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Denver Community Credit Union is a local, not-for-profit financial cooperative, which provides lower loans rates, pays out higher dividend payments, and usually charges less for services due to their business model. The Denver Community Credit Union (DCCU) approached FiG Advertising + Marketing in 2012 to start a website development project. We’re happy to say that we have supported DCCU in many other ways since that project kick-off and that we have excelled at our financial institution marketing and branding efforts.

Website Development

DCCU has always been known for high-quality service, but their original site could not reflect that same quality service for their clients, as it was not user-friendly or easy to navigate. If we hoped to succeed at our non-profit marketing and branding efforts, we knew that the website needed some updates. DCCU needed a website that would:

  • Inform users on their services
  • Encourage contact with a lender/banker 
  • Provide users easy access to existing account information

Our award-winning website developers at FiG focused in on the user interface, ease of use, and interconnectivity between secure portals to achieve these 3 needs. Working through our tried-and-true web development process and collaborating with the DCCU team, the new website design included:

  • New website navigation to better categorize service information, make account login fields more accessible, and make supplementary information easier to find
  • A member login field on the homepage, so members didn’t need to leave the homepage to log in
  • Social media streams to engage and educate DCCU's customers
  • A mobile friendly version, with rates, locations, and more for all your on-the-go needs
  • Technical and on-page search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the findability of the DCCU site

Brand Development

The DCCU brand has been in the Denver area since 1934, so they had a well-established presence. As we collaborated on options for a comprehensive marketing strategy that would provide the results they were looking for, we knew that updated branding would be necessary to accommodate their growing organization and expanding customer and employee base. When you already have a loyal customer base, making changes can be risky. Market research is an essential step in this process to ensure that changes don't have a negative impact on the current audience. Through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and marketing audits, we were able uncover what was working for the organization and what elements of the brand were no longer in line with who the company was.

We ultimately determined that a new and more modern logo with fresh, supporting colors would bring DCCU into their new millennium. A fresh logo design can be a helpful tool in marketing and advertising for non-profits. Additionally, we came up with a new tagline that more directly spoke to the company's ideal audience. The new website offered the perfect opportunity to roll out the new brand elements. The updated identity was met with resounding approval. FiG received a Gold MarCom award in 2013 for our rebranding work with the DCCU.

Part of why rebranding was deemed necessary was a lack of uniformity over the years. To support this new brand identity, we not only incorporated the new brand standards into the website design, but we also supported the look and feel of the new and improved Denver Community Credit Union with collateral, including letterhead, envelopes, and more. These pieces of marketing collateral would be essential for our non-profit marketing and branding purposes.

Additionally, these elements were expertly reflected in digital and traditional promotions for various events, products, and services DCCU would need advertised over the years. From Facebook banners to post cards, we rolled out this new brand across all platforms to present an identifiable and uniform look that was easily recognized across the Denver community.

Search Engine Marketing

What good is a new website if no one can find it when looking for your services? In addition to robust, informative, and search engine optimized content being written for the new site, we executed a pay-per-click campaign that would run in tandem, allowing us to run both short- and long-term campaigns to drive traffic. This campaign proved successful with a 3.4% click-through-rate (CTR).

Media Buying

While a website and effective brand image are integral to the success of your business, other tactics, such as media buying, can often be an overlooked aspect of marketing and advertising. Digital advertising may be all the rage these days, but the avenues for traditional marketing are also thriving and highly relevant for certain markets. Platforms like radio or print can still have huge impacts on the overall ROI of a marketing strategy. After a successful launch of an updated brand and new website, it was time to shift the focus of our non-profit marketing and branding efforts.

As an experienced media buying agency in the Denver area, we had the relationships necessary to facilitate an effective and comprehensive media plan. This included five separate radio ads that were tracked and analyzed to show a 32.08% conversion rate.

Denver Community Credit Union | FiG Advertising + Marketing

We pride ourselves on customizing marketing initiatives that make sense for each and every individual client. Our efforts with the Denver Community Credit Union proved more than fruitful with high conversion rates, increased brand awareness, and countless new clients. We are incredibly proud of our non-profit marketing and branding efforts thus far and we're always eager to get started on it once again.

Are you interested in refreshing your brand? Revitalizing your website? Or do you need a professional media buying agency? Contact the leading marketing and advertising agency for banks and financial institutions in Denver today!


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