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Armchair Quarterback - Mobile App Design

Adrenalin (a division of Real FiG Advertising + Marketing) has a history as the agency of choice for numerous teams and leagues so when Armchair Quarterback asked us to develop the brand for an app that would make every game bigger, we were all in. The Adrenalin team of industry experts worked with the knowledgeable leadership at AQB on a brand strategy that identified the apps differentiators and benefits. What started with a clean slate, ended with a full set of assets and brand elements that are used to promote downloads and playing of the new socially networked predictive play-selection app. The look is bold and high energy which provides easy navigation across all key touch points before and during games.

The Result

The AQB app was a hit in the market upon its initial launch and continues to grow.

"We presented Adrenalin with our vision and goals and they went to work on developing a logo, brand visuals and narratives that positioned AQB as the leader in sports gaming apps. They were responsive, nimble and went above and beyond to help us identify every creative asset we desired and more. We now have a comprehensive look and feel that is exciting, high energy and memorable."

- Bouker Pool | CMO


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