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CourtSide Consulting is an outsourced HR consultancy in Denver that helps small businesses navigate the complications and regulations of human resources. Owner and operator, Courtney Berg, prides herself on making HR concepts accessible by business through her approach to outsourced HR. When Courtney was ready to take her business to the next level, she came to our Denver branding agency.

Brand Development

Since its inception, the CourtSide brand identity had become synonymous with Courtney’s expertise and personality, unique attributes that were not reflected in her assets and collateral. When she came to our Denver branding agency, Courtney’s goal was to seamlessly integrate to the two identities to create a cohesive brand that would stand out among the noise of the HR industry.

We worked closely with Courtney to create a physical representation of CourtSide Consulting and all it has to offer small businesses.

Logo Design

The muted color palette that occupied the original CourtSide logo did not align with the vibrant energy that Courtney brought to her clients. The design team at our Denver branding agency selected a bright orange that was juxtaposed with a cool blue to create a logo that more accurately represented the company. And so began the rebranding of CourtSide Consulting.

Web Design

The eye-catching logo design was the perfect start to the rebranding process. The next step was to apply the selected brand standards to the CourtSide assets. Originally, CourtSide’s information could be found at four unique URLs. There was a blog site, an information site, an event site, and a client portal. Our Denver branding agency spends a lot of time online and even we were overwhelmed as we tried to comprehend the value that Courtney brought to the table.

We streamlined her site, bringing all the information to a single, branded domain that provided potential and current clients with an exceptional user experience. Most of Courtney's clients find CourtSide in a state of panic because their business is facing an HR crisis. Our design team expertly crafted a website that made the information consumers needed easily accessible while inspiring confidence that Courtney could help them face and resolve their HR problems.

Search Engine Optimization

Once we had a design that lent itself to a positive user experience, the next thing we needed to do was get users to it. The digital marketing experts at our Denver branding agency dove into keyword research to create a strategy that positioned CourtSide Consulting right where it needed to be. We saw an 80% in traffic from new visitors when our new site launched. Additionally, Courtney’s local presence shot-up, which was essential for her brand expansion. HR is HR, but HR with CourtSide is a difference you have to experience for yourself.

Responsive Design

One key factor that the original CourtSide website lacked was a mobile-friendly presence. As the digital marketing industry grows, the need for mobile-friendly assets increases. Google operates a mobile-first index, so without a responsive website, our SEO work would be for not. We created a design that was responsive to all the mobile devices consumers might be using when seeking out HR expertise. This resulted in an 800% increase in session duration of mobile users, indicating that the new website was also successful on mobile devices.

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If you ask Courtney, she’d tell you that our Denver branding agency did right by her business. She’s seen significant growth in her business, even expanding her consulting to take on a full-time role. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact our Denver branding agency today.


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