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Brand Extension: AmazonFresh

Amazon has been practicing brand extensions since they expanded their inventory from books a decade ago. Never failing to create unique strategies to retain and grow their customer base, Amazon has recently announced its entrance into the e-grocery world.

Source Communications needed a new web design with improved functionality, better content and mobile optimization. Their goal was to increase sales interaction via online forms and phone calls. FiG analyzed Source Communications’ existing website and mapped out a digital marketing strategy that would increase traffic and sales leads.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013 11:02

Intel Gets a New Slogan

At the beginning of this month, Intel, which has used the slogan “Sponsors of Tomorrow” since May 2009, announced they have a new slogan, “Look Inside." This new slogan seems to be just the beginning of a deeper look into the brand strategy.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 07:00

Real Fruit Packaging - Well Done Camp!

Real fruit-feeling packages have been a really fun area for package experts to work on. Over the years, we've seen some creative packages that look and feel like the fruit inside:

Monday, 27 February 2012 03:03

Branding + Website Case Study--Amazing Moves

[caption id="attachment_1732" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Old Amazing Moves Brand Presentation Old Amazing Moves Brand Presentation[/caption]

For a long time Amazing Moves Moving & Storage had successfully established themselves as a moving company that provides exceptional service and value, but they were lacking a brand focus that could properly leverage that in the larger community of consumers who had never used them before.  Their message lacked a common focus to convey their quality to potential customers.


  • Amazing Moves was missing a distinctive mark that customers could latch on to.  They had their iconic red trucks, but no logo that would fully represent the brand image that would resonate with these customers.
  • Their website architecture was very clustered and was missing a clear goal or call to action.
  • Their brand presence lacked an emotional connection which was necessary to project the image of trusted Denver movers.

Amazing Moves realized their limitations and came to FiG for some answers.


After defining their audience and understanding their company, we developed an updated branding strategy that would reflect the fresh brand look & feel that they were looking for.

  • We started by delivering a new logo that captures the essence of their business while still remaining recognizable to their existing clients.
[caption id="attachment_1729" align="alignright" width="300"]New Amazing Moves Logo Design New Amazing Moves Logo Design[/caption]
  • FiG then created new collateral that would demonstrate this updated image to their prospective clients.  A new logo alone was not going to be enough to fully encapsulate this fresh positioning in the minds of their prospects.  A cohesive brand is vital.
  • That is also why we redesigned their website to properly convey this new look, accommodate multi-media files, and improve the overall user experience to maximize conversion.
[caption id="attachment_1730" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The new Amazing Moved Website The new Amazing Moves Website[/caption]


Amazing Moves' website won a Marcom Gold Award in 2011.

The changes coupled with an on-going SEO and Conversion Analysis effort has produced very satisfying results for Amazing Moves:

In year over year traffic:

  • Web-traffic grew by 49.66%
  • Unique visitors rose by 47.72
  • Page views by 65.48%
  • Average time on site increased by 14%
  • Pages per visit increased 10%
  • "Request a Quote" and "Contact Us" form conversion rate has grown impressively into double-digits

We are extremely proud of the results from this project and look forward to helping others in similar situations.  If you are looking to revitalize your brand, do not hesitate to contact FiG for a consultation.

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New Client Announcement--The Petroleum Building

We at FiG Advertising are very excited to announce that once the home of the biggest "Petroleum Club" in the world, the Petroleum Building in Denver downtown has become one of FiG's most recent clients for a branding strategy project!  This historical building is looking for a branding strategy that speaks to both its history & pride, and the up-to-date renovations, which have replaced obsolete systems. The challenges that the Petroleum Building faces are two-fold.  For starters, the brand has to present itself in two quite opposite positions: maintaining the history and pride that the building possessed from the late 90s while still reflecting the more recent upgrades and renovations to the building and its systems.  The second challenge surrounds properly targeting four very different  business categories that the building attracts.  We must effectively utilize the brand to address and meet each segment's needs without creating conflicts or confusion to other segments. What we will do:
  • Redesign the Petroleum Building's brand under these guidelines to represent for both historical and efficient images.
  • Research and develop a way to strategically position the Petroleum Building away/above its direct competitors.
  • Design collateral branding materials that represent this new brand
  • On-going copy-write and content updates
  • ...
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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 02:29

FiG Year in Review: Branding

Do you remember when FiG discussed brand strategies in 2011?  Branding themes continued to develop throughout the year because of their vast marketing implications, and we weren't the only ones talking.  Netflix was a hot topic of conversation as they provided a great example of how quickly you can lose brand equity.  Raising prices is one thing, but rebranding your DVD business as “Qwikster” only to backtrack on this decision moments later is only going to confuse your customers and hurt your brand.

Consumers develop feelings and opinions towards your brand because of your various marketing activities.  When they hear your name on the radio, see it in a newspaper, or come across it from a web search they are forming a specific position towards your brand.  Consistency in these marketing messages is what will ultimately solidify your brand's image in their minds.  Inconsistency will only confuse consumers and eventually erode your brand equity as shown by Netflix or GM.

2011 was also the year for Burger King to incorporate a much needed rebranding effort.  The King Mascot started out as a great Marketing ploy to generate some buzz with their target market, but should have ended shortly thereafter.  BK mistakenly tried using the King as a long-term branding effort that landed them a steady decrease in sales while McDonald's and Wendy's showed increases.  Burger King has undergone rebranding efforts to become more product oriented with their advertising similar to that of their competitors.

Not all brands missed the mark in 2011 as the world's leading coffee retailer redesigned their logo to lose the iconic Starbucks name.  The change comes after 40 years of keeping their name in the logo, but they are not worrying about people missing the message.  Companies like Nike, Apple, and Target have been doing this for years with significant success.  This just marks the evolution of the Starbucks brand and further demonstrates how powerful branding can be if done properly.

Branding was a popular topic in 2011 because of its continued significance on marketing strategy.  Twitter gave marketer's their new branded pages while Lands' End looked to further their brand awareness with the up-and-coming social media platform Pinterest.  As we look ahead to 2012, we don't expect to see any drop off in the importance and focus branding will be to your company. Improve your own brand awareness by contacting FiG Advertising and Marketing, your Denver brand agency.

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2011 Ad of the Year

In case you didn't know, FiG dedicates a monthly blog for the best and most creative ad that has caught our attention.  With 2011 in the rear-view, we look back at each “Ad of the Month” to determine who shall be crowned our 2011 Ad of the Year.  Despite having so many excellent choices, only one could be given such illustrious honors.  This year FiG has decided to stay local with Goodwill Denver and their “Goodwill Effect” advertising campaign.

A typical thrift-store generates a common image from most patrons: standard and mundane.  Goodwill Denver was looking to challenge the traditional thinking surrounding most thrift-stores with the use of some creative advertising.  Their billboard ads in particular do a great job of encouraging people to “Donate when life changes.”  Many people perceive a thrift-store as offering second-hand products with second-rate quality, but Goodwill Denver wants to change your perception on the latter.

Goodwill Denver didn't get those action figures because there was something wrong with them; but because he got a girlfriend.  They didn't get those nice china plates because they were cracked or scratched, but because he didn't want to be reminded of her every time he looked at them.  She didn't donate those jeans because they were out of style, but because she didn't fit into them any more.

Each of these ads does an excellent job of not only providing a new reason to donate, but also painting a positive picture about why these products were donated in the first place.  Goodwill Denver wants to break away from the image that their products are of less quality while simultaneous looking to have everyday people donate the items they no longer need.  This duel strategy hits both ends of their product life-cycle and provides for very efficient advertising.

Goodwill Denver is our 2011 Ad of the Year because these billboards get their message across in a simple, attractive, and effective way.  As we look ahead to 2012, we are excited to see what new and creative advertising will stand out against the rest.  We don't expect this to take very long with the Super Bowl just around the corner.

Contact FiG Advertising, your Denver brand agency, for your Ad of the Year quality branding campaign.

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We are very excited to announce that FiG has awarded 2 new brand identity projects to the winners of Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute’s Fall 2011 Business Launch Boot Camp (RMMFI)!  At FiG Advertising and Marketing we strongly believe that a new businesses needs the proper tools to survive. [caption id="attachment_1350" align="alignleft" width="300"]Small Business Branding Tools Small Business Branding Tools[/caption]

One of the projects is with Marie Hahn, the owner of Open Lotus Acupuncture & Herbs. FiG will help her dive into the identity of her business and work through various marketing and branding components. To accomplish these goals, FiG and Lotus Acupuncture & Herbs will work together to develop a full package of branding materials, including logo design, business card, an E-mail signature, letterhead design, envelope design, invoice template, E-Newsletter, and Power Point template.The other project is a logo design for Learning Bee Child Care Center.Early branding is key to business success, especially to a small and/or start-up company. It is a company's name and face, and it is the fastest way for a company to communicate with customers about what it is, what it offers, and what it stands for. Inaccurate branding creates confusion about the business, and it creates long-term problems as the company develops and evolves over time. Moreover, an inaccurate brand requires a lot of future investment as the company will eventually need to rebrand itself.

A good brand includes the following key factors:
  • A clear identity
  • Well-defined services
  • An emotional connection with customers
  • Room for business development with new products and services
We are proud to work with Open Lotus Acupuncture & Herbs and Learning Bee Child Care Center, and we look forward to providing assistance in their brand development! RMMFI is a non-profit organization serving entrepreneurs though learning, lending, and coaching. The Business Launch Boot Camp is an intensive 12 week program that provides the foundation needed to take their business from IDEA to LAUNCH through collaborative class-room education, one-on-one mentoring and coaching from local business members, and start-up capital funding.
[caption id="attachment_982" align="alignleft" width="317"]The Burger King Dethroned The Once and No Longer King[/caption] Burger King is advertising again, but not with their King.  The second largest burger chain has planned to overhaul everything from strategy and management to their advertising and menu. The reason for the change is obvious.  According to WSJ, Burger King's same-store sales have been on the decline recently while  major competitors, McDonald's and Wendy have both seen sales growth at the same time.  Now BK is  focusing on broadening their appeal beyond the original target audience-men in their 20s.  Will this new approach bring the crown back to the King?  Maybe, but the Burger King has taught us a big lesson in marketing messaging--An authentic brand personality goes deeper than having funny commercials. What did the King do wrong?  The mascot, who wears a large plastic head, frozen smile, and a red-velvet cape, has attracted much attention from men in their 20s.  It was a successful advertisement that generated buzz for Burger King.  Unfortunately it was more a short-term boost than a long-term branding effort, and the creative ad didn't translate into sales.  The recent mascot has become prevalent but also has a somewhat creepy presence in ads.  Ultimately it was unclear what message, if any (we'd argue none), they were trying to convey.  This discrepancy in ad performance and revenue is not because McDonald's has more innovative advertising, nor that Ronald McDonald is a hipper mascot.  While Burger King was busy building its' edgy brand image, McDonald's has focused on something more down-to-the-earth: promoting its' burgers and concentrating on building a fresh and "healthy" menu. Brand Messaging: Personality-Authenticity A brand is everything that is associated with your business, and how consumers think and feel and interact with it.  Messaging gives you direct control in building your brand.  In the fast-food industry, consumers need to make shopping decisions quickly so they tend to recall what they remember of the brand.  A well structured slogan, a favorable advertisement, or simply a goodwill action reported in a newspaper will trigger the memory.  When it comes to Burger King, the frozen smile doesn't necessarily evoke the appetite, leaving the customer thinking about  McDonald's or Wendy's.  Powerful brand messaging has to be recalled quickly.  To make  brand messaging effective, the personality and authenticity have to be consistent with what you want your brand to be and how you want your customers to view your brand.
  • Personality: When interacting with brands, we are attracted to the ones that are intriguing, self-assured, reliant, and unique.  Effective messaging strategy conveys the right attributes of a brand to its' audience. The king showing up in people's beds and peeping in windows was intriguing and unique, but that is not a personality that customers consider attractive when choosing a fast-food restaurant.
  • Authenticity: It is understandable that  Burger King wanted to be more than just food, but they went too far--they wanted to be the king!  What is worse is the king doesn't really speak for their burgers.  When Burger King became more about the "king" than the "burger", they lost the authenticity of burger quality.  Customers don't buy kings, they want to buy burgers,  so they went to McDonald's or Wendy's.
The mascot is leaving, and the new management and marketing team "has no plan to bring him back anytime soon".  From a branding and messaging stand point, it's right the move to refresh the Burger King brand.  Does your brand have the right personality and authenticity?  Do you have the right messaging strategy to speak to your customers?  If you don't or aren't sure, FiG is always here to help.
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