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Mental Health Marketing and Website Design - Neurofeedback

Braincode Centers helps people with anxiety, attention challenges, brain injuries, depression, and more through Neurofeedback/Biofeedback techniques in Denver and Dallas. Though they were working with a different marketing company, they weren't seeing the results they expected. That's where Real FiG Advertising + Marketing came in.

Website Development

The website that they launched their company with wasn't generating the traffic or conversions that would sustain their business. FiG was brought in to rethink the organization and presentation of information and redesigned the website to meet the needs of the user.

Website Design Goals

  • Draw users with specific mental-health challenges
  • Inform users on available treatments
  • Encourage users to reach out for consultations

Award-Winning Website Design

In the end, our award-winning website designers picked up an honorable mention for the Braincode Centers' website and achieved the goals of growing traffic and website lead generation. The increase in traffic came through dedicated digital marketing activities.

Mental Wellness Website SEO

In addition to creating a new website, FiG was also retained to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign and content calendar. This included SEO-oriented web-site and blog content and a variety of social media content formats from posts, to images, to videos. These efforts were combined with paid search and social ads to increase exposure beyond organic reach.

Website marketing performance as reported July, 2020

  • A 97.6% increase Year Over Year (YOY) in total leads.
  • A 44% increase YOY in monthly site search-engine impressions.
  • An 18.7% increase YOY in monthly site visits.

Read the full marketing case study here

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