo agency in Denver, FiG has successfully tracked the generation of quality leads through website traffic all the way from the initial phone call to the actual point of conversion. Through strategic implementation of digital marketing tactics, we’ve successfully increased the volume the phone calls for Ethos, along with their quality and duration, thus giving the pros at Ethos more qualified opportunities to complete the sales cycle with their superior customer service.

Our digital marketing efforts also included social media marketing, another specialty of ours, which delivered an increase in website traffic of 500% compared to start of our marketing partnership.

All of these results are exceptionally outstanding, especially when the seasonality of the industry is considered: many roofing contractors will often depend on the Colorado hail season for their business (April to September). With this in mind, FiG launched the new Ethos website at the tail end of the season to maximize the opportunity to build authority and drastically improve plenty of their metrics, even during the slowest months of their business. Now, as we head into hail season, we are anticipating Ethos to have exponential business success, both online and off.

An Ongoing Partnership With Our SEO Agency

We are very proud of the results we have been able to achieve for Ethos in such a short time and we’re eager to provide further results for our client. To help acquire future business, we’ll continue to develop engaging and informative content for the Ethos blog, optimize our search engine marketing (SEM) techniques, and manage the social media presence for Ethos.

Learn more about our work with Ethos from our Ethos portfolio.


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