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Tuesday, 01 February 2011 06:15

Stay Warm with FiG

Hello everyone, hope you are staying warm! Denver's having a freezing day of -10 degree F. For those lucky ones who have snow days off, FiG says "Stay warm indoors!" For the others who have to go out today, FiG hopes you dress warm and drive safely!

Any idea what FiG is going to talk about? Bingo! Marketing in cold winter!

Does that mean it's an excellent moment for winter jackets, fluffy footwear, and skiing equipment? For sure, but it's a little late to start marketing and promoting winter sales effort in those markets. Hopefully you have already put snowflakes on your website, given free hot-coco samples, made sure the firewood is on the top shelf, bundled related winter sales together for promotions, etc. If you haven't yet that's OK, we still like you.  But on a day like today it sure comes to mind doesn't it?

Besides these it's also a great moment to take people away from the cold season, even for a minute: a hot Hawaiian beach with sexy bikinis in your ad, or a backless cocktail dress for Valentines Day in a  window sale sign. Tips: women love summer stuff even in cold winter. It is never a bad time to remind them how hot they can look.

Furthermore, if you want to ask about business-oriented marketing, FiG will have no problem finding a number of quality seasonal items that will look great with your company logo branded on them.  From sports clothing to crockery. Send out "Stay Warm" business postcards. Look for coffee mugs that can feature your business name. Each time your customers fill up with a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa to warm up, they will see your company name.

Finally even if you have nothing to sell in these cold months--green garden seeds for instance, it isn't an off-season for your marketing campaign. Instead, it’s an opportunity to build respect and trust through relationship marketing. Stay fresh in your customers' mind through interesting email greeting, newsletter advice, frequently updated blogs, and other innovative communications with consumers. Also, it is the time to conduct market research, and develop brand strategy. Anyway, take advantage of the off-season to make the most of the on-season.

FiG knows it is never a cold day for marketing no matter what the thermometer says. Use smart marketing to warm up your business and clients. Here is an example we like from LEIF wellness club. ENJOY!

"Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Group, Kiev, Ukraine Creative Director: Will Rust Art Director: Will Rust Copywriter: Sasha Doroguntsova Additional credits: Account: Sveta Polyakova Published: April 2010"


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