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SEO Firm In Denver Aims To Improve Web Presence Of Counseling Group

The client portfolio of FiG continues to expand! Our SEO firm in Denver is proud to announce our newest partnership with Wellington Counseling Group (WCG). The Chicago-based business is comprised of a team of experienced psychologists. Offering a wide range of therapeutic treatments, Wellington provides high-quality mental health support for individuals, couples, and families. Our partnership began because the counseling group wanted to improve their digital presence with a high-quality website redesign. Our web designers at FiG were absolutely thrilled to offer a helping hand.

How Our SEO Firm In Denver Will Boost The Web Presence Of Wellington

Throughout our partnership, FiG will be providing a handful of expert services for Wellington. Our first project is a comprehensive redesign of the Wellington website. We aim to succeed where the old website failed.

Our SEO firm in Denver found that Wellington’s original website had not been conducive for optimal digital visibility. Most of their practices and services were restricted to just one page, which limited their SEO potential. The site was easy to navigate, however there were issues with duplicate content and an excess of unneeded pages. The original site also lacked distinctive imagery and visual appeal. The entire site lacked the imaginative spirit the WCG team brings to mental health care and we wanted to correct that.

We approached the website redesign with a search engine oriented-mindset. Our web designers first restructured the website to more accurately reflect the services of WCG. We broke out all of their treatments and therapies into individual pages for adults, children and families. This was a vast improvement, especially considering that the original site listed their terrific treatments in a bullet point list. We worked diligently to make their site content more robust and relevant to searcher intents. As we continue to optimize the pages for the appropriate keywords, we’re positive that the digital visibility will improve dramatically.

The officially redesigned website was launched at the start of January 2020. We are very excited to see how the website performs and how we can continue to optimize the site in the future.

A screenshot of the new homepage website design for the Wellington Counseling Group, created by FiG, a leading SEO firm in Denver.

Comprehensive SEM Strategy From Our SEO Firm In Denver

While the site may now be optimized for the best keywords, our SEO specialists won’t stop there. As a leading SEO firm in Denver, we strive to provide comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) strategies with every client. That is exactly what we aim to provide for the Wellington Counseling Group.

As our budding partnership continues, our SEO team will provide a number of SEM services for WCG. The team at FiG will:

  • Continue to develop high-quality content for the website through relevant, engaging, and well-targeted blogs.

  • Implement link building best practices to improve the domain authority of the site.

  • Execute effective paid search campaigns to engage their target audience at the right time and the right place.

At FiG, when we say comprehensive, we mean it. Our SEM tactics will only continue to improve with Wellington as time goes on.

Social Media Marketing

We might be a leading SEO firm in Denver, but we offer many other marketing services beyond SEM. One of our next big projects with Wellington will be a series of paid social media campaigns. We have developed numerous well-targeted ad campaigns for many of our clients. We will apply our social media marketing skills to increase the social media following of Wellington. Our paid campaigns will also work to drive high-quality leads to the company website. Our social media efforts will also integrate video marketing tactics for an optimal ROI.

Continuous Improvements From Our SEO Firm In Denver

The search engine space is constantly changing. The search engine giant, Google, now processes over 40,000 search queries every second. That means there are new search queries popping up all the time. As a leading SEO firm in Denver, we will strive to improve the digital visibility of Wellington on a continuous basis.

We’ll adjust our SEO tactics as needed to reflect the changes in the Chicago search engine space. Our team has also installed call tracking and heat mapping software on the site. These tools will gather valuable data pieces and insights that will help us tweak the site for the better. We’re focused on optimizing the site based on consumer behaviors. And we’ll strive to keep optimizing it on a regular basis.

Work With The Best SEO Firm In Denver

The search engine space is highly competitive. If you hope to stay at the top of search engine rankings, then you need the help of SEO professionals. At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we live and breath SEO. We’re constantly tuned into the search engine industry and we’re always looking for ways to improve the SEO of our clients.

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